How Real Estate Agents Can Use a Single Page Website with Social Media

How Real Estate Agents Can Use a Single Page Website with Social Media

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Having a digital presence has taken center stage for businesses in Australia and globally in the post pandemic business environment. Business owners are increasingly realizing how important it is to be reachable for their customers outside of business hours. But the question is how your customers, and you find each other because finding people that fit your customer persona is the biggest challenge faced by businesses. There are tons of innovative ways of finding your customers in the digital space.

A single page website with social media is extremely important for the best lead generation for real estate companies. Many agents like to use single page websites and promote them on their social media handles. If you’re not very social media savvy, then the following digital marketing strategy requires little investment but can really help you generate solid leads

Establish Authority

Create a content strategy for branding yourself as an authority in your industry. You need to put out content that is trending in the real estate sector. For instance, whether it is a change in mortgage prices or tax exemption for people investing in real estate, you need to ensure you have sound knowledge on the subject. Also, you must make sure you understand the impact it can have on the market and the purchase decisions of your audience.

Post and Promote

When posting on social media make sure you’ve got your Facebook pixel enabled to track any traffic that your social media handles generate for your page. You’ll need to track them using the insights and page analytics. Having some knowledge of Google Analytics can be helpful in such instances as you’ll be better able to understand the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Should the need arise you’ll be able to re-strategize objectively.

The objective of your social media efforts will be to send traffic to your website and collect customers’ data and use it for generating leads. The best way to go about this is to use a lead generation software for real estate that collects a customer’s data when they visit the business’ website or interact with your social media handles.

Some of the most popular software used by real estate agents include Boomtown, BoldLeads and FreshSales. Each software collects lead data differently and offers varying functionality while combining different digital marketing techniques. Some of these collect data from social media while others use email marketing as well as social media. Some of this software are also complete CRMs for lead management. Choosing the right one from different real estate lead generation systems may seem a little daunting but you can easily decide based on your budget and functionality requirements as well as your audience persona.


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