Overcoming the challenges of building a start-up for non-technical people

Overcoming the challenges of building a start-up for non-technical people

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If you are founder that doe does not have the technical skills to code but want to build your MVP, then this article will be of interest to you.

To provide some background, I am an accountant by profession who has worked in the corporate finance and operations area for the last 25 plus years. The last 10 years or so have been in the property space.

I started my venture around 2 years ago in the entrepreneur space and wanted to start a company of my own that was tech related. Like with any company, you need a website to start with. I had reached out to several developers and found that it was rather expensive to engage someone to build our website. So, the first thing I did was to teach myself WordPress and learn how to build a basic website that I could control the look and feel without having to ask someone to make changes. This saved me a ton of money.

I have learnt in business, if you do not know what’s involved to create something, people can and will take advantage of that and charge you over and above. Lesson 1, learn how to do things and know what’s involved and you will ensure when you need to outsource it you know when you are getting ripped off.

While WordPress is great, and I did get some assistance with the development through Upwork to create some technical features I needed to be able to do more myself. The solution for me were the No Code service providers.

There are several service providers that allow you to build complicated websites with a bunch of features and functions but the one I chose was Bubble.io. Bubble has allowed me to build and launch our webapp therealestateuno.com for very little cost.

Again, to start I engaged the services of someone to assist with the build, but learnt again, this will become expensive, and I needed to teach myself.  While the services of Bubble developers are significantly cheaper than full stack developers you can lean the application rather quickly through online videos and other training material in the public domain.

I went to work building out the application and learnt along the way which has allowed me to launch the service and concept live. What I have built incorporates many features that you will in various social media sites plus also incorporates other features and functions which include a budget and planning tool for home renovations, your own to and personal budgeting feature and a document storage system that allows you to quickly save your documents, invoices, receipts and other things that you have piled away someone in a draw and can never find when you need.

Teaching myself has allowed me to develop new skills but also saved me a ton of money. Yes, it’s a trade off between time and money, however, if you do not have the money, you have no option. Everyone has time, its how you allocate your time to do things that will add value over time.

There is a difference between outsourcing services that are non-value adding and value adding. It’s all about timing and what resources you have available to you. Over my 25 plus years’ experience in running companies, raising money, managing staff and financial management, people need to be paid for service, however, you should never overpay. You should have some form of understanding of what is involved. You do not need to be an expert in it but have some idea what’s involved.

Many times, when talking to digital marketing companies or website developers as soon as you pull them up on a point and they pick up you know what you are talking about, the tone of the conversation will change.

In summary, you do not need to be an expert in a area but you should know a little about what is involved. The more you know the better it will be for you especially when starting out as it will save you a tone of money plus build your knowledge and personal experience which will help you going forward in your business.

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