How To Be A Successful Realtor: 5 Expert Tips (2022)

How To Be A Successful Realtor: 5 Expert Tips (2022)

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Today's real estate market presents obstacles that no other realtor has ever faced. In this article, I'll explain how to become a successful real estate agent. I'll reveal the same tactics I employ to expand my own real estate firm.

You can have your books set up for you if you engage with a certified public accountant.


Reduce Your Recurring Fees

Remove any systems or tools that you don't use frequently. Instead, concentrate solely on the necessities in order to maximize your company's return on investment.


Get Your Database In Order


Make A Business Strategy

Making a real estate business plan is also crucial. To begin, determine what your key lead sources are. In your prospecting, marketing, and sales efforts, ask yourself what precise actions you will do.

Let's pretend you aim to sell 40 houses this year. Consider how many leads that will require. How many phone calls are there? How much money will it require? What will your conversion ratio be? What will your average commission rate be?

There is no perfect business plan. You'll be in a much better position than if you're just flying by the seat of your pants if you have something set out that you can start working towards every day.

Set Up Your CRM

The most common mistake people make while maintaining their CRM is failing to update it. You should log into your CRM at least once a week.

Take some time to ensure that all of your data is loaded into your CRM, that it is organized, and that any data or cold leads that you no longer require are deleted.

Make Use Of An Activity Log

An activity tracker is another useful tool. To keep track of my daily prospecting efforts, I utilize the CORE Greatness Tracker. This tracker is available for download for free and may be found via a simple Google search.

Find Someone To Hold You Accountable

One of the most effective strategies to achieve success is to have someone who can motivate you and monitor your progress. You can discover accountability partners in Facebook groups where you can hold each other accountable.

Make Use Of Video

Video can be used in a variety of ways in your business plan. Instead of leaving a voicemail or sending a text message, you might record a brief video and send it by SMS. Your leads will be astonished at how wonderfully this is accepted.

They value video more since it is the closest thing they have to an in-person interaction. FaceTime is also superior to traditional phone calls.

Video Editing Software

Email is another fantastic place to use video. Two tools that can assist you in this are Loom and BombBomb. Loom is a free Google Chrome extension.

When you record a video on Loom, it generates a unique URL that you can give to your client through email.

Instead than just sending a link, BombBomb includes a preview of the video in the email. As a result, BombBomb performs better with strangers or leads that you are currently prospecting.

Creating Leads

Investors and expireds/FSBOs are two sources of leads that are frequently neglected. Search for Facebook groups or investor forums like Bigger Pockets to find investor leads.

Cold calling will be required to pursue expired and FSBO leads. To discover success cold phoning this category of leads, read my piece on the only FSBO script you'll ever need. However, if you're having trouble getting Facebook real estate leads or paying for ads, they're worth pursuing. You'll need a dialer system like REDX or Mojo to prospect this type of lead.

Make Sure Your Content Is Correct

How to be a successful real estate agent includes using content marketing.

Creating constant material, whether it's video, a podcast, or blog entries, is crucial to growing your brand early on. You may optimize and improve it over time.

Creating content allows you to establish your industry expertise and authority. If you're just getting started, trending keywords can help you come up with real estate article ideas.


Four Content Suggestions


  1. Presenting The Buyer

Make a five- to ten-minute video or a 1,000-word blog piece describing your buyer presentation process so your prospects know what to expect. Include all of the methods a lead can contact you at the end of your video or post.


  1. Presenting The Seller

Similarly, you can create a video that provides an outline of your seller presentation so that attendees are prepared. As a real estate agent, respond to the most typical inquiries you receive from sellers wanting to sell their houses.


  1. Video About Yourself

You should have an About You video as a Realtor so that your audience may create a closer connection with you. Don't be scared to target a specific audience. If you solely work with first-time homebuyers in your area, for example.

You'll boost your chances of a potential client accepting to work with you if you do this. People will feel more comfortable approaching you since they know what to expect.


  1. Area Expert Video Overview

Create material about the various characteristics of a given zip code or neighborhood in your area. Make an overview video of your nearest city or major market if you're just getting started.

After that, you may start splitting items down into categories. Price points, popular neighborhoods, and the best school districts can all be mentioned.


Brand Consistency

You'll need to figure out how to get your content in front of your target market once you've created it. If you're wondering how to be a successful real estate agent, this is where constant personal branding may help.

Take some time to rethink your brand and start bringing the message, color scheme, and style together. You can find freelancers on Fiverr or UpWork to assist you create branding or real estate marketing materials for your company.

Create Your Own Website

A website is an important component of being a successful real estate agent. Even if you're a novice real estate agent, one of the first things you should do is set up a website.

Make use of your website for content and branding. And if you ever switch CRM providers or brokerages, your SEO and Google rankings will follow you wherever you go, and you'll remain the site's proprietor.

DIY Vs. Outsourcing Your Website

To make a website, you don't need any technical web design abilities. You can always hire someone if you don't want to do it yourself.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for creating websites. SiteGround is my hosting company, and it is also where I bought my domain name. All of the data for my website is stored on Siteground, including blog entries, videos, and images.


Audacity and Libsyn are two tools that can assist you in creating a podcast.

Audacity improves the sound quality of your audio or video by filtering out background noise and making it clearer.

After that, publish your completed audio file to Libsyn, where it will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms.


Of course, YouTube is the finest medium for reaching your target demographic with video content. You may make evergreen videos that will bring viewers to your channel for years to come.

You should only use social media to promote your videos. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have short shelf lives, so they won't last more than a few days on people's feeds.


Get Your Future In Order


Powerful Mailboxes

Mailbox Power is an excellent approach to demonstrate your concern for your customers. You may make unique and personalized presents and cards in minutes with their simple system. Mailbox Power has you covered whether you're looking for a birthday present, an anniversary gift, or just something unique to show your appreciation.

Creator Studio On Facebook

Facebook Creator Studio is a web-based application that allows you to schedule and publish Facebook and Instagram posts. The platform is also available as an app. However, you can only use the app to post to Facebook.

With Creator Studio, you can schedule all of your social media posts for the next month, or even the entire year.

Legendary Agent

Check out Agent Legend if you want to automate text messages to your database. Setting up text messaging drip campaigns is similar to setting up email drip campaigns.

You may even use it to send out birthday and anniversary text messages, ensuring that you never miss a client's birthday. Check out the rest of my Agent Legend post here.

Continuous Learning

If you want to learn how to be a successful real estate agent, you'll need to keep learning in order to build and grow your talents. When a result, as you develop more desirable skills, you'll be able to enhance your profession.


Last Words On Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent

To be a successful agent, you don't have to follow every single tip listed here. Concentrate on whatever direction you believe is best for your real estate firm.

If you work hard to advance your profession, you'll see results quickly! Check out this post on how millennial real estate agents may succeed for more information.

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