How To Avoid The Real Estate Rollercoaster As Your First Duty Each Day

How To Avoid The Real Estate Rollercoaster As Your First Duty Each Day

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You have my word that today's blog won't be the most extensive or lengthy one I've ever written. But it might have the most effect.
I've worked in this field for a while, and if there's one scenario I've encountered far too frequently, it's this:


The Rollercoaster Of Real Estate

Do you know what it is? Even worse, have you had it happen to you? Did you experience it?
There are many highs and lows, ups and downs, successes and failures, as well as prosperous and difficult periods.
In actuality, it's very stressful and not very enjoyable.
However, it is not required to be your reality.
You have the power to put a stop to it and create a reliable, expanding business.
Can I demonstrate how?


Priorities Are What Really Matter

In a recent post in our exclusive Facebook group, a coaching client acknowledged committing one of the cardinal sins of real estate: He had a pipeline of $2 million worth of deals but became so preoccupied with them that he neglected to make calls and generate leads. To his credit, the second-year agent admitted he had made a mistake and vowed to try harder in the future.
This plain yet insightful statement from one of our trainers, Tom Pivetti, was among the many comments his article received.
One more time, read those words. Seriously. It's that crucial. These are them.
"The hardest reality for most agents is to accept this truth: Your first duty every day, regardless of what you have listed or pending, is to find the next deal! Simple job description: generate leads, convert leads, schedule appointments. Do it!"

Tom is correct in saying that accepting reality as fact can be challenging.
You could think you've got this thing down when many agreements start moving forward at once. Or perhaps you feel the pressure of those "urgent" obligations on your shoulders, devoting all of your time to them while ignoring your actually "essential" commitments.
At that point, it is all too simple to overlook what initially secured you those agreements.


How To Stay Away From The Roller Coaster

It's actually extremely easy to avoid the rollercoaster.
There is no magic recipe or secret to it.
Planning, self-control, and persistence are all that is needed.


The Guidelines Are As Follows:

Open your calendar and block off those times for your Hours of Power EVERY MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY: 9:00-11:00 a.m. and 4:00-6:00 p.m.
You've just scheduled yourself 10 sessions of two hours each, but there's a catch... On your weekly schedule, you simply need to attend five of the ten classes. This strategy allows you some scheduling freedom while giving the appearance of choice. You still have additional time set aside for your "essential" prospecting tasks if something "urgent" comes up.
The most important thing is to schedule that time and keep it sacred. (Remember that anything doesn't exist unless it's on your calendar.) You won't ever have to experience that excruciating rollercoaster again if you can figure out a means to make yourself accountable for attending those five sessions each week.

Experience The Difference

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