Real Estate Agents’ Expert Guide to Facebook Marketing

Real Estate Agents’ Expert Guide to Facebook Marketing

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Facebook is used by about 90 million small companies to communicate with and acquire new clients. If we take a closer look at that number, we can see that nearly 80% of real estate brokers use Facebook to find and sell to prospects.
For real estate professionals like yourself, Facebook marketing is a worthwhile investment. It has the ability to broaden your reach not only locally but globally.
According to studies, Facebook accounts for 62 percent of all visitors to a brand's website, and 74 percent of Facebook users are high-income earners.

For real estate agents, the route to Facebook marketing success isn't a quick fix. Growing your following and customer base takes time, work, and attention. I'll show you how to optimise your Facebook page for sales in detail.

1. Updating and optimising your Facebook profile

You'll need to edit your Facebook profile like a professional marketer before we can start putting everything in place to create prospects and real estate leads!
Create a Facebook Page first.

You can skip this part if you already have a Facebook business page for your real estate company or profession. Listen up if you don't have a Facebook business page or are still utilising your personal Facebook account for work.

2. Change your Facebook profile photo

When was the last time you changed the photo on your Facebook profile? If someone is looking for your account, they can quickly recognise it thanks to your profile image.
Before reading your bio, captions, or diving further into your article, people look at your profile and cover image. First impressions are crucial in this situation!

Your profile photo can be anything from your logo to a professional headshot to your real estate team! It should, at the end of the day, accomplish the following:
Look polished and vivacious.
Use the 360 x 360 pixel or 180 x 180 pixel Facebook size.
Draws attention to your best qualities and attributes.
Represents your brand in a positive light.

Pro tip: Using the same profile photo on numerous social media networks makes it easier for your followers and clients to recognise your account.

3. Change the cover image

When it comes to initial impressions, including a cover image is equally crucial. After your visitor has seen your profile photograph, it's time for your second introduction. In comparison to your profile image, your cover image can contain a little more context. A video or an image with graphics can be used as a Facebook cover. The McKenzie Ryan Real Estate Company runs a monthly video campaign in which they provide real estate advice to potential buyers and sellers. They promote it on their Facebook cover!


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