Real Estate Agent Apps: The Top 20

Real Estate Agent Apps: The Top 20

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The more efficient you can be in your business, the more success you'll have and the more money you'll make. With that in mind, we're sharing our comprehensive list of the finest real estate applications for agents that can help you grow your business.

Hands-on walkthroughs of how to use some of these applications can be found in the video above, and links and descriptions of each can be found below so you can try them out for yourself.

So get ready, grab your phone, and get ready to watch, follow along, pause, and download these apps as you go. You can increase your marketing, get more leads, become more productive, and much more by implementing these real estate agent apps into your daily routine.


Apps For Real Estate Marketing

To begin, we'll look at the finest apps for realtors that can aid with marketing. Any business, especially a real estate business, needs marketing to establish name recognition and brand identification.

Prospective buyers and sellers want to see your work, therefore photos and videos are essential to your success. You may boost your marketing efforts, build your brand, and reach a larger audience by utilizing the potential of real estate applications. Check out the video below.


  1. Video Editing

Videoshop's advanced feature set allows you to add text and/or music, apply filters or slow-motion effects, clip, and edit videos straight on your phone. It's compatible with both iOS and Android devices.



Aren't win-win situations appealing to everyone? Professionals like you and fresh-out-of-school digital marketing apprentices wanting real-world company experience form win-win collaborations with GenM. For only $49 per month, you can get the marketing expertise you need!


  1. Canva

Canva's claim to fame is "online design made easy," which allows non-designers to produce stunning, Instagram-worthy photographs, social media posts, marketing materials, graphs, and more!


  1. Sprizzy

The more views your video obtains, the higher it will be rated by YouTube's algorithm. Sprizzy capitalizes on this trend by charging a little price to get your movie in front of more people. They're also genuine individuals, not bots. Give it a shot if you need more exposure, want to "go viral," or want to grow your following.


  1. HomeBot

Your consumers will receive essential, individualized information about their home from HomeBot, which is tagged with YOUR BRAND! It contains information such as the present and historical valuation of their house, appreciation since they purchased it, equity, interest-saving strategies, and much more. These automated reports solidify your position as your clients' "information broker," ensuring that they return to you for repeat business and referrals.


Lead Generation Apps For Real Estate

As an agent, you should be focused on increasing your lead generation efforts every day. Finding leads can be difficult, especially if you're in a market with dozens or even hundreds of agents vying for the same leads.

Take advantage of the resources available to you to get a leg up on the competition, such as lead generation applications for real estate brokers. Below are some of the greatest lead generation apps for realtors.


  1. Crystal 

Consider this scenario: Before a prospect picks up the phone, before you've even met, you were given a virtual "playbook" with precise instructions on how to engage with them most effectively. Would you find that useful? Could you convert more people if you knew what personality type you were dealing with ahead of time? Yes, you certainly could. You're aware of it. I know it. That is why Crystal Knows is such a valuable resource. That is exactly what it does. Try it!


  1. Lusha / SignalHire / ContactOut

These three are included together since they were all raised together and accomplish essentially the same task: they extract more contact information from people's internet profiles so you may phone, email, engage with, and eventually work with them.


  1. Camcard

For Realtors, this is probably my favorite. It instantly scans a business card and enters the information into your contacts. Very helpful during and after conferences! Makes it simple to group all of your new contacts in Gmail.


  1. Gmail's Boomerang

How many times has anything like this happened to you... You meet someone, strike up a conversation, send them an initial email, don't hear back, and then get too busy to follow up? Boomerang for Gmail can help you solve this problem by allowing you to plan follow-up emails in advance. Write now and send later. You can also make it such that the follow-up email is only sent if your initial email isn't answered. Take a look!


Apps For Real Estate Productivity

It takes more than seeing houses and chatting to clients to be a real estate professional. When you're not out in the field, you're responsible for a slew of back-end tasks like calling leads in your database, creating marketing materials, and interacting with your team. Productivity can suffer during these times, which can be detrimental to your organization.

There are various real estate productivity tools available that can help you stay focused and accountable. Learn more about the real estate productivity apps we recommend below.


  1. Presentation Time

It can be difficult to schedule all of your showings with the current strong buyer demand.

It's easier than ever with the ShowingTime app, which also allows you to get feedback for your vendor, review active listing inventory, and much more.


  1. Dropbox

Although Dropbox isn't a real estate-specific program, it makes storing all of your crucial papers in one place so simple that you'd assume it was created with real estate pros in mind.

While out in the field, you may simply manage and access files on your phone. You can send and receive them from anywhere and at any time.

PRO TIP: Set up your folders like Yvonne did with Real Estate > Master > Placeholders, which includes all transaction documents. You can then copy the folder and rename it with the property address whenever you get a new listing, and you're good to go!

Dropbox integrates with DocuSign, making it simple to obtain those crucial signatures no matter where you or your clients are.


  1. Zite

This is a fantastic software that provides daily updates on almost anything you can think of. If you've ever used Flipboard (which recently acquired Zite), you'll understand how useful apps like this can be. They're essentially digital newspapers that you may customize to your preferences. The best aspect is that you can share immediately to any social media network, which is something I do on a daily basis to boost my SEO and social media presence.


  1. If This Then That (IFTTT)

This is one of those programs that appears intimidating at first, but after you sit down and think about how to use it, it becomes really powerful. It's simply a "if then" statement for your phone apps to function together, for those of you who are experienced with computer programming. For those who are unfamiliar, you create recipes for your phone that will perform another action if one event occurs. It's more of a personal app than a real estate app, although I use it for the following things:

  • Turn on my phone's WiFi when I get to the office.
  • When I leave the house, I lower the temperature on my Nest (thermostat).
  • Send me an SMS when it starts to rain outdoors.
  • My Facebook status updates are immediately shared on Twitter.
  • Automatically congratulate my LinkedIn contacts on their new positions and work anniversaries.

There are millions of recipes to choose from, so take a look! Also, please let me know what your favorite recipes are by leaving a comment here or on the Facebook page HERE.


14. Tally Counter 

This software is nearly ridiculously simple, yet it works! It's a digital counter where you may add or deduct a running total by just clicking the "+" or "-" buttons. It allows me to keep track of how many people attend my open homes (for those of you in crazy markets like mine, you know how hard this is). In the Apple app store and the Google Play store, there are a few different possibilities. Try them out and see which one you like best!


15. VoiceNote

I only recently discovered this one, but I adore it! By recording your voice, you set up your phone to send email(s), calendar events, audio notes, or add to a to-do list. While most phones can accomplish the last three things, I use mine to send emails to myself. I've set it up to send me an email with only the subject line as the recorded remark. This allows me to have a running to-do list in my inbox as an email. "Text Shannon Rose next week to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving," for example.


16 Mightytext

This is a Google Chrome/Gmail plugin, not an app. It's such a handy Gmail tool that I couldn't leave it out. It allows you to send text messages using Gmail for free (unless you upgrade to the commercial version for more capabilities), and it delivers the texts directly to your phone!

My team uses this to send SMS to fresh leads, and the text seems to have been sent from our phone to the lead (it shows up in my text log, and from our phone number on the leads phone). You can make template texts, send mass texts, and schedule SMS (premium version), which we utilize to confirm our consultation sessions automatically.


Top Agents' Favorite Real Estate Apps

There are a few realtor apps that are utilized on a regular basis. These apps are used for a variety of purposes, including financial calculations, team communication, and simply unwinding before a major meeting. Check out these real estate apps to help you be more productive, effective, and less stressful on a daily basis.


17. LawyersAgent ONE 

This useful tool assists you in calculating the cost and net sheets of buyers and sellers. It will tell you everything when you fill out a few fully adjustable fields and hit the "Compute" button: the precise estimated payment with principal and interest.

This is useful not only while working with clients, but also in marketing. It will allow you to produce an example post to give people a detailed look at what it costs to buy a house because it is fully linked with social media.


18. InsightTimer 

Have you ever arrived at a crucial meeting stressed and disorganized? InsightTimer provides a minute for high-energy, always-on-the-go professionals like you to unwind, re-center, and re-focus. The coaching member who suggested this noted that since he started coming early to his appointments and conducting a "micro meditation" before entering, his conversion rate has skyrocketed. Could you benefit from a similar strategy?


  1. Have2Have.It / Linktree

Have you ever gotten tired of changing your "link in bio" on Instagram? Or, even worse, you don't bother because it's too much of a hassle? Here are two possibilities. Both Have2Have and Linktree. It allows you to give post-specific URLs from your Instagram account quickly and effectively. Never alter your actual "link in bio" again by posting, updating, and managing your links from one convenient location!


  1. Slack

A communication system that connects everyone in the organization is one system that every business requires. Slack brings all of your team's communications together in one place. It allows you to build numerous channels for different projects and interfaces with over 1,500 other systems, including as Google Drive, Asana, Salesforce, and Dropbox. It's faster than email and just as simple as sending an instant message.


Final Thoughts: The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

You may utilize a variety of realtor applications to help you become a better agent. We looked at real estate applications for marketing, lead generation, and productivity, as well as a variety of apps that cover a wide range of tasks and requirements. You can enhance your efficiency, raise brand exposure, and close more deals to grow your business by taking the time to test out each app.

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