Important Reminder: You Deserve More From Life (Now More Than Ever!)

Important Reminder: You Deserve More From Life (Now More Than Ever!)

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When you spend 30,000 hours of your life coaching people to greatness, as I have, you start to notice some troubling tendencies in human behavior.

Like the small (or large) roadblocks that people erect in their own way.

One of the most common issues I encounter might surprise you...

Many people around the world do not believe they are deserving of success.

Is it true that I'm speaking to you?

Let's have a look at this...


Put An End To The Downward Spiral

With everything that is going on in the world these days, you may be feeling gloomy.

That isn't to say that you aren't valuable.

You've been granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience life on the planet Earth in the twenty-first century.

You are entitled to a life of money, prosperity, pleasure, freedom, and anything else you wish.

Do you agree with me?

Because this is what I see when individuals don't think they're deserving of greatness...

They create a personal narrative in which they believe they are "less than" and unworthy of life's blessings.


The problem is that repeating such negative thoughts creates a deadly cycle:

  • You embrace this pessimistic viewpoint.
  • It's something you portray upon those around you.
  • The more you do it, the more it will be reinforced by others.
  • It becomes "real" before you know it because you and everyone else act as if it is.

Is this, once again, a conversation with you? Does this sound eerily familiar to you? I sincerely hope not, but if it does, please continue reading.


Steps To The Greatness You Deserve In 5 Easy Steps

These five steps will not supply you with all of the answers you seek, but they will present you with a magnificent framework upon which to build the life you want.


Step 1: Make Sure You Know Exactly What You Want

Do you want to work 100-hour weeks in order to make as much money as possible? Do you want to make a decent living while still having time for your family and personal interests? Do you wish to focus on a specific sort of property that interests you?

What do you hope to get out of life?

The first step toward achieving it is to gain clarity on the question.


Step 2: Determine Why You Desire It

If you missed last week's article, I talked about a great technique for defining your "Why."

This is an important step toward developing the motivation and effort needed to accomplish whatever you set out to do in Step 1.

You won't be able to retain momentum and motivation until you have a compelling "Why." After all, what's the point?

You'll thank me later if you figure out yours.


Step 3: Make A Plan And Stick To It

Consider your business strategy to be a road map for where you want to go in life.

You'll get lost if you don't have a plan. You're speculating. You're attempting something new.

The more effectively you and your plan can break down your actions into little, actionable tasks like your daily number, the more effective you and your strategy will be.

What's the last step in making a plan? Adhere to it! Many people write a business plan and then file it away in a drawer or filing cabinet, never to be seen again.

Which leads us to...


Step 4: Make Accountability A Priority

Be truthful... How successfully would you stick to your strategy if you were left to your own devices?

I'm not saying it's impossible. However, it necessitates a great deal of self-control.

That's why having someone to hold you accountable is such an important step on the road to excellence.

A coach, to be precise. Your agent. A coworker. a member of the family As a sole proprietor, you require someone to whom you may report.

You'll never know what you're capable of in life until you discover the perfect accountability partner. That's all there is to it.


Step 5: Rejoice. Rinse. Repeat.

Make a point of celebrating when you achieve a goal.

Then raise your sights and set new, loftier objectives.

Then get down to business and repeat the procedure.

You ARE deserving of it. Now get out there and make it happen.

To be clear, none of these five actions will work unless you believe you are deserving of success.

I have faith in you.

I believe you have something unique to offer the world, and that by doing so, you will be rewarded with all you desire in life.

Find out what it is, have faith in yourself, and go get it!

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