Use the 2D/3D floor planner to create and furnish your rooms 


Our Planning Services for Real Estate Agents & Builders

Real Estate Agents, Builders & Developers

Setup of interactive floorplans based on your current 2D images/floorplans.
Floor plans are in both 2D & 3D.
Floor plans come with walkthrough functionality. 
All plans allow you to add and move furniture items  
Allow you save and share plans with others.
Plans are embedded on your website. 

All the 3D interactive floor plans can be viewed on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices

Digital Home Staging for Real Estate

We furnish your floorplans to professionally present your properties based on your preferences Augmented Reality (AR) visualization of products directly on site.

How it works 

Based on a detailed floorplan or a hand-drawn image of your room layout (incl. measurements), we will set up your floor plan for you. You will receive a direct link to your 2D/3D project, which you can save. Your plans are fully synchronized and can be viewed on your computer and mobile devices.

How it works 

Based on your preferences, we will furnish your floor plans for you. Send us your plan link if you have already an existing floorplan we can start with.

Why Use an Online Design Tool

Designing your home requires a lot of energy and money. How many times have you regretted your selected wall paint and had to redo it again?

Or how often do you have to move your new furniture back and forth until you find the right spot?

The free online design tool can help home owners, builders, architects and real estate renovators to save their time, money and energy when designing their new home, office, coffee shop, restaurants or any other space.

With the free online design application you can :

Set the exact floor plan.
Choose the furniture from integrated, constantly updated catalogs, e.g. IKEA.
Virtually move the furniture without pulling a muscle.
Visualize different colors, materials and decor details.
See your design in 2D and 3D.
Export high-resolution pictures of your design and share them on social media.
Get inspirational ideas for your new interior from professional designers and other community members.


Do I need special skills to design?
No, using the online planner doesn’t require any special skills. Whether you are someone who is designing an interior for the first time or experienced professional, it is a tool which ensures intuitive and effortless creative process.

Do I need special equipment?
The online planner can be used on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. To use the Virtual Reality functionality all you need is your smartphone and Google cardboard or any other virtual reality glasses.

Can I use my laptop or tablet to design?
Yes, you can design your interior on your laptop or any tablet and later check the design through your cardboard using your phone.

Does Online Planner show an exact view of my apartment?
The online planner gives you an opportunity to set a floor layout exactly as it is in your home and then build it around with furniture, so in the end, you get an exact view of your interior.

How much does it cost?
You can use basic features of the app and Virtual reality mode for free! If you want to expand particular functions, such as HD rendering and full catalog access, find prices on the app.

Are You Selling Your Home?

Let Us Create a 3D Floor Plan For Your 

Increasing purchaser engagement with your property is one of many things you can do to get the best price on auction day. We can create you a 2D/3D interactive floor plan. We also provide a link ad a file that will allow you to provide to your agent and have them include in their marketing. You can also embed the link into your Facebook or LinkedIn account.

Costs start from $99.00 for a single level 3 bedroom house. Contact us for more information.