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I kicked off in 2018 as an assistant to previous director, Mick Heasman. Since then, Sanjay has worked hard to build a reputation as a successful real estate professional and respected member of the community, known for always going the extra mile.

Sanjay sets himself apart with his dedication to client care and development of lifelong strong relationships through his transparent approach and reliability. He ensures that every aspect of your experience with him is five-star.

Fantastic service coupled with his reliable marketing campaign designed to give the client maximum exposure to the market at an affordable price, demonstrates why he is able to operate largely on a repeat and referral basis.

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Why choose me as your agent

I am an agent that looks at the bigger picture when selling your property in the sense thatĀ  I'm process-driven and not price-driven. Based on my experience, when we follow the process with no deviation and create a healthy marketing campaign, is when you'll see me in action, going aboveĀ and beyond getting you the best price the market has to offer. Having an agent that is not driven by price, that sticks to the plan, tailors a strategy suitable for the property and vendor, can make a hugeĀ difference in the bank. Choose me becauseĀ of my proven strategies in place, my marketing methods, and my negotiation skills. That's an agent you need when selling your largest assets.

What you can expect

Key Point 1

Strong marketer: I will guarantee you the best exposure for your property and will be seen on all advertising platforms.

Key Point 2

Strong negotiator: I will leave no stone unturned until I have achieved the best price for your property.Ā 

Key Point 3

CompetitionĀ creator: I will create the competitionĀ desired that will make buyers fight over your property.

With these three tools, I am able to create the atmosphere required throughout the sale campaign which will result in achievingĀ a better and premium price for you as my vendor.Ā 

The return on your investment choosing me as your agent will surely reflect at the time of sale.Ā Ā 

Experience The Difference

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