How To Stop Giving Your Dreams Away So Someone Else Will

How To Stop Giving Your Dreams Away So Someone Else Will

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You have limitless potential as a real estate professional. There is literally no limit to how much you can learn and accomplish.

This permits you to have large dreams. Almost anything you desire is within your grasp.

But here's the crux of the matter... Are your behaviors supporting your goals? Are you genuinely taking the steps necessary to reach your objectives?

Or are you allowing other agents – your competitors – to rob you of your bright future?


I've repeated myself a million times:

If you're not answering your phone...

If you're not contacting previous clients...

If you aren't starting dialogues...

If you don't follow up on leads...

If you aren't doing the things that bring in revenue...


…Don't be concerned! Another someone will!


I'd Like You To Think About This

This site is dedicated to those fleeting moments of decision...

You've seen them. When you're having a busy day and you're looking at your seemingly endless "To Do" list, the notion occurs to you: "If I skip my calls today, I can get the rest of this things done." I'll also put in an extra hour of work tomorrow."

Sounds familiar, right?

I'd argue that every time you do that - every time you let your discipline go – you're giving up a little piece of your dream.

Look, I understand you're busy and it's difficult.

The best, on the other hand, find a method to make it happen every day. Like a machine.

When you're faced with one of those decisions, I hope you remember this blog.


Taking It To The Next Level

Those tiny lapses in discipline may appear insignificant at the time, but they add up to significant changes over time.

Let's figure things out...

When you don't do what you need to do to increase your business, someone else will...


  • Make that decision.
  • Get that customer.
  • Sell that place.
  • Get that commission.
  • Acquire communal recognition.
  • For years, get references.
  • Expand their business.
  • Invest their funds.
  • Enlarge their portfolio
  • Enjoy fantastic trips.
  • They can send their children to any college they wish.
  • Take early retirement.


Why don't you be that person? Do you want to see others attain these goals or do you desire them for yourself?


Four Ways To Get There


To begin, make a schedule for everything. You're familiar with my adage: if it's not in your calendar, it doesn't exist and won't happen.

Second, make sure your most critical behaviors are held accountable:


  • Include your family and reward them when you reach your objectives. If it means receiving anything they want, they'll harp on you like crazy.
  • As accountability partners, team up with a coworker.
  • Inform your broker and/or manager of your goals and request that they hold you accountable.
  • Hire a coach.
  • Give a friend a check to a political organization or party you'd never want to support, and tell them to mail it if you don't follow through with your plans.


Third, keep this blog in mind. Make the difficult option ("pick your hard") and push through in those pivotal moments. Goals and desires are realized through consistent activity.

Finally, remember to delegate. You don't have to perform every single task in your company. Outsource anything that can be done without your input and stick to your HABU (Highest And Best Use of your time).

For five years, do what others are unwilling to do... and live the rest of your life doing anything you want

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