How Real Estate Agents can use Landing pages to Promote Homes For Sale

How Real Estate Agents can use Landing pages to Promote Homes For Sale

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When searching for a new house, many people spend hours online browsing through various real estate listings. Before landing on their dream house, they land on many real estate landing pages listed by the search engine.

As a real estate agent, you can use landing pages to promote homes for sale. Here are a few tips to make your landing page stand out.

1. Keep your landing page simple

Remember that people of all ages and educational levels are looking for a home at some point. A landing page filled with jargon can make content difficult to read and understand. and force them to leave the page without taking any action. Make sure your page is simple and relevant to the target audience.

2. Use stunning images and videos

Buyers make their first impression of a home by viewing images provided by real estate agents or homeowners. Low-quality images do not impress buyers. Your landing page should spark the imagination of buyers and show them the lifestyle they are striving for when buying a home. Use high-quality photos and videos of your home to suit your buyer's needs. In real estate, videos work much better than stills to grab buyers' attention. However, avoid posting fake images and videos that do not match the real property. Click here to learn more about how to create videos to market your real estate business.

3. Keep a single CTA

Clearly articulate your landing page goals. Decide exactly what you want visitors to do on your page. For example, if you want to engage leads through your landing page, include a form to capture the visitors' interests and contact details. If you want your visitors to download the brochure, keep a clear CTA button for it. Don’t include both of them and leave your prospects deciding what to do next.

4. Leverage client testimonials

There is nothing better than a positive review or recommendation. Word of mouth is a great tool, and landing pages are one of the best places to post customer reviews. By adding reviews and testimonials, you can build credibility. You can also include awards and accolades to bolster your reputation. However, make sure the reviews and awards are genuine and credible. Any gimmick can tarnish your reputation and force visitors to take legal action against you.

5. Customize landing pages

Ideally, there should be different landing pages for different property types, based on their locations, features and functionality. If someone is looking for a house on rent and your landing page is talking only to the buyers, the visitor will quit the page and won't convert to a lead. It's important that your landing page asks visitors the right questions and leads them to the right page. Place a responsive form on your page to understand the preferences of your visitors and provide them with a personalized experience.