How to write an estate agent resume: tips from resume experts

How to write an estate agent resume: tips from resume experts

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As you know, the classic career of a successful estate agent usually begins in a real estate company. And although there is always a demand for estate agents in the labor market, in times of crisis the number of vacancies decreases, and it becomes more difficult to find a job. How to correctly create a resume so that your candidacy is of interest to the employer? A few tips for those looking to start a career in real estate.

Where to look for resume experts

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Experienced, successful estate agents often work on their own as free agents, receiving a commission for processing transactions. But before becoming a sought-after professional, most begin their careers in real estate agencies receiving very modest salaries. The profession does not guarantee large income from the first months of work, but it opens up good prospects for the applicant. It attracts many also because strict requirements are rarely imposed on applicants (often agencies are ready to hire people without experience and education), while salaries, as a rule, are indicated high. This creates the illusion that anyone can easily get into the profession and earn a lot. This is a delusion

The estate agent's salary consists of a fixed part and a percentage of transactions. Novice estate agents are often offered to work only for a commission. The size of the commission can go up to a million, depending on the amount of the transaction, but it can take several months from the moment of employment to the first transaction. This must be taken into account for those who want to try themselves in the role of an estate agent.

You can easily find examples of resume design online, but these will be the same type and faceless materials, of which the employer has probably already accumulated a whole heap. It will be better if your cv is better than stamped documents and fully reveals you as a specialist. A sample document found online is also useful - you can use it as a general form.

In the online resume, the candidate sells himself as a specialist, therefore, first of all, you need to study well the requirements of employers, understand what qualities and skills are valued in the profession, and then, based on this information, highlight your advantages and strengths.

The first block of a classic resume contains information about the candidate: his full name, date of birth, contact information, place of residence.

You also need to mention the position for which the candidate is applying, for example, real estate agent, assistant manager, real estate specialist, consultant, project manager.

Does an estate agent need education? The next section is education. The fact that there are no strict requirements for education in the profession does not mean that there are none at all. Employers most often give preference to applicants with higher education, although they make an exception for workers who are promising from their point of view without one. If you have an economic, legal education, or you have completed specialized courses and training, this will be an advantage in employment.

To speak about experience and achievements, experienced candidates can apply for a higher salary and position, and aspiring estate agents are usually hired as assistants to real estate professionals and assigned a “mentor”. Experienced professionals mention previous jobs in their resume (this must be done in reverse chronological order). If the applicant has no experience as an estate agent, but has experience in sales or real estate, he can point it out in the resume.

The Achievements section does not require listing of successes that are not related to real estate and sales. The most important indicator of an estate agent's professionalism is the number of transactions concluded as a result of their services. It largely depends on the real estate segment, city or region, therefore, when citing data for a month, it is better to mention this information too. If the candidate has not previously worked as an estate agent, but has a successful sales experience in another area, you can also talk about these achievements and give numbers.

In the Professional skills section, resume writers recommend mentioning knowledge of foreign languages, the ability to travel on business, and driver's license. Speaking about business and professional skills, it is important to understand the situation on the real estate market, the ability to work with large amounts of information and legal documents, the ability to negotiate, as well as all the qualities that are valued in the field of sales. Experienced professionals must definitely mention which real estate market they had to work with before (housing, commercial properties, new buildings, secondary market), in which segment of real estate (economy, business class, premium class) they have experience.                                                                    

High motivation is important for the employer

The section on personal skills should be given special attention. To work as an estate agent, communication skills, well-bred speech, the ability to hear the other people and understand their needs, the ability to persuade, patience, resistance to stress, the ability to easily find a common ground with different people, and organization are very important. You cannot limit yourself to just listing these expert skills, but tell how exactly they were useful to you in your last job, in what situations they were useful.

High motivation and focus on results are qualities that are highly valued in this area. Many companies would rather hire a well-motivated candidate than an educated and experienced employee with high ambitions and high salary requirements, who “knows everything” and is not ready to learn. is a service, which is ready to do its best to make your resume work out so you could find your dream job.




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