How to Get Your Home Ready for Sale with Simple Home Projects

How to Get Your Home Ready for Sale with Simple Home Projects

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Most homeowners are reluctant to put their homes on the market simply because of all the work that comes with getting the house ready. However, this task doesn't have to be overwhelming. Some minor repairs will prove helpful by adding value to your home. To ease the process for you, Realestate Uno has assembled some tips that potential buyers should consider.

Look to Your Windows

Wondering where to start? How about checking the condition of your windows? If you need to fix some faults, you can look for a company that provides window repair services. The national estimated cost of window repair services is $290. This price can increase or decrease based on factors such as the type of windows in question and the services you need.

As for your backyard, maybe it’s time to finally address those landscaping concerns. Luckily, there are plenty of professionals offering landscape design services to fit your price range. To make sure you’re selecting the right company for you, read online reviews written by their customers, as well as verify whether or not they have insurance cover and an appropriate license.

Rearrange Furniture

The way you organize your furniture should leave clear traffic patterns. Besides making movement easy, it will make the rooms appear larger.

When deciding where to place furniture, it's essential to consider the visual weight to attract your visitors' attention. Avoid lining up furniture along the walls, so pull the sofas and chairs close to create an area where visitors can hold a conversation. Furniture with bright colors and items with thin, tapered legs seem lighter than dark-colored or upholstered items.

Upgrade Your Flooring

Hardwood floors are trendy among modern homeowners, and with good reason. They are durable, require minimal maintenance, and perfect for a home with children and pets. Hardwood floors add a beautiful natural look to the home and can increase your asking price. If your home already has wood floors, consider refinishing the surfaces.

To fix worn-out or discolored areas on the hardwoods, apply water-based stains to make them hard to notice. Keep the wooden surfaces exposed to show the beauty and value of your home. Newly fixed surfaces make it possible to recover the entire amount you invested.

If your home has no hardwood floors, you can choose to install natural wood, laminate wood, high-quality vinyl, or tiles. The project can be expensive, but it will be worth it in the end, as you can recover at least 106% of the amount you use.

When working with a tight budget, consider installing beige carpeting. The color brings a fresh and stylish look to your home. You can consult a carpet fitter when replacing worn-out or outdated carpets.

Upgrade the HVAC and Insulation System

The HVAC system is a vital feature of any house, and therefore HVAC components are expensive to maintain or replace. Most prospective buyers inquire about the working condition and maintenance history of elements such as the water heater or furnace. Ensure you repair or replace the old components and add new appliances such as ductwork, air handlers and evaporators, refrigerant supply lines, and thermostats.

Most buyers will opt for an energy-efficient house to lower the energy costs. Insufficient insulation leads to excessive heat in the summer and too much cold in the winter. To create an energy-efficient house, add insulation in attics, walls, basements, and crawl spaces.

Power-Wash the Exterior of Your Home and Clean the Gutters

Cleaning the exterior of your home with a pressure washing machine will make your house look freshly painted. Besides being cost-effective, it will take you less time than painting. Use the power washer to clean your driveway, patio, and any paths for a new look.

The purpose of having gutters is to carry away rainwater. Without them, the water accumulates around the foundation or seeps inside your house. This creates an environment for mold and mildew to grow, affecting the integrity of the structure. Gutters do not look good if they're rusty, moldy, or broken. They can even reduce the value of your home if not cared for.

It's not easy making a great first impression, but with the right home improvements, potential buyers will learn to love your home just as you did. And by working with Realestate Uno you are guaranteed success. Get in touch at

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