How to Find the Best Agent for You

How to Find the Best Agent for You

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If you are considering a move to Arkansas, it may be because you are looking for a slower paced lifestyle, or one that is more affordable than where you are currently living.

Arkansas weather tends to be mild and comfortable throughout the year. People are polite and proper, with lots of “sirs” and “ma’ams” while engaging with each other. It might not be a coastal state, but locals take full advantage of all of the water that is at their disposal.

Arkansas consistently makes the national top 10 lists for affordability in the United States. When you start living in Arkansas, then you will discover that the annual property tax payment is significantly lower than the national average. Little Rock houses for sale are 17.5% lower than the U.S. average. If you are ready to move, here are some tips on how to find the best agent for you.


Asking friends and family for agent referrals is a good idea. Consider asking other real estate professionals, as well. Agents are happy to refer to fellow colleagues, especially if the service you need is not a specialty of theirs. For example, some agents sell only commercial or investment property, while others work exclusively with new home builders. Mortgage brokers and bank loan officers are also a resource - many have first-hand knowledge of exceptional agents.

Interview your agent

Once you narrow down your selections, it's not uncommon to have a quick interview to understand their experience and background. Buying or selling a home is a significant investment of time and money (one of the biggest investments most people make), so having a compassionate listener is an essential part you don't want to overlook. Consider if your potential agent makes you feel at ease about the process without ignoring the risks associated with buying or selling a home. Having an agent who can clear up confusing details and negotiate better pricing and concessions on your behalf is much better than choosing an agent simply because they have years of experience or a cheaper rate. The best fit is often someone who places your needs as a top priority.


Find an agent that is loyal to you by having your best interest at heart over their commission. An agent should be willing to sacrifice their commission for their client's best interest (in most situations). Also, an agent should never try to influence a buyer or seller to pay more or spend less for the agent's own personal gain.

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