How to make your beach house the best it can be

How to make your beach house the best it can be

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Having a home at the beach is a rare luxury. Most people only dream about reaching this goal. Nevertheless, if you're one of the lucky few, you're probably aware that it's not all rainbows and butterflies. Owning a beach house comes with its challenges, however seemingly insignificant they are. Once you set aside the ownership-related troubles, finding the perfect home design is the only problem you'll face. Even though beach home designs are pretty specific, there still can be some wiggle room for experimenting. Whether you’re buying a beach house for retirement or as a vacation home, let's look at how you can make your beach house the best it can be and which rules are worth breaking.

Start by setting an overall tone

Whether you're looking to upgrade the look of an older house or make some changes in an already renovated place, you should take some time to think things through. Do your research, dig through some style magazines, consult your fashionable friends, and come to a decision that'll make you happy.

Once you've chosen an interior style that you find most appealing and think will make your beach house look the best it can - stick to it. People often make the mistake of mixing clashing styles since they can't come to a conclusive decision. Instead, try to incorporate elements that go together throughout the whole house.

Beach houses should have a casual feel

Even if your taste is more on the lux, fancy side, you should bring it down a bit when it comes to your beach home. If you want to make your beach house the best it can be, don't overdo it. Beach houses are designed to be casual spaces, so avoid anything that suggests a formal living space. It is a place where you unwind and relax. It should reflect these qualities.

Natural materials help a home seem more relaxed

Try incorporating some soft, rustic wood touches into your design to provide warmth. Take inspiration from the raw beauty of driftwood you can often find on the beach, for example. Wicker and rattan furniture and clean linen and cotton for soft furnishings are ideal since they not only mirror the natural beauty of the beach but are also cooling. Making your beach house the best it can be means creating a space where you'll feel comfortable and relaxed. You can do this by including natural decor and minimalistic yet warm styles.

Use neutral colors

Not specific to beach houses, using neutral colors is a great and simple tip for a luxuriously feeling home. A neutral-colored interior with a combination of styles from around the world, especially inside a bedroom, provides a relaxing atmosphere and is pleasant after a long day at the beach. Sea blues, sandy beige, whites, and gentle greens allow a home to blend nicely with its surroundings.

Apply the two-toned walls technique

You can achieve the two-tone beach house look in a variety of ways. Using two different colors to paint the walls is, of course, the most common way to do this. Alternatively, apply wallpaper on one part and paint the other. However, you can also cover the lower half of the wall with classic nautical beadboard panels.

Budget-friendly home renovation ideas

If you want to incorporate seaside decor into your house but don't want to spend a lot of money on new furniture, that's understandable. Finding cheap ways to spruce it up isn't as hard as you may think. We've got some budget-friendly home renovation ideas. For example, to make your beach house the best it can be, consider upcycling some of your old items. In seaside designs, the white-washed, shabby chic style is crucial. Once you're satisfied with the outcome, finish the ensemble with a few nautically inspired accessories.

Minimalism is a great way to stay within your budget

Beach houses are generally vacation homes, and because you won't be there as much as you are at home Monday through Friday, you won't need as much stuff. Try to keep your beach property as clutter-free as possible. The fewer items you have, the less cleaning you'll have to do! Sometimes making your beach house the best it can be implies ridding it of unnecessary things. However, you should still keep the pieces you love; don't go overboard (pun intended).

Use the beach as the inspiration to make your beach house the best it can be

Don't be afraid to use some conventional coastal accents in your design. Collect some nice shells, driftwood pieces, and other sea treasures from a beach and place them on your dining table or a sideboard for a soothing touch.

Bathrooms are one of the easiest places to incorporate the beach house interior style into because the colors complement the space so well. You can add just a few essential pieces such as seaside-style towels, traditional elements like fish and anchors, and anything made of shells. This alone will do the trick and help you make your beach home the best it can be.

Your beach house should reflect your style

This is also a place where you can give your artsy side a chance to shine. Whichever interior rules you'd typically feel obliged to honor, you can ignore when it comes to your beach home. Relying on your own tastes usually includes more than just one style. Although you should never mix clashing styles, as previously stated, there's no reason why you shouldn't combine complementary ones.

The best way to mix different styles to make your beach house the best it can be is to combine the more traditional seaside look and the contemporary, rustic style. You should have a white base and put in a few hints of blue. Apart from that, playing with materials is a fun approach. A great example of this is the contrast between a blue carpet and a lime-washed floor. The addition of some white and blue cushions to this equation adds the perfect amount of nautical flair.

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