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We, Mark & Luke, the owners of Search Party Property, started our property buyers agency because we both:

1. Have a passion for property.
2. A strong drive to make property investing accessible to more people.
3. Saw this as an opportunity to leverage the experience and knowledge we have gained.
4. Like to take action and encourage others to take action.

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Things We Do

Start Well Start Strong

The fundamental reason why we have paved out this space as buyers agents in the property investment industry is that we wholeheartedly believe that the best way to maximize your property investment success is to start well. By this we mean, start strong by giving yourself the best opportunity for cash flow and/or capital growth.

Property Investment Strategist

Buying property is easy. Buying the right property that will best suit you requires a lot more skill and experience. This is why so many people have got it wrong. We've all heard the bad stories - and this may have deterred you from getting into property investing when you had first thought about it… but please be mindful that there a loads of property success stories - whereby investors have done the research or worked with an expert, like a Property Buyers Agent.

Working with a Buyers Agent

Make sure the Property Buyers Agent you choose to work with:
1. Has skin in the game, i.e. they own or have purchased properties in a number of different markets.
2. Are active on a daily / weekly basis.

Experience 5 years experience in strata and facilities property management, property investor with over 30 properties (started investment journey in 2002), first time property investor coach.

Experience¬†9 years Buyers Agent ‚Äėon the ground‚Äô experience and during this time has secured over 1000 properties for investors. He is also active property investor who lives in Queensland.

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