It’s Time To “Choose Your Hard,” As They Say

It’s Time To “Choose Your Hard,” As They Say

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For today's blog, I'm going in a somewhat different approach.

I'm hoping it resonates with you.

I'd like you to read over the two lists below, and then I'll tie things off with a few final observations. Take the time to read through and digest each bullet point listed below.

Don't be concerned... It shouldn't take more than a few minutes. And it has the potential to change your life and your mentality.


These Things Are Difficult

  • When you don't feel like it, you make your calls.
  • Keeping track of your data is a good way to hold yourself accountable.
  • Using a preview meeting to persuade FSBOs to let you in the door.
  • When you're afraid of the camera, you should shoot video.
  • Knocking on all the doors in the vicinity of your Open Houses.
  • Practicing your scripts for hours to ensure that they are internalized.
  • Make a commitment to boost your marketing budget.
  • Working late to meet the needs of your client.
  • Identifying the ideal referral partner for a client who is relocating out of state.
  • Calling an Expired number despite the fact that you know they're swamped with calls.
  • Choosing the ideal people to join your team.
  • Making time for coffee meetings with previous clients.
  • You're putting your videos out there for the entire world to view... and critique.
  • To ensure "speed to lead," systematize your online lead follow-up.
  • Trying to figure out what hashtags are.
  • Your company strategy should be written and reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Operationalizing your company to ensure that it works properly no matter how busy it is.
  • Making sense of the various social media channels and developing content tailored to each.
  • Getting everything done in time!
  • Prospecting for two hours five days a week.
  • Having random interactions with strangers.
  • Members of your team should be trained.
  • Developing the ability to assign chores to a personal assistant.
  • Organize your time so that you can attend at least three training events per year.
  • Every 15 days, I read a new business book.
  • A/B testing your adverts will help you get the best return on your investment.


These Are Also Difficult

  • "Hockey/dance/theater is too expensive," you tell your child. "Choose another pastime."
  • For years, you've been stuck on a career plateau.
  • You're arguing with your husband over how long it's been since you've taken a vacation.
  • You're driving the same old car that keeps breaking down.
  • Lack of financial stability to deal with a family emergency such as a vehicle accident or a health worry, for example.
  • Worrying about whether you'll be able to pay your mortgage or rent on time each month.
  • Because you can't afford their first choice, persuade your children to attend a "lesser" university.
  • Are you worried about being able to buy groceries for your family this week?
  • You didn't get to see that concert or play since the tickets were too pricey.
  • Fearing that the prescription the doctor recommended will deplete your savings.
  • Being constantly stressed about your finances and generally dissatisfied with your life.

The Moral Of The Story Is Straightforward

Life is difficult... Regardless of which path you take.

Please don't get the incorrect impression. I'm not suggesting that life is all about money. I'm implying that it's all about doing the things that empower you to create the lifestyle you want.

So… Why not let the difficult stuff lead you to a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself rather than being locked in a never-ending struggle?

"Choose your hard," as the saying goes.

Do the thing, and you'll have the upper hand.

Make a promise to yourself that you will accept the challenges of the first list so that you will never have to deal with the challenges of the second.

Experience The Difference

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