How to Increase Real Estate Sales Using SEO?

How to Increase Real Estate Sales Using SEO?

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Have you focused on Real Estate SEO till now? There are high chances that you might have missed the right opportunity to reach the right audience. People are highly moving towards online platforms when they are looking for real estate services. Imagine you are looking for a property on search engines, you might go for the 2 or 3 pages maximum as you know that will have the best property.

This is where real estate SEO services play a vital role to improve your rankings on the SERPs. According to search engines, if your website is SEO-friendly, there are chances of better ranking in the search results. According to the statistics, the top five results have gained 67.60% of the clicks. You might be tensed now that if you have done justice with your website.

Why is SEO for Real Estate Crucial?

Lead Generation

The primary aim of having a website online is to increase your client base and improve revenue, which keeps your business growing. When you apply tailor-made real estate SEO marketing, you will generate more qualified leads.

Having a website does not help reach the target audience if you do not have the right resources. Build a strong SEO strategy to improve your ranks on the search engines, which means better exposure for your business. This will lead to more sales and organic website traffic.

Save Costs

Every real-estate business will focus on finding cost-effective methods to gain profits. Once you decide to take help from the SEO services for real estate agents, make your choice wisely. SEO is known as the most cost-effective method to handle online marketing. Ensure that it is a slow process, don’t fall for short-term targets, and use black-hat SEO to bring instant results. This can damage your brand reputation in the digital world.

Business Growth

Real Estate businesses are always looking for ways to increase their visibility in the digital world. You can achieve this by using the right SEO techniques. It is the key to success in this technology-driven world. If you grab the right opportunities, it will help in increasing conversion rates and gain more potential customers.

How can you increase sales using Real Estate SEO services?

1.    Keyword Integration

Choosing the right keywords can change the entire game from winning to losing. Search engines get over billions of queries in a month. It is essential to invest in the right keywords. Some tips you can follow during the keyword research are:

  • Build a list of local keywords and phrases that helps in targeting local traffic
  • Look for the keywords that your competitor are currently using
  • Search for the questions that your target audience is asking on the search engines
  • Use keyword tools to perform better keyword research and match visitors expectations
  • Maximize the use of long-tail keywords

Optimize the keywords, do not stuff them into the content to avoid blacklisting from search engines. Some keyword formats you can try are:

  • [location] real estate
  • Condos for sale in [location]
  • [location] real estate listings
  • [location] real estate agent
  • Homes for sale in [location]
  • Town homes for sale in [location]
  • [location] realtor

2.    Competition Research

This is something that every SEO services for real estate agents will be doing. This can help to build a roadmap to win over your competition in the market. A good research strategy will help you know the weak links and segments where your competitors are making mistakes. Make this your advantage and provide better services to the target audience.

Look at your strategies and focus on the sections that need improvements. This will encourage bringing innovations and maintain your business growth.

3.    On-Page Optimization

Gaining top ranks is never a piece of cake. It takes more than just content to win the competition. As a real estate SEO experts, you know the impact of on-page optimization. Some things you can follow to handle this process are:

  • Make sure the content on the website is relevant and unique
  • Use proper heading tags and highlight the essential segments
  • URL should be self-descriptive, shop, and have optimized keywords.
  • Add relevant meta descriptions
  • Use proper alt tags for the pictures

4.    Off-Page Optimization

The primary target of this section is to improve the domain authority of your real estate website. This is a time-consuming process as it is a challenging task to gain backlinks from authoritative websites. Some off-page optimization techniques that you can follow are:

  • Use comment link, shared content directories, link exchange schemes, blog directories, article directories, and forum signatures.
  • Ensure that you post regularly on social media platforms
  • Promote your content on other websites
  • Try Guest Blogging to earn quality backlinks

5.    Work on Focus Snippets

This is the section that appears on the zero position of search engines. Appearing in this section helps in getting more attention from visitors. To get your content published in this position, you need to provide the best answer to the standard search queries of the users. This can be advice for home sellers or how to purchase your first home.

Search engines choose content that is comprehensive, precise, and understandable. Add keywords in the content that are used in the search queries. Feature Snippet plays a dominant role in generating CTR (Click-Through-Rate) for online websites.


We have disclosed one of the best practices of SEO in the real estate industry. You should know that it is an ongoing process that takes time to show results in the market. Real Estate SEO needs the right efforts, knowledge, and time to reach the business's goals.


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