How is Evaporative Cooling Better than other Cooling Technologies?

How is Evaporative Cooling Better than other Cooling Technologies?

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As the summer approaches, the most common is looking for an excellent and efficient cooling system. You have two popular choices, buy an air conditioning system, or invest in an evaporative cooler. While the air conditioning system is efficient in cooling down your house, there are certain drawbacks. It dries up the air, and continuous use of the air conditioning system shoots up the electricity bill. Even though these air conditioners are mostly chosen for residential places, evaporative coolers are becoming popular lately.

These cooling systems use evaporative cooling technology where the heat from the air is absorbed by water present inside the air conditioners. As water has high latent heat capacity, a lot of heat can be taken out of the air, which helps in reducing the temperature easily.

However, this isn’t the only benefit of the evaporative ACs that you will enjoy. Instead, installing the evaporative air conditioners help you in several other ways, which we have listed below. This will help you understand how beneficial the evaporative cooler is and why you should choose such an air conditioner instead of the normal ones present in the market.

Why switching to an evaporative cooler is a good idea?

Improves the indoor air quality

One of the major benefits of installing evaporative air conditions is the improvement in air quality. As no synthetic coolant is used to take the heat out of the air, there won’t be any chemical intoxication of the cooled air. In addition, these air conditioners usually come with several filters, starting with the usual dust filters to microbial and chemical filters. This cooler has filters that ensure pure and clean air quality is improved highly with ease. Moreover, the air coming out of the evaporative cooling system won’t be harsher for your respiratory system, especially for kids, pets, and older people.

Is highly eco-friendly

In these ACs, the air is first sucked inside using a fan. Once the air enters the air conditioner’s core system, it passes through several coiled tubes where water is flown as a coolant. The heat from the air gets absorbed by the water so that it can evaporate. This is where the theory of latent heat comes in. For evaporating one gram of water from liquid to gaseous state at its boiling point, 336,000 joules of heat energy will be required. As a result, the air which will be expelled outside will have nothing but water vapours. That’s why evaporative cooling systems are considered to be highly eco-friendly.

Requires less maintenance

The working mechanism of the evaporative cooling system is not too complex. In addition, there are fewer parts involved in the manufacturing of these air conditioners, which is why you won’t have to worry much about the maintenance. Thus it also reduces the extra expense that goes into the maintenance.

No use of synthetic coolant liquid

In air conditioners, the coolant used is a chemical refrigerant that releases toxic elements into the air. As a result, the air quality within your home and the environment will decrease, which is not at all healthy for human beings, plants, and even animals. That’s why many companies are advancing the manufacturing of evaporative ACs, which will help keep the environment safe.

Operates silently without making a single noise

Lastly, the evaporative ACs work silently without making a single noise. So, you won’t have to compromise your sleep due to the loud noise of the fan and the compressor within the normal ACs. The evaporative air conditioners usually operate within a noise level that is inaudible for the human ears.


Evaporative cooling has gained popularity in recent years. Due to the eco-friendliness nature of the appliance or the less power consumption feature, the ACs will be a great addition for residential and commercial places.

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