How to use Landing Pages to Boost your Sales Conversion

How to use Landing Pages to Boost your Sales Conversion

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The ultimate goal of all your marketing efforts is sales conversion. However, in the online space, conversions have become a little difficult and tricky. There are many sales conversion tools and techniques, and finding the best one for your business is where you have to nail it.

In this blog, we will learn how to use landing pages to boost your sales conversion.

The importance of landing pages in your inbound marketing strategy should not be overlooked. Companies using landing pages have shown higher conversions across all industries. However, it's important to optimize your landing page for maximum conversions.

Here are 6 ways you can optimize your landing page to boost sales.

1. Keep it simple

Write your landing page according to your target audience. Don't include text and jargon that are difficult to read and make it difficult for the reader to understand the content. People tend to leave a page if they find it difficult to read and understand.

2. Write a compelling headline

Your audience will click the link on your landing page after reading the headline. Therefore, it is important to use short and straight headlines to grab the attention of your audience.

Write headlines that inspire or excite your audience.

3. Include a CTA

The landing page is different from your homepage because it allows your audiences to take certain actions. The Call to Action(CTA) could be a purchase, a brochure download or a newsletter subscription. Include a clear CTA on your landing page and make sure that the CTA button is uncluttered and easily visible on the page.

4. Create FOMO

The human brain is programmed to act in urgency. A CTA that creates a fear of missing out(FOMO) works better than the others. A 'Limited Period Offer' gets more clicks because it develops FOMO in the page visitors to act immediately. Many businesses put a countdown timer to inform visitors exactly how much time is left before the offer ends. Adding similar CTAs to your landing page can boost your conversions manifold.

5. Put the right images and videos

Images and graphics attract more visitors than plain text and evoke emotions that words cannot. Use good quality images and videos that highlight the emotions the content wants to convey. If you're a real estate agent, posting quality videos of the home you want to sell can instantly convince potential buyers to take action on your landing page.

Want to learn how to create videos for your real estate business? Click here.

6. Optimize with mobile phones

Today, 60% of Internet searches are performed from mobile phones. If your landing page isn't mobile-optimized, it won't load correctly on the device. It increases the likelihood that your visitors will leave the page. Make sure you create a mobile-friendly landing page with a visible call-to-action button.

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