Pt. 2 of A 5-Step Marketing System For Geometric Growth

Pt. 2 of A 5-Step Marketing System For Geometric Growth

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We started talking about the 8 Geometric Growth Drivers last week. We're concentrating on the first item, which I refer to as the "Five to Thrive" marketing plan. There are five methods you should invest in if you want to turn your brand into a recession-proof, lead-generating engine.

To summarize, these are:

Direct Marketing to Your Database for Direct Sales and Referrals

Getting Rid of Your Geographic Farms

Massive Open Houses

Invest in Internet Marketing (Zillow, Google, Realtor, etc.)


Increasing social media awareness and serving as a trusted advisor

We've already covered the previous two, so let's get right to it, starting with.


Massive Open Houses

Andy Tse, the king of open houses, offers five huge suggestions:

  1. Don't scrimp on the signage, or "throw a large fishing net," as Andy puts it. For each open house, you'll need 25 to 35 signs. Two are located near highway exits. Three of them are located at key intersections. Every time you look towards the house, there are two more. Consider how badly it could affect you if you only put out a few signs and one of them is blown down by the wind.
  2. Concentrate on just one person at a time. A single meaningful conversation will be worth more than a slew of bopping and distracted attention. You're here to meet people's needs and add value, but you're also showing off who you are and what it's like to work with you. It will help if you are thoughtful and focused.At each open house, your goal is to secure one solid appointment. There's only one. This necessitates the establishment of a link. If you can't spread your attention thin, you'll have to focus it where you think it will be most useful.
  1. Know the neighborhood, not just the house. Know everything there is to know about the local market. In a year, how many houses are sold? Is there going to be any fresh inventory? What are the conditions like at the schools? You should be able to converse about a variety of topics, ranging from local restaurants to traffic routes.
  2. Be willing to put in the effort. Andy used to state that prospecting from open houses required a minimum of 60 hours each month. He's now increased it to 80 hours... minimum…
  3. The house is lovely. Yes, they were pleased to see it. Do they want to buy it, though? You should ask every single person if they want to make an offer on the house. But don't be obnoxious. Bring it up in a casual, conversational manner, as if you're giving them a present.


Check out this six-year-old #TomFerryShow episode (Yes, it's still relevant!) for more on what makes a "Mega" open house different from a regular one.


Invest In Internet Marketing

Why is it crucial to register with Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor? Because some folks rely solely on these marketplaces. Is the cost of the leads high? Yes. Zillow may charge you more than $100 per lead at times. But it's how quickly these people are willing to move that makes them worth the money. These are warm leads who are wanting to buy a home within the next 90 days.

Adam Menconi spends $4,500 a month on Zillow and Trulia leads, yet his annual GCI from these two sources alone is $475,000. It's the foundation of his company.

Let's consider the case of Zillow. The first thing you should do is improve your rating. Request that all of your previous customers go online and offer you a review. Because customers who utilize these sites are more likely to be unfamiliar with the home-buying process, they will frequently choose the agent with the most five-star reviews.

Then there's your client satisfaction rating (CSAT). On the backend, Zillow uses this rating to determine how often they'll prioritize sending you leads. Responsiveness is the essential term here. Zillow wants to hire agents that answer their phone nine times out of ten. So keep your phone nearby and be prepared, because missed calls can be costly in the long term.

Also, just because Zillow sends you a lead through a connected property doesn't guarantee the lead is tied to that specific home. Bring them inside your office and begin showing them additional properties. If you approach this as if you're just processing orders, you'll likely miss out on major chances and lose clients.


Be The Go-To Expert On Social Media

That is to say, be the VIDEO's most trusted counselor! Remember what I mentioned last week about the importance of video messages? When people see your face, they believe you. The more your face is seen, the more people will feel like they know you and will be willing to collaborate with you.

You're not only selling properties in real estate. You're selling your knowledge and the methods through which you share it.

Are you witty, flamboyant, energetic, or laid-back? It doesn't matter what your personal style is; you should have one. What matters is that you're well-informed, articulate, and succinct.

Take one day out of the month to look up some frequently asked real estate questions. Write 30-second responses on paper, then film them one by one. You'll have enough content to fill your channels for a month in such a little length of time.

This is an enormous issue that I will not attempt to explore in detail here, but I will say that real estate is not a business in which we keep all of our expertise to ourselves. You will receive more if you give more for free.

When it comes to giving anything away for free... Make sure you're following This Week in Marketing, where Jason Pantana and I give you tons of tips on how to shoot the kind of high-quality video that will bring you high-quality business.


You Are Not Alone In This

I understand that juggling all of these "Five to Thrive" at once can be overwhelming, but it doesn't mean you have to do so indefinitely. You're positioning yourself as the agent of choice and developing your name in the market by diving in and committing to each one.

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