Real Geeks Pricing, Features, And Comparisons In 2022

Real Geeks Pricing, Features, And Comparisons In 2022

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Are you seeking for a lead generation platform that is all-in-one for your real estate business? Real Geeks is a fantastic, low-cost choice for any real estate agent seeking for a tool to help them grow their business.


How Much Do Real Geeks Cost?

Real Geeks is one of the most cost-effective lead creation services available. The most basic subscription is only $249 per month, and there is no setup fee. In fact, the system is meant to be ready to use right away, with no more setup necessary on your behalf.

If you choose to purchase add-ons to the base subscription, Real Geeks prices can become more expensive.

For starters, there's a $50 monthly fee for a property valuation tool. This tool provides an estimate of the value of a home to potential sellers. Even if the new lead provides their address but does not request a report, the address will be saved for you to follow up on later.

The Facebook ad maker is another add-on that costs $50 per month. This gives you the ability to develop Facebook advertisements, post them, and track their engagement all from one place.

Another thing to consider is that if you wish to have more than two users, you'll have to pay an additional $25 each new user.


Features Of Real Geeks


IDX Website Of The Real Geeks

You can select between two modern, easy-to-navigate themes when creating your Real Geeks website. Outside of these two designs, though, you don't have many possibilities. Real Geeks allows for minimal customization, so if you wish to change the look of your website, Real Geeks can connect you to a web developer or designer who can assist you.

The IDX website is straightforward, but it has numerous features to enhance the user experience. A buyer search navigation bar is the major feature. You can also add a blog, dynamic mapping functionality, several calls-to-action to convert leads, and A/B testing options for different landing pages.

Real Geeks has a fantastic SEO framework in place, which is one of their advantages. Websites created by Real Geeks rank higher than those created using kvCORE or other lead generation tools. You can use their SEO to get a high ranking in Google's search engine results pages.


CRM System By Real Geeks

Real Geeks features a CRM system on the backend that is directly linked to the front-end IDX website.

The CRM includes a long range of capabilities, including a real-time activity tracker that allows you to view what your website leads are up to. Custom email drip campaigns, lead profiles, mass communication options, and built-in messaging from your PC are also available.

You may also sign up for SMS and email notifications whenever a new lead interacts with your site, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to contact them.

To help you pre-qualify your buyer and seller leads, you can use the CRM's automatic text responder. This tool can assist you in gathering further information about your lead and keeping them interested until you get the opportunity to contact them.

However, if you already have a CRM, you can link it to Real Geeks through a system like Zapier and use that instead.


Ad Campaigns By Real Geeks

Your Facebook and Google PPC ad campaigns can also be managed by Real Geeks. This will cost you an extra $550 every month, plus whatever your advertising budget is. So, if you spend another $500 on the advertisements, you'll be spending $1000 every month.

While this may appear to be a significant investment, if you are successful in obtaining a real estate lead and closing a sale, you will most likely make six times this amount. This is definitely worth paying for the simplicity of having the platform manage the advertisements for you so you can sit back and collect the leads.

To get started, decide who you want to target with your ads. Then choose where you want the new lead to go, such as a specific landing page, and Real Geeks will handle the rest.


App For Real Geeks

Customers and leads can use a mobile app from Real Geeks, and agents can use a separate app.

Customers and leads may use the app to do home searches on the go, eliminating the need to be seated at a computer. It also integrates all of their stored searches and favorite properties onto the app, allowing them to pick up just where they left off.

Agents can use the mobile app to check on their leads and look at their customers' profiles at any time, no matter where they are. One drawback is that you can't reply to customer messages within the app, so you'll have to use your phone's standard messaging program to communicate with them.


Using Real Geeks To Compare To Other Systems


KvCORE Vs. Real Geeks

Lead generation and management are both possible with Real Geeks and kvCORE. The most significant difference between the two is that kvCORE is significantly more expensive, ranging from $500 to $1800 a month.

Despite the reduced pricing, Real Geeks tend to have stronger SEO and rank higher than kvCORE-based real estate websites.

kvCORE includes more extensive CRM functionality and more customizability possibilities for building your website's physical appearance.

Both sites offer similar MLS compatibility, social media integration, and email and marketing campaign routines.

Real Geeks differs from kvCORE in that it offers a private Facebook group to assist users in getting the most out of the software. The club also provides basic suggestions and guidance to assist all real estate agents in their pursuit of success.


BoomTown Vs. Real Geeks

With a monthly cost of $1000 to $1500, BoomTown is one of the most costly real estate lead management systems. It's designed for larger teams or brokerages who want more advanced features like lead matching, dynamic remarketing, and predictive analytics.

Another distinction between the two platforms is that Real Geeks demands leads to immediately fill out a form with their contact information in order to view a property's details. BoomTown, on the other hand, allows leads to view one home before requiring them to join up.

Furthermore, BoomTown's IDX websites are not customizable, whereas a Real Geeks website allows for minimal customization if you hire a web developer or designer.


Final Thoughts On The Subject Of Real Geeks

For a rookie real estate agent or a small agency, Real Geeks is the perfect option. However, it is a fantastic option for any Realtor or real estate team. Real Geeks' pricing is far lower than that of other industry lead generating systems, yet they deliver comparable, if not higher, value to other high-quality platforms.

You'll receive fantastic SEO, good SERP rankings, and a CRM system with a long list of capabilities if you don't mind the lack of website personalization.

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