How can Mortgage Brokers use landing pages to increase conversions?

How can Mortgage Brokers use landing pages to increase conversions?

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As a mortgage broker, your need to reach out to home buyers and savvy interest rates shoppers. Your target customers look for the best offers to finance their homes.

So how do you attract them to your offers and convince them to take your services?

You can create ads specifically targeting each customer segment and direct them to separate landing pages with convincing offers.

Unlike mortgage websites that are designed for browsing, mortgage landing pages are dedicated to specific promotional offers.

Here are ways you can use mortgage landing pages to increase conversions.

1. Make the headline and offer clear

Include the offer in your headline and make sure the message on the landing page stays the same. Your customers will trust a lender who is always consistent and therefore convert for the offer.

2. Build credibility

Mortgages involve large amounts of money. Therefore, building trust is extremely important to attract customers in this industry. You can include a security seal, privacy policy link, terms of use, phone number, or live chat tab on your landing page to build trust. You can also list the awards, recognitions, and customer satisfaction ratings you've earned to build the credibility of your services.

3. Promote Your Pages at the Right Time

To ensure the best ROI on your ad campaigns, you must promote your landing pages at the right time. For example, people are interested in buying a new home or refinancing existing mortgages when federal interest rates are low. You can create landing pages that match loan interest rates in different regions and target specific customer segments in that region.

4. Keep the CTA short and clear

Prospects are more likely to leave a page if they have to fill lengthy forms. Keep a clear call to action and brief lead forms that ask only important and relevant information about the prospects. Also, remember not to include more than one CTA on the page and add ambiguity to your message.

5. Optimize the landing page for mobile devices

80% of searches are performed on the Internet and more than 60% - from mobile devices. Landing pages that don't open on mobile are pretty much useless. Mortgage buyers do quick research and compare rates on their cell phones before contacting any broker. So don't forget to create a mobile-friendly landing page.

6. Include Videos

Videos are great for attracting audiences. Especially in the mortgage business, an explainer video on the lending process, terms and conditions can add credibility to your message and increase conversions. Click here to learn how to use videos to market your business.

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