Staging a House on a Budget

Staging a House on a Budget

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When you are selling a house, it needs to look the part. Presentation matters, and it will determine how quickly your property sells, and it will impact the cost itself. Staged homes stay on the market for a much shorter time, and they sell for a better price. However, the costs for professional home staging tend to be steep. On top of other property sales expenses, for many people, this is something that they will happily overlook.  Luckily, staging a house on a budget is possible, and here is how to do it.

Why stage your house before selling it?

If you are putting your house on sale, you likely know all about the options of hiring professional stagers. But you might be running on a tight budget and cannot afford to spend a dime. Anyway, you should not get discouraged and quit the idea of setting up your property before selling. By implementing a few simple tips on staging your home, you can increase its sales price by up to 5%. Moreover, any homeowner can make these changes without breaking the bank. Staging a house on a budget will require some effort and organization on your part, but what you get out of it is worth the while.

The main objectives of staging a property

Although home staging is much different than decorating, it draws on the fundamentals of interior design. The idea is to showcase the best aspects of the property to appeal to the largest pool of buyers. Most importantly, remember that a house shopper needs to imagine themselves living in the house. So, let the centerpiece of your plan for styling your property on a budget be the authentic ambiance it radiates. It should feel homely and inviting but not personalized.

Investing in professional property styling surely has numerous benefits. However, with a few good tips and a bit of creativity, you will effectively achieve the desired results. So, here is a brief guide to help you streamline your home staging project.

Set up the stage for a fresh look

Even if you hire a professional, your home staging task will begin with decluttering. Any good real estate agent will tell you that clutter eats equity. A cluttered home looks shabby and worn out, and no one is particularly interested in investing a significant sum in property that isn’t well maintained. Besides, potential buyers will assume that if you do not have enough space for keeping your things, neither will they.

Hence, organize a major decluttering spree, and show your home in its best light. Remove all loose items from your household, the yard, and the garage. When someone is after buying their new home, they want to look in every nook and cranny. So, refrain from stashing clutter in places that are seemingly out of sight. Instead, sift through your possessions, and organize them properly. This step will save you lots of hassle when you move to a new home once you sell your current one. Moreover, decluttering is one of the most cost-effective ways to give your property a somewhat rejuvenating treatment. It will instantly make it feel more spacious and fresh and thus more appealing for your buyers.

Use moving boxes to pack your items

Any household will accumulate a significant amount of various stuff over time. However valuable these items may be, having them on display around the house when selling it will put off the buyers. So, before you begin showing your home to potential buyers, pack your belongings because you will have to do it for the move anyway. Sturdy cardboard boxes are inexpensive and are a great storage solution for your household possessions.

With a considerable portion of your belongings already packed in the moving boxes, you just have to swiftly finish the job, pack the remainder of your things, and get ready for the relocation. So, ensure you get a supply of boxes that fit your needs in terms of size, quality, and quantity.

Have your home sparkling clean

A deep clean of your household is a must if you intend to render it an appeal and sell it quickly. However simple this may seem, a sparkling clean, tidy house radiates a pleasant atmosphere and soothing atmosphere. As such, it is attractive for home shoppers. Though not many people enjoy cleaning, your efforts might be the most lucrative investment you will ever make. But, it is also feasible to stage your house on a budget even if you hire professional-level cleaning services. Pay special attention to commonly used areas and spots you assume no one can see. Even if your appliances and fixtures are relatively old, you can give them new life with a good clean. Rest assured that a polished bathroom and staged clean kitchen are sure to bring you a few extra points when it comes to selling your home.

Showcase a spacious home

The best strategy for staging a house on a budget is to rearrange your existing furniture layout. Having your space decluttered and clean will surely give it the needed charm. However, you may have figured thus far that less is more when you style your home for sale. Hence, instead of focusing on decorating, your main objective should be accentuating the ample usable space.

So, remove bulky furniture, carpets with inky tones, and anything that makes the rooms appear murky. Free up space as much as you can, and clearly define the purpose of each room. Also, rearranging the mirrors is a great way to create an illusion of more space. When staging a house, consider the lighting too. Lots of natural light is an attractive feature that most home shoppers appreciate in a property.

Keep it neutral

Depersonalizing your house is a critical point to take note of. Personal items such as photos, fridge magnets, clothes, children's toys, and the like are all distractions for the shoppers. These make them perceive the property as someone else's home and thus cannot imagine themselves living in it. Hence, when staging your bedroom, the living room, and other main areas of your current home, do your best and refrain from displaying your personal style and preferences. Allow your shoppers to create an emotional bond with the property by leaving the decorating part to their imagination.

The sums of staging a house on a budget

The vast majority of home-buying decisions are made based on emotions. Hence, when selling your home, your main objective should be creating good feelings for your prospective buyers. The points mentioned above will give you a good lead on staging a house on a budget. Take note, and benefit from them when selling your property.

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