Staging 101: How to Make People Fall in Love with Your Home

Staging 101: How to Make People Fall in Love with Your Home

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If you are prepared to put your house on the market there are several things. You can do to make it even more lovable for the future buyers. Follow these simple tips to stage your home and make people fall in love with it!

Clear and clean the outdoors

First impressions are lasting impressions – that is why it is important to clear and clean the outdoors of your house. That means power wash siding and walkways, wash the windows, repaint what needs a makeover, hang house numbers, place a funny doormat that will make every visitor feel invited. A great way to draw attention to your house is to paint the front door in unexpected color and make it easily recognizable among many others. Many people will surely remember the house with a bright yellow door in the middle of the street. And chances are, fall in love with it. Also, pay attention to the greenery, mow the lawn and reseed or add fresh sod and place flower pots next to your door. After you’ve done all of the above, it is time to focus on the interior.

Get rid of the unnecessary items

The next step is to get rid of unnecessary things and clear the clutter from inside of the house. One of the biggest problems that make houses appear cluttered and crowded is having too much furniture in rooms. In this case, it is better to follow the less is more rule and minimize furniture pieces in order to show the true space of the interior. With every new item, you bring into your interior make sure to put away one of the old ones. Don’t put too many decorative items (keep it simple and balanced) instead decorate with just a few leafy houseplants.

Regroup furniture and create zones

Make sure to group your furniture pieces the right way because if you push the bigger items against the walls you will only narrow the space in the room. Furnish your home by floating furniture away from the walls and create various zones. Reposition sofas and chairs into cozy lounge area but make sure to do it in a way that the traffic flow in the room is obvious. Setting up a small reading nook next to a window will give a perfect charm to your lovely house. Just the thing that will make it sell. It is important to create a perfectly cozy, homey atmosphere so that the visitors. And future buyers feel good in your home and fall in love with the energy inside.

Play with bold accent colors in contrast to the light palette

Repaint the walls in neutral colors and rely on the light color palette to make rooms in your house appear bigger. Using colors will help you successfully sell your house. Because it will give you a perfect base for all the other little details. You can choose a bold color for an accent wall to give your living room area the transformation. It needs and liven up space. If you have a problem with the lack of space. Hang mirrors on the walls and make sure there is enough natural light inside to create an illusion of a bigger space.

Repaint your old wooden shutters in a bold color. To make your house looks stylish and unique or replace them with the brand new, quality shutters. Choose a wall shelving system that matches a small room to save the space and show your future buyers the perfect solution for a small room.

DIY kitchen makeover

Repaint your kitchen cabinets to give them a whole new look. Choose modern colors like white or shades of gray and replace the old knobs. And handles with the modern/vintage/flowery ones whatever looks good and goes well with the rest of your kitchen. Place several vintage meets rustic kitchen utensils, candle holders or vases. And other flea market finds to decorate your kitchen and create an extra homey vibe. DIY a small herb garden that will make your kitchen smell delightful and look pretty neat in contrast to the white/gray kitchen cabinets. Greenery is always a great way to put a finishing touch in any interior. Because it puts an accent on the other colors in your house.

Give the bathroom a whole new look

Paint your bathroom tiles and make it look brand new. Repainted tiles can last for a few more years if they are ready to be replaced. So having tiles professionally painted can prolong the expensive replacement. Add decorative items and create a spa-inspired bathroom – put out rolled-up towels. Decorative baskets with all the spa necessities inside, place candles all around and add a sea coast vibe by decorating with shells, rocks, corals, etc.

Follow these simple tips to stage your home in a perfectly charming way and make it noticeable and irresistible for the future buyers. Just be careful not to fall in love all over again with your home if you’re sure you really want to move, wink, wink.