How Far Along Are You On The Road To Success For 2022?

How Far Along Are You On The Road To Success For 2022?

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Are you at least 10% of the way to your 2022 goal?
Let's together research this. Go on reading.


Where Will You Be In 2022?

I invited everyone at last week's Elite+ Retreat, a gathering reserved only for participants in our Elite+ coaching program, to see themselves on December 31, 2022.
Think about where you would be, who you would be with, and what you would be doing if you weren't with us for a second. if everything goes as planned in 2022.
Your intended "finish line," if you will, is there.
Get back to reality now.
Your objectives from the start of 2022 can lead you there. but only if you execute your strategy.
You do, after all, have a plan.


Get Your Business Plan Ready

I want you to pull out your business plan so we can assess how far along you are with your objectives. Stop everything and start writing your business strategy for 2022 right away if you haven't already. Nothing is more crucial to your success than this. You can access your free business plan PDF by visiting this link and watching my webinar on business planning.)
Your desk should ideally contain scoreboards that are "up and visual," so you are aware of your progress toward things like:

  • Have you used 10% of the required hours of power in the manner specified in your plan?
  • How far along are you with your 2020 "conversations" goal?
  • Have you attended ten percent of the scheduled appointments for 2022?
  • Are your hours of power divided by: Conversations: Making appointments that will help you get the outcomes you need... Do you need to change, or what?
  • Do you currently have 10% of your target number of closed transactions?
  • Regarding GCI... Are you ten percent of the way there?


Why Do You Do That?

Your business plan should include a section on determining your "Why," or the inner drive that propels you to take action and maintain gaining momentum. Do you have a clearly defined "Why" and do you constantly remind yourself of it to keep moving forward?
Since this "progress report" covers more than just the calls you make and your yearly GCI objective.
It has to do with the life you are building for yourself.
Your overall outcomes and the path to final happiness and fulfillment are impacted by every action you take, or don't take.
Have you had 10% of the special life experiences you wanted by 2022?
Have you already made a particular effort for your loved ones in 2022?
Have you scheduled time in your calendar for your vacations?
10% of the training sessions you have scheduled for 2022 have you already been to? Have you planned out your journey time and arranged the remaining ones on your calendar?


So… How Do You Feel?

It's quite simple to dismiss your progress by saying, "Well, I'm just getting started" or "January is always a little slow," if you haven't reached or exceeded 10 percent of your goals yet.
But kindly, Don't let yourself get so smug.
Now is the moment to improve your standards.
The amount you are currently behind on your goals will only increase over the course of the year unless you modify what you're doing.
Why do you lack speed?
What is interfering with your routines?
Why are you failing to achieve the outcomes your plan called for?
Are you aware of the solutions?


Thought Provoking

It could be time to get a partner in your corner if you are already running behind schedule.
The good news is that you still have time to make 2020 your best year yet.
However, you need to change things up. You cannot carry on with your current course of action and anticipate a different outcome.
I invite you to text me at 949-216-5466 if you need help figuring out how to get back on track if you find yourself unsure of what to do.

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