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With state-of-art Ai-based CRM we can manage all your leads and active clients under one platform without juggling between different forums.

We track the progress of your prospects, leads, active clients, funnels and more.


Never lose another prospect

All your communication channels organized for better conversations such as 2-way texting, calling, emails, social media messaging and Google My Business messaging all-in-one channel allowing you to respond quicker to your prospect and clients.

Dialing by hand is costing you money

Prospecting is a number game, the more you reach the more prospects you will turn into clients. According to Prospecting Today, businesses who use a dialer are twice as likely to earn more. Double your chance of success.

Engage more prospects using Live Chat Bot

Use the chat widget to engage in more conversations and capture more prospects. Conversations automatically show up and become leads.

Bulk data processing with an Ai-based user interface

We use workflows to rotate your leads, create deals, and manage your data in bulk by updating properties and replicating values, and much more. When a contact makes a notable action, trigger internal notifications for your team, and assign tasks to remind a sales team to follow.

The perfect fix for your marketing

With multi-channel follow-up campaigns, we can automate engaging follow-ups and gather engaged responses from your leads. As they progress toward becoming a client, triggers assist in moving them in and out of numerous campaigns.

We increase the effectiveness of ad expenditure by having complete control over your nurturing campaigns.

Stay informed about your Sales Team

Want to know how your team is doing? Need a leader-board to keep them motivated? Want to see what your staff does with their time? We got you covered with rich reporting!

Keep track of your schedule with an automated scheduling system

The ability to make scheduling appointments simple and automatic while maintaining control over your calendar has been carefully considered. Numerous calendars can be customized to meet the demands of multiple users, equal and varied lead distribution, varying timetables, and more.

Automated contact updates according to your desired criteria

When it comes to segmenting leads and handling specific actions for each group, the ability to construct precise smart lists is critical. You can filter by anything you can build using custom fields and tags, and you can quickly access them.


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