How To Expand Your Real Estate Circle Of Influence In 7 Steps

How To Expand Your Real Estate Circle Of Influence In 7 Steps

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You're not the only real estate salesperson that despises expanding their circle of influence. According to Harvard research, networking can actually make you feel physically unclean. However, the 2021 NAR Member survey discovered that referrals from their network account for 19% of the business received by realtors.
Does this imply that successful agents simply suck it up and act filthy to succeed? Are they all outgoing people that enjoy mingling? Obviously not. They simply discovered more clever ways to construct their sphere. We've put together this list of seven original strategies to expand your real estate network as a place to start.


What Does A Real Estate Sphere Of Influence Mean?

Your sphere of influence (SOI) as a real estate agent consists of the individuals you are intimately related to and have the potential to impact through your real estate knowledge. Your circle of influence consists of your close friends, relatives, past clients, and their second-order contacts. In other words, someone who is in your sphere of influence should be a friend of a friend or a member of a friend's family.


Seven Pointers For Increasing Your Circle Of Influence


1. Create A Fantastic Email Pitch For Your List

Getting into someone's inbox is better than having someone in your sphere follow you on social media. It's difficult to persuade someone to join your email list, but it's a lot simpler if you already have some sort of relationship with them, even if it's only on social media. To ask them, you only need to create an appealing email template.


2. Use Automation To Expand The Reach Of Your Content Marketing

One of the most important aspects of expanding your orbit is posting interesting, pertinent information to your social media accounts. The main issue is that creating or finding relevant, local material that can aid in expanding your sphere takes time. You run the risk of losing your audience if you send out subpar content on a whim. It might happen sooner than you anticipate.
This is why using a tool like Artur'in to automate your content marketing is a smart method to broaden your influence. To free you up to concentrate on reaching out to your inner circle, Artur'in will daily generate and publish local content to your social media networks. Even better, Close readers save paying setup costs, saving $300.


3. Not A People Person? Science Recommends Learning Over Selling

While some agents are drawn to networking opportunities like a fish to water, others would sooner have a root canal than mingle with a large group of strangers. Fortunately, networking can be made considerably easier with a simple mental shift, according to a study from Harvard.
All you have to do is put less emphasis on potential business opportunities and more on what you can learn from the individuals you meet. Say something like, "That knows, maybe I will meet people who I can learn from and become a better agent and better person tonight," instead of, "I am going to advertise myself and acquire 10 leads today!"


4. Participate In Local Community Service

Another excellent approach to expand your circle of influence is to volunteer at your neighborhood food pantry, school, church, synagogue, or mosque. Additionally, even if you are unsuccessful in forging new relationships, you will still wind up assisting others in your community who are in need.
Even better, research indicates that 72% of affluent individuals donate at least five hours per week. That implies that the likelihood of your fellow volunteers owning a property and subsequently needing your services will be higher than usual. Additionally, you won't have to sell anyone on helping you grow your volunteer network. After all, the majority of amicable interactions with strangers wind up being business-related.


5.  Focus On Your Mission, Vision, And Values

By putting your Mission, Vision, and Values front and center when networking to expand your orbit, you can make networking less miserable. You'll need to have a goal that goes a little farther than "I want to make more money" for this to succeed.
For instance, Sean Moudry, a top realtor, real estate coach, and Close Contributor, says that one of his goals is to "assist Boulder, Colorado residents in creating generational wealth through real estate." So, when Sean attends a dinner party or networking event, he is not attempting to market himself, gain new clients, or even expand his network. He is attempting to assist Boulder, Colorado residents in accumulating generational wealth through real estate. It's a small but significant change.


6. Join Local Reddit Channels

Reddit, which has more than 52 million daily active users, is a sleeping giant for real estate agents looking to broaden their clientele. The communities on Reddit, known as subreddits, are arranged around countless themes, many of which are related to cities and towns. There is probably a subreddit for your city, and perhaps even one for your rural area. Even better, it can be far simpler to get seen on these subreddits than on Facebook Groups.
For instance, even though /r/NYC has 465,000 users, some posts only receive 30 or fewer upvotes before they appear on the front page. This means that you only need a small number of New York City residents to like your post in order to reach thousands of others. Only 16,000 people are members of the /r/portlandme subreddit for Portland, Maine, and it takes fewer than 12 upvotes to reach the main page.
Just remember that Reddit won't respond to your pushy sales tactics. You must first earn someone's trust. The best method to grow your following on Reddit is to actually interact with the community and only offer assistance when someone specifically requests it. You'll eventually develop a reputation as a reliable source in the neighborhood.


7. Add Personal Information To Your CRM About People In Your Sphere

You can't just yell out real estate statistics all day if you want to attract clients from your orbit. You'll be ignored and then abandoned if you do. Make and, more importantly, nurture human ties instead. Share topics that matter to them if you want to accomplish this successfully. Selling steak to a vegetarian is not a good sales strategy, as Beverly Ruffner frequently states.
You can more effectively reach out to contacts in your customer relationship management (CRM) by adding personal details about their interests, hobbies, and family or other interests. Want to spread the word about a dog run that is being developed in your community? Select contacts in your CRM who enjoy dogs using a filter. Have some extra baseball tickets to give away? To the baseball-loving former clients of yours, filter.


Bonus Advice: Maintain A Manageable Size For Your Sphere

The majority of new agents believe that in order to generate new business and referrals, they need to have hundreds or even thousands of people in their network. They have been instructed that investing in real estate is a "numbers game," and the more individuals they can persuade to become clients, the more money they will make. For most agents, this is neither practicable nor realistic.

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