How To Make 2022 The Start Of Something Beautiful

How To Make 2022 The Start Of Something Beautiful

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I know a lot of people whose sales years in 2022 were really great.
Yet in early or middle March, many of these same people felt like they couldn't move and were worried about whether they could sell another house until the pandemic was over.
So what's different?
They used what they had. They were creative. So, they changed.
And maybe even more important, they built a new foundation for their future success in the process.
Which begs the question: How do you see 2022? Is it a "one-hit wonder" or a year for building a strong foundation?


Think About What Worked Well In 2022

The first thing I'd ask you to do is look back over the last year and figure out what plays you ran that were successful.
In particular, I'd like you to look at these five areas:

  • Your brand
  • Referrals
  • Non-referral or non-sphere business
  • Your timetable
  • Presentations

The key is to look at the changes you've made and decide which ones you want to keep. Here are five things to think about:
What did you do in 2020 to give your brand a boost? Make a list of everything you did and didn't do in 2022 so you can plan what to do in 2023.
What did you do to get your database to send you more referrals and direct sales? To get direct transactions and referrals from your sphere, you need to stay at the top of their minds. Write everything down so that you can build on it next year.
What lead sources outside of your sphere or referrals have really worked for you? Take the time to think about what you did, what worked, what didn't, and what you should do more of in 2023.
What about your plan worked and what didn't? Scheduling, managing your time, and scaling yourself are all important to your growth and success. Make a plan for how you're going to make things work and how you're going to avoid the lack of time that stopped you from getting things done. In 2023, it's up to you to figure out how to use your time most efficiently and effectively.
How did you improve your skills and the way you presented in 2022? When you worked from home, you had to learn a whole new way to do business. What did you learn from that, and how will that change the way you live your life?


Make 2022 The Start Of Something Amazing

There are three things that are almost always true in our business right now... Low-interest rates, high demand, and not enough stock.
I think that demand will go through the roof once the vaccine starts to work.
So here's my question for you... What are your three top goals for the year 2023?
I think you can get everything you want if you just focus on these three things:

Don't worry about buyers. Instead, do everything you can to get enough listings in 2023 to reach your goal. Since buyers have to spend so much time and energy only to get into bidding wars on almost every property, the goal here is to get more control by focusing only on listings.

In 2023, get 10 percent of your database to convert into either a direct sale or a referral. What would need to happen for that to happen? How much outreach and marketing would be needed? Find out what it is and make it your goal.

Save $100k or more in 2023. All of your other aims... If you focus on these three goals, you will be able to meet appointments, close deals, do GCI, etc.

The way the market right now means that wherever you put your time, attention, and energy, you'll get the results you want. So, make the most of this great chance and make it happen!

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