How To Create And Lead An Effective Sales Team

How To Create And Lead An Effective Sales Team

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Tim Smith, a superstar agent, and team leader is my very special guest today!
He achieved over $426M in sales in 2015, making him the #17 real estate team in the world according to the Wall Street Journal!
Tim's goals include not only maximizing the seller's net revenues and completing the transaction swiftly but also fostering the success of others in his team.
As a team, Tim is creating a repeatable, scalable business, which is extremely difficult to execute as a single agent.
Here's the problem
Teams increased by 42% while lone agents shrank by 17%.
Competing against the larger teams out there as a lone agent is practically difficult.


Real Estate Teams

There are advantages to being a team member, whether you are the team leader or just a team member.
It basically comes down to what you can offer and how skilled you are.
However, not everyone is suited to lead a team, and being a leader entails additional dangers.
Tim makes fun of the fact that managing staff can often feel like dealing with 20 extra issues each day for just half the money!
Tim has a million worries that keep him awake at night.
The capacity to tolerate pressure is one of the most crucial qualities for every business owner or entrepreneur.


Do You Need To Form A Team?

Tim frequently encounters agents who aren't bringing in any clients but want to develop a team.
Nothing can be divided five ways instead of one.
Tim claims that you are prepared for an assistant if you can regularly complete one transaction every month.
Although it may seem frightening, if you want to advance in life, you must step outside of your comfort zone.


Regarding Hiring A Helper

Are you prepared for a permanent assistant?
You'll wonder how you ever survived without one once you realize their value!
To free up your time and remove the tasks off your plate that you shouldn't be performing, you employ an assistant.
This implies that you can make use of your time by attending meetings and winning!
To ensure that you and your helper are on the same page, Tim suggests holding morning and evening meetings.


Understand Your "A Priorities"

Would you be able to identify your "A Priorities" if you looked through your to-do list right now?
These are the things that will pay you, thus!
You could definitely reduce the number of items on your to-do list to just a few crucial ones if you just concentrated on those "A Priorities" today.
This doesn't imply that you let things slide; rather, it suggests that you have a rock star office assistant who takes care of the little things so you don't have to.


Employ More Sales Personnel

We are all time-constrained, so it's time to develop once again if you're getting more leads and opportunities than you can handle.

Three things to consider before hiring an agent.

1. Look for a representative who shares your ideals.

2. Look for a real estate agent who has the expertise to manage both sellers' and buyers' expectations.

3. Verify their willingness to track, evaluate, and take responsibility for results.

You want someone who has accepted responsibility for running a firm and effectively resolving issues.


Get A Marketer On Staff

Tim is sure that his sellers are persuaded as a result of the way their properties are advertised.

Two actions that your marketer should do

1. Produce short material for your audience that is pertinent to them.

2. Outreach; reaching out to your audience with the content.

Keep in mind that if it isn't compelling, it won't sell!


Making Everything Work

Tim approaches situations with the end in mind.
In order to get to his goal of selling for $2.2 billion, he works backward, considering the people, initiatives, and resources required.
In the end, it's all just arithmetic, and people will come if you create it!


Face Your Phobias

Tim advises you to design situations in your life and career that will force you to grow.
Face your fears head-on and accept them.
That's how you develop.


Future Steps

Tim's development makes me very happy!
Since 2008, I've watched him grow enormously, and I'm now even more eager to watch him and his company continue to expand.
When building or expanding your staff, be certain to follow these measures.
Always hire for the position, not the applicant.

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