How To Obtain A Real Estate License In Tampa

How To Obtain A Real Estate License In Tampa

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In Tampa, houses are selling quickly. In fact, the Tampa St. Petersburg Clearwater MSA as a whole has less than one month's worth of inventory available. Home prices are rising as a result of a nearly 35 percent decrease in inventory. Tampa, though, is a bit unusual. It's one of the least expensive places in Florida to buy a house and one of the most popular places to rent. The Tampa Bay area as a whole is among the housing markets least susceptible to this epidemic for those two reasons.
As property prices continue to rise by double digits, now is the ideal time to invest. As of October 2021, the median cost of a single-family home had increased by 22.1 percent to $348K. The Tampa St. Petersburg Clearwater MSA's Year-to-Date closing sales have increased by 9.2 percent. Additionally, the dollar volume is up 32.3 percent year over year, which is a strong indication of the market's health and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.
Another indication that the market will remain competitive in the coming months is the increase of 43.4 percent in the number of houses sold for cash.
To start a career in the real estate sector, a Florida salesperson license is required. The procedures you must follow in order to obtain a Florida real estate license are described in this article.


How To Apply For A Real Estate License


Step 1: Completion Of The Necessary Study Hours

The Florida Real Estate Commission mandates that applicants successfully complete a 63-hour Florida pre-licensing course. This course includes all the information required to pass the final exam, the state licensure exam, and start a real estate career. Passing the final exam requires a score of 70%.


Step 2: Submit A Florida Real EstateLlicense Application

For their Florida real estate license, applicants must submit an application (online or by mail) to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Applications may be submitted before completing the necessary number of study hours because DBPR processes applications in about a month. Before submitting an application for their Florida real estate license, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be at least eighteen.
  • A high school diploma or its equivalent is required.
  • You must have a social security number even if you are not a resident of Florida.


Step 3: Submit Your Fingerprints

Before an application may be authorized, applicants must electronically submit their fingerprints to DBPR for a background check.

*Note: Depending on the backup, this process could take several weeks.


Step 4: Arrange Your State License Examination And Pass It

After an application is accepted, DBPR provides the applicant with an application ID number. The application ID number is required to set the pre-licensing exam's timing and venue. To pass the test, candidates must properly respond to 75 out of 100 multiple-choice questions.
The state test process is managed by Pearson VUE, which also provides the course in a number of different locations and formats. Each exam is $36.75 in price.
After completing the test, use your secure account to download and print your license from the DBPR website. Depending on when you pass the state exam, your initial license is active for 18 to 24 months after that.


Step 5: Locate A Sponsor

Before using the salesperson license in the real estate industry, a broker must activate it. The broker acts as the newly licensed agent's sponsor and mentor.
You can choose any broker, whether they are located online or in a physical place, but there are a number of factors to take into account when determining which is the best fit for you:

Training - Considering that you are just beginning your job, you should look into the training options. Some businesses place a greater focus on training than others, and you can access a video library or a mentor program. However, some people have a more "sink or swim" outlook. It's best to research the services provided by each organization and decide how much practical training you want from your brokerage.

Comp Plan: The goal of this procedure is to make money, so have a look at the commission splits each brokerage offers to determine how much money you'll walk away with. You simply want to make money, that's all. Investigate the commission arrangements each brokerage offers. Although a 60/40 or 70/30 split is normal, each organization is set up differently. Ask questions to find out what is covered. Some will give you more in commission, but you could have to pay more in fees. For instance, some brokerages charge a fee for CRM access, while others include it in the commission splits.

History, reputation, and workplace culture of the organization - A reputable business will be known for treating its employees fairly and honestly. Before choosing a brokerage, check retention rates to discover whether there has been a significant exodus. Also, ask around in your neighborhood. A good business will also work with representatives who satisfy their customers.


Top Tampa Real Estate Schools

Candidates may complete the necessary study hours through online coursework or in-person instruction. To accommodate students' schedules, a number of real estate colleges in and around Tampa offer online or in-person study packages. Here are a few of Tampa's reliable real estate institutions.


Best Real Estate Courses in Person


Tampa Real Estate School

Tampa, Florida 33647; 18101 Highwoods Preserve Pkwy #220

A South Florida-based real estate school called Tampa School of Real Estate provides real estate courses for people who want to get their Florida real estate licenses. Since its establishment in 2007, TSRE has trained over 15,000 people and has become one of Florida's top real estate schools. Their programs have ARELLO accreditation and FREC licensing.
The TSRE educational programs are created to accommodate students' schedules and learning styles. They provide both on-site courses at their physical locations (currently, only morning classes are offered) and online courses that may be accessed from any location at any time using their web platforms. Students can complete the state-mandated study hours and acquire the knowledge necessary to ace the license exam through both the online and in-person programs. When assistance is required or a better explanation is required, knowledgeable educators are accessible. In addition to a retake policy for students who don't achieve the passing score on their first attempt, TSRE offers flexible payment options that let students spread out their payments over a certain length of time. TSRE claims to have a 96 percent course exam success rate.


School Of Real Estate At Bob Hogue

Location: 5531 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N, St. Petersburg, FL 33703

Numerous agents in Tampa receive training from the Bob Hogue School of Real Estate, which also has a respectable reputation and occasionally makes local news reports. The creator, Bob Hogue, has had the honor of instructing many agents in Florida. Additionally, there are many benefits to enrolling at the institution he founded, such as the excellent faculty, adaptable schedule, reasonable costs for in-person programs, and more. It's a decent school to attend with not many complaints.
You might be surprised to learn that they also provide continuing education for real estate agents and sales employees. They now also provide training for community association managers and real estate appraisers as part of their extended educational offerings.
There are real estate colleges that simply provide their courses online as well as those that provide both classroom and online instruction. Bob Hogue belongs to the latter group.
The Bob Hogue School prepared around 6500 students for the state exam in 2014.
Now a part of Kaplan Real Estate Education, the school
Through this relationship, Kaplan students seeking to study real estate in Florida can enroll in courses taught by Bob Hogue.
And Kaplan has been giving the school some of its training materials for a long time.


Best Real Estate Courses Online


Real Estate School At MLS

A top-rated online real estate school with more than ten years of expertise is MLS Campus Real Estate School. A sizable number of students in Florida can access their current pre-licensing and post-licensing courses through a user-friendly and interactive portal. Their study packages are self-paced and accessible anywhere at any time, and their courses are ARELLO and FREC recognized.
Four pre-licensing packages are currently available from MLS to Florida license applicants. Students who purchase the basic package will have the information and prerequisites they need to take the license exam and pass. It includes the 63 hours of pre-licensing study that are necessary, a real estate agent as the instructor, a practice exam at the end of the course, a certificate, seven days a week of student support, and a student forum. In addition to the fundamental package, the passing package gives students access to an exam preparation master. The passing package and the Florida real estate test math cram, which address the mathematical skills required to pass the licensure exam, are both included in the get it all bundle. Everything in the get it all bundle is included in the get it all plus audio package, which also includes an audio course to aid with studying and comprehension. The range of their package rates is $119.99 to $209.99, and each one has a 30-day refund period.



RealEstateU is an online real estate school with a Florida base that provides continuing education and pre-licensing real estate courses. In less than ten years after the school's founding, it has more than 60,000 registered pupils.
For the Florida real estate pre-licensing course, RealEstateU offers just one bundle. A certificate of completion, supporting paperwork, and audio courses are all included in the package. This self-paced course helps students fulfill the requirement and gives them the information they need to take and pass the licensing exam. Students may request a refund within the first 30 days after course purchase, provided that no more than 50% of the course has been completed and a $20 administration fee has been paid.


A CE Shop

One of the most well-liked resources for real estate education in the nation is The CE Shop. They only provide asynchronous, online courses. You will have the ability to select from a range of packages at various pricing points when you sign up. Basic education is included in the least expensive package, while more expensive packages come with extras and helpful advice that will help you launch your career.
The institution is renowned for offering extraordinarily high pass rates. Florida has a 71 percent pass rate. Additionally, they provide digital flashcards, a real estate dictionary, downloadable materials, career resources, and more.
One of the top contenders for the finest real estate online school is The CE Shop. Lessons now feature active participation and are inquiry-based. You can complete it quickly and at your own pace. The ability to check out the courses for five days before committing fully is also advantageous.


Tampa Real Estate Brokers

To begin selling and completely enter the industry, newly licensed agents must activate their salesperson license. By signing up with a licensed broker or brokerage, you can do this. Additionally, the broker or brokerage business offers assistance and direction to freshly licensed agents. Before signing on with a brokerage, a freshly licensed real estate agent in Tampa must take into account the commission split, incentives, and benefits packages available. Some brokerages will provide you with more perks than others that are best suited to your needs. Here is a list of Tampa real estate agencies you might take into account while choosing an agency.


Capital Realty RE/MAX

Location: 2124 West Kennedy Boulevard, Suite A, Tampa, Florida 33606

The Kendall Bonner Team uses the most cutting-edge technologies currently available to expertly showcase the area's finest properties. The Kendall Bonner Team provides the utmost speed, efficiency, and anonymity. They have extensive knowledge of the local market and a great understanding of house buyers' and sellers' mindsets thanks to their years of full-time experience.
Over the past few years, the Tampa community has left them more than 500 reviews and testimonials, and that figure keeps rising. They rank among the top local teams in the Tampa metropolitan area.


Brokerage From Bay To Bay

Tampa, Florida 33603 4907 N Florida Ave, Suite D-10

Megan Jordan, a resident of Tampa who founded Bay To Bay Brokerage, provides a range of complementary services to potential clients in an effort to earn their trust. Anyone who inquires is given a free market analysis and a free MLS setup by the brokerage.
Although the agency is relatively new and only recently welcomed new agents, they have been able to corner a portion of the market and have been utilizing the nearby new townhome developments. At Bay To Bay, there are now roughly 12 agents, but the brokerage is soon looking to add new agents.
Bay to Bay Brokerage is delighted to assist you whether you're looking to buy, sell, rent, invest, or just have inquiries about the real estate market in Tampa Bay.


Real Estate Coldwell Banker

Tampa, Florida 33602 (615 Channelside Dr., Ste. 101).

A reputable and long-standing real estate company, Coldwell Banker is renowned for its cutting-edge technology, dedication to training, and support of agents at all levels. By putting a vast and thorough range of tools at their agents' disposal as well as advertisements, Coldwell promotes and aids in the growth of their agents.
For experienced agents, Coldwell Banker has a $15,000 yearly maximum and a commission split of 80% going to the agent and 20% going to the corporation. The commission share and annual cap for recently licensed agents are negotiated locally amongst agents. Since Coldwell doesn't run its business traditionally, there is no desk fee. Instead, they use an online platform and as a result, they have capped errors and omissions (E&O) fees and charge a document review fee. Agents are required to pay a franchise fee of 8% of each commission after reaching the annual cap.


eXp Realty 

New Port Richey, Florida 34653; address: 8046 Old County Road 54.

One of the fastest-growing brokerages in the nation, eXp Realty was the first cloud-based real estate company. Over 25,000 real estate brokers presently work for the 2008-founded business from shared workplaces or from home. eXp Realty offers its agents the extensive educational materials and beneficial training they need to advance their real estate careers.
The start-up charge for newly licensed agents is $149, which includes the monthly fee, a business card, membership, a website, and many other things. After the first month, a fee of $85 is charged to fund training and team supplies. The annual maximum at eXp Realty is $16,000, and the commission split is 80% (to the agent) to 20%. (to the company). Agents receive 100% commission once they reach the annual cap and pay a transaction charge for the next 20 transactions. When an agent they helped find closes a deal, agents get paid by eXp.


Joining Realtor Associations

A career-boosting move that offers new chances and information is joining a Realtor association. Clients receive a premium impression and access to the association's benefits when a Realtor is a member.

Logo for Greater Tampa Realtorsgtr

Location: 2918 W Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33609

The main organization of real estate brokers and salespeople in Tampa is called Greater Tampa Realtors, and it was founded in 1911. GTR presently represents over 15,000 members with expertise in real estate appraisals, commercial sales, and investment.
GTR is a member of both the Florida Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) (FAR). Members get access to networking and educational opportunities to advance their real estate careers.


Real Estate Investors Association Of Tampa Bay

Tampa, Florida 33607 4023 N. Armenia Ave, Ste 300

The largest real estate investing association in Tampa Bay is this one. Collectively, members have closed deals worth millions of dollars without having to pay the hefty fees of real estate gurus. The association wants to make it possible for you to accumulate money without having to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for coaches and courses.
The association holds frequent meetings in the hopes of pairing up new members with mentors who can teach them how to launch, develop, or scale their businesses.

  • More than 400 people who share your views and want you to succeed
  • There are 7 meetings every month in the Bay Area.
  • high-caliber speakers at each Main Meeting
  • concessions and benefits from sponsors and suppliers
  • Meet investors seeking opportunities.
  • Identify dealmakers seeking investments.

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