Prioritizing Your Daily Disciplines To Achieve Your Long-Term Goals

Prioritizing Your Daily Disciplines To Achieve Your Long-Term Goals

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If this sounds familiar, please let me know:
You've been "busy" all day...
Responding to emails is something I do on a regular basis.
Calls are being returned.
Playing telephone tag with a real estate appraiser.
And then it's late afternoon, and you're thinking to yourself, "I didn't do any of the things I needed to get done today."...
Let's get this straightened out.


The Terms "Busy" And "Productive" Are Not The Same

Yes, the duties that consumed your entire day were all necessary.
But, just to be honest... Long-term, the way you prioritized them is hurting your business.
Identifying and prioritizing the 4-7 daily habits that genuinely move the needle for your business is the key to success.
Then make those your top focus on a daily basis!
You'll never get forward in your business if you let "urgent" chores take precedence over "essential" tasks.
What's the difference between the two?
Important tasks are the big-picture actions that propel your company forward.
Urgent chores are ones that advance a specific transaction.
What is the solution? Prioritization and time blocking are two important aspects of time management. Continue reading...


What Makes You Want To Move The Needle?

The intricacies of determining what pushes the needle may differ for each person reading this, but I believe it can be broken down into four areas in the broad picture:
Marketing and appointment setting - Without them, you won't get any business.
The most common criticism about real estate brokers is their lack of nurturing and follow-up... "I never received a response from them." To move people from prospects to clients, you must make nurturing a daily discipline.
Going on appointments and converting — Over the next two weeks, how many appointments do you think I'll see on your calendar?
Servicing and closing transactions - You've got to put in the effort and keep individuals going along.
So, here's a question for you... Do you engage in those four things on a daily basis?
Congratulations if you said yes! If you responded no, you're probably allowing the "urgent" aspects of your business to get in the way of what's genuinely "essential" to your long-term success.
Let's speak about what we can do about it...


Make A Daily To-Do List For Yourself

The 4-7 most important activities to keep your business moving ahead are only known to you (and your coach), but they must be included on your Daily Action Checklist.

Here's an illustration:

1. Take your MEDS with you: Meditate, exercise, eat well and sleep well.
2. Analyze the information: Examining trends might help you feel more confident in your industry expertise.
3. Examine your timetable.
4. Appointment scheduling: It's in your calendar if you're serious about this business.
5. Make appointments.
6. Share your social media material.

What if you said to yourself, "Here are all the things I know produce confidence in my business," and then prioritized them for the next 30 days?
Let's continue so that I may teach you how.


Block Your Way To Big Success By Using Time-Blocking Techniques

You'd see a mosaic of different color boxes blocking out practically my whole week if you looked inside my calendar.
The most "important" items are placed first, followed by the most pressing.
I try to give a little wiggle room in my schedule because we all know that things come up and jobs take longer than intended.
What more do we know, though?
THIS: Work grows to occupy the time you give it to finish.
That is why it is critical to "time block" your calendar in this manner.
If you arrive at work with no structure in your calendar and opt to do "urgent" chores like returning calls or speaking with your appraiser, those tasks will extend and consume all of the time you wanted to devote to more "essential" activities... once the "urgent" duties are accomplished.
So you're expecting that without time-blocking, you'll be disciplined enough to finish the urgent and then move on to the important... But that isn't the case.
The greatest approach to ensure that the "essential" is genuinely vital is to prioritize them and schedule them first!
Make sure to schedule time for rest and relaxation as well.


A Few Remarks About Lists

Lists can be beneficial, but they can also be dangerous.
Many agents make a long list of "things to do" and then chose the easiest chores to complete first.
There's just one problem: those simple items aren't the ones that move the needle. Then, because you keep adding easy activities to the list, those tasks that WILL move the needle are overlooked.
Is it true that I'm speaking to you?
Another common list-making error is: You merge your work, personal, and family responsibilities into a single to-do list. This must not be done! It muddles your priorities and simply adds to the chaos.
That's why the Daily Action Checklist for your business is one of my favorites. Only things that you know move the needle in your business are on it.
And by making those responsibilities a daily discipline, you can build confidence in your company now and in the future.

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