My Adwerx Review: Should Realtors Use This Service In 2022?

My Adwerx Review: Should Realtors Use This Service In 2022?

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Adwerx is a well-known digital ad platform that caters to a wide range of businesses, including real estate. Is Adwerx for real estate brokers, however, worth the money?


What Exactly Is Adwerx?

Whether you're a firm, a small team, or a single real estate agent, Adwerx offers to automate your advertising. The platform is designed for retargeting ads, which means that only buyers and vendors in your target area will see your adverts.

These digital adverts follow these buyers and sellers around the internet, whether they're looking for real estate or not. Adwerx ads can appear on popular sites like NYTimes, CNN, Yahoo, and local news sites, as well as popular sites like Zillow, Trulia, and

You can set up ad automation in Adwerx in two methods. To begin, enter a list of email addresses from your sphere of influence into the system.

Because your web ads will only appear to people who have already expressed interest in you, this method is likely to generate more leads.

The other choice is to use Adwerx to produce automatic listing advertising. This is a fantastic approach to generate a lot of attention for a certain listing, which you can use in your listing presentations to wow your customer.


What Are The Opinions Of Other Agents?

So, what are the opinions of other agents on Adwerx? The Adwerx platform has received mixed reviews, as seen by these Facebook comments.

The most prevalent criticism of the system is that, while it gives agents a lot of impressions, it doesn't provide them with any leads. Adwerx's lead capture options, such as landing pages, are lacking. You'll have to make things on your own instead.

Furthermore, some agents have found Adwerx's data to be inadequate when compared to other platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads. The platform, for example, does not gather geolocation data or IP addresses.

Finally, Adwerx's default ads are a little boring. There are, however, ways to create bespoke ads using your company colors, a headshot, and custom photographs. This will help your advertisements stand out from the crowd.


Adwerx: Should You Use It?

Overall, Adwerx is a fantastic tool that any real estate agent can utilize to boost their online visibility and brand awareness in their target market. However, you'll need to take some further actions outside of the system to truly acquire leads.

To begin with, you don't want the lead to click on your Adwerx ad and end up on your homepage. Rather, you'll need to construct landing pages that lead them through your ad campaign marketing funnel.

Also, if you want to give your leads the highest opportunity of clicking on your ad, make sure it has a strong call to action.

Don't merely provide your phone number in the hopes that leads will pick up the phone and call you after seeing your advertisement.

Instead, direct leads to your landing page, where they can complete a specific action, such as sharing their email address in exchange for a resource or information.


Adwerx For Real Estate Agents: Final Thoughts

Overall, Adwerx is a fantastic tool for increasing brand awareness and promoting yourself as a real estate agent. You can also create leads successfully if you take the correct additional actions.

As a result, you should not use this system as your sole advertising instrument in your marketing strategy. To learn more about advertising on one of the most prominent social media platforms, see my other posts on real estate Facebook Ads for real estate.

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