Homekeepr: 5 Things You Should Know (Is It Worth It?)

Homekeepr: 5 Things You Should Know (Is It Worth It?)

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Homekeepr is a real estate software for both homeowners and professionals. The smartphone app allows agents to stay in touch with their clients after the transaction is completed, as well as homeowners to keep track of needed home maintenance.


Features Of Homekeepr


Keep Tabs On Your Home Repairs

Homekeepr is a housekeeping app. It's intended to assist homeowners in keeping track of critical house repairs and making contact with contractors and handymen who may help them.

When a homeowner first installs Homekeepr, they are asked to complete a brief questionnaire about their new house.

Homekeepr will design a year-long program of house maintenance repairs based on their responses. When a due date for a repair approaches, the homeowner will receive notifications on their phone or via email throughout the year.

Homekeeper will then give the homeowner information on how to do the repair themselves or where to find local businesses to help with more difficult chores.


Local Contractors Should Be Hired

Apart from the repair timetable, Homekeepr also provides the homeowner with a list of contractors, local businesses, and other home service professionals in their area who can work on the repair.

Electricians, exterminators, gutter cleaners, HVAC specialists, landscapers, irrigation specialists, mortgage professionals, home inspectors, and even hairstylists are among the Homekeepr contractors.

Actual real estate agents source and recommend these contractors. Because the suggestion comes from their Realtor, who they've already dealt with, homeowners can rest certain that they're getting a reliable recommendation.

Homekeepr is only available on the Apple App Store for now. It's free to download, and a homeowner can do it on their own or via a link provided by their real estate agent.


As A Real Estate Agent, How To Use Homekeepr

Real estate agents can utilize the Homekeepr app as a supplement to their marketing approach. You can utilize the mobile app to help you maintain contact with your client after they've purchased their new home.

In addition, the Homekeepr app can help you increase referrals, give business to local home service pros, and keep you top of mind with your clients.

Referrals from a reputable source are frequently more reliable than recommendations from random persons in the eyes of a homeowner. This can lead to increased business for you and those in your circle of influence.

Homekeepr is also a terrific method to show off your neighborhood expertise and authority. When homeowners realize that you work with a diverse group of local businesses and contractors, they will regard you as a local expert.

Personal branding is also possible on blog articles and pro search widgets with Homekeepr. This means that all of Homekeepr's blog entries will feature your profile photo, contact information, website, and social network links.

Your audience will be able to connect to your Homekeepr profile when you share these posts on social media.

To get started with Homekeepr, you'll need to upload your list of home service professionals to the platform, either online if you have them in a spreadsheet or directly to the app if they're in your phone contacts.


Pricing For Housekeepers

The cost of using Homekeeper is determined by the number of clients you wish to contact with through the app.

You get a one-month free trial when you sign up to become a Homekeepr partner. After that, you can pick a pricing plan that fits your budget the best:

  • For 100 clients, it costs $19.99 per month.
  • For 200 clients, the monthly fee is $29.99.
  • For 500 clients, the monthly fee is $39.99.
  • For 1,000 clients, the monthly fee is $49.99.


You can choose to pay annually rather than month-to-month to save money. You'll save roughly $100 a year if you pay yearly

  • For 100 clients, the annual fee is $199.
  • For 200 clients, the annual fee is $299.
  • For 500 clients, the annual fee is $399.
  • For 1,000 clients, the annual fee is $499.


Is Homekeeper A Good Investment?

Is it worthwhile to work as a real estate agent with Homekeepr? On Homekeepr, there are currently 185,000 Realtors with profiles. The mobile app is definitely worthwhile to use, but not in every circumstance.

Homekeepr, for example, is perfect for first-time homebuyers or buyers migrating to a new location they are unfamiliar with. On the other hand, it's probably not the ideal option for a seasoned buyer with local expertise.

The Homekeepr app is a terrific tool to strengthen the agent-client relationship, but it only works if the client keeps it on their phone and does not disable notifications. As a result, there is always the possibility that the client will lose interest in the app and cease to use it.

Furthermore, keep in mind that a client's unpleasant experience with a contractor or vendor you recommended could reflect poorly on you.


Homekeeper's Final Thoughts

Overall, the Homekeepr app is a terrific complement to your long-term marketing plan for keeping in touch with clients after the sale is completed.

That said, it shouldn't be your entire marketing approach for staying top-of-mind with your customers. If the client stops using or deletes the app, have another mechanism to keep the relationship going.

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