Here Are 49 Effective Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas In 2022

Here Are 49 Effective Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas In 2022

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Looking for alternatives to cold calling and door knocking to generate real estate leads? Every real estate agent relies on great leads to keep their firm afloat, and it takes ongoing effort. In this article, I'll provide 49 effective lead creation strategies that you may utilize to generate quality leads for your real estate company.




49.Use Predictive Analytics

Find a potential client with a predictive analytics tool before they contact you. These systems, for example, can analyze data from the internet and the Multiple Listing Service to estimate which property owners will sell their properties this year. Then, rather than targeting the entire community, you may focus on particular individuals. Quantarium, House Canary, and REX Real Estate Exchange are all worth checking out.

  1. Create Virtual Home Tour Videos

Virtual home tours are more convenient for your audience and can save you a lot of money and time. They also save you from having to deal with buyers who are merely looking around. Only serious buyers will contact you to arrange a viewing of the property. You can easily construct a virtual tour or home staging with technologies like EyeSpy360.

  1. Begin A Blog

A real estate blog, like a YouTube channel, is a terrific method to drive traffic to your website. Original content that is SEO optimized and targeted to rank for a specific keyword will help you rank higher on Google, attract leads to your website, and establish yourself as an industry thought leader.

  1. Produce A Podcast

Podcasts are another type of content marketing that attracts leads and establishes your reputation in the field. You may easily convert your YouTube videos into podcast format with tools like Auphonic and then publish them on Libsyn to save time.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing has long been a tried-and-true method of generating leads for organizations, and it's not going away anytime soon. Use email to promote new blog posts or videos, establish a newsletter for your sphere of influence, advertise listings, or notify people about future events as part of your content marketing strategy.

  1. Streaming Video

Live videos on social media are becoming more and more popular as a lead generation tool. Open houses are the perfect place to employ them. People who are unable to attend the open house in person can still participate online. Furthermore, you may simultaneously stream to Facebook and YouTube and then leave those films up on both platforms to continue to earn views.

  1. Backlinking Techniques For SEO

SEO has long been a tried and true method for increasing brand exposure, traffic, and lead conversion. Backlinking, in particular, can aid in attracting more leads to your real estate business.

Backlinking is the process of getting other websites to link back to your own. Make an effort to obtain links from sites that are relevant to your industry and have a high reputation. This will improve your Google ranking over time.

  1. Make Use Of Craigslist

Although Craigslist may appear to be a risky source of leads, it can actually be a terrific place to publish listings. Although properly vetting Craigslist leads takes more time, if you know what to search for, you can have a high chance of landing your next qualified lead on the site.

  1. Use Connections Plus Or Zillow Premier Agent

Participate in a sponsored lead program like as Zillow's Premier Agent or's Connections Plus. You pay a monthly fee for a proportion of leads in your market and premium ad spots with these services. While this technique may need a larger initial expenditure, it may be worthwhile if you already have a good reputation on one or both of these platforms. This page discusses the differences between Zillow and leads.

  1. Use Automated Text Messaging

As a real estate agent, you must have a quick response time. But how can you engage leads when you're too busy to pick up the phone or respond to emails? Text messaging services that are automated might assist keep your leads engaged until you have time to call them.

These leads will appreciate a quick answer rather than having to wait for you to respond. Furthermore, text messages have a far higher open rate than emails. The majority of CRM systems have automated text functionality.

  1. Collaborate With Local Companies

Establish connections with local businesses, contractors, and handymen. When you work with these folks, they can refer you to others, and you can reciprocate. For example, if a buyer client is seeking for a reputable plumber, you can refer them to one with whom you've collaborated.

  1. Organize A Q&A Session For First-Time Home Buyers In Your Neighborhood

Because this group is actively seeking help, events for first-time homebuyers are usually popular. You can answer typical questions that first-time homebuyers have and help them through the process of buying their first home step by step. Additionally, attempt to answer some questions that aren't commonly asked. This will help you stand out from your competitors' similar events.

  1. Get Involved In Your Neighborhood Over The Holidays

Regularly connecting with your community, getting to know individuals, and developing relationships with them will help you obtain fantastic leads. Participating around the holidays is a terrific opportunity to do this in your neighborhood. During the Fourth of July, for example, you can place flags in people's yards. You can leave tiny pumpkins on their doorsteps for Halloween.

  1. Make Contacts With Homebuilders And Sales Representatives

Become a member of a homebuilder's association to network and create ties with others in your profession. Partnering with homebuilders can be a mutually advantageous relationship in which you share leads, advice, and industry info. If you don't have any new listings of your own, you can conduct open houses in new home neighborhoods.

35. Attend meetings Of The Real Estate Investors Association (REIA)

Many real estate agents disregard real estate investors as a source of leads and do not make an attempt to target them. By joining with your local Real Estate Investor Association and attending their meetings, you can uncover a wonderful supply of real estate leads, whether for residential or commercial real estate.

  1. Become A Member Of Your Local Chamber Of Commerce

You may get your name and business mentioned in newsletters and websites, gain more referrals, and develop mutually beneficial relationships with other local business owners by becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce.

You can join both your town's and county's chambers of commerce if your company provides services to that area. If you are a newbie Realtor, this will also lend credibility to your business.

  1. Participate In A Pet Adoption Event As A Sponsor

Participating in events in your local community is a unique method to get leads. You could, for example, sponsor a pet adoption event. Set up a real estate booth with a pet theme and offer advise and answers to people's inquiries. Your neighbors will thank you for sponsoring the event, and you'll almost certainly find some prospects who are interested in working with you.

  1. Target Leads How To Get A Divorce

Divorce leads are a unique lead generation strategy. These prospects are most likely seeking for a new home to buy or sell shortly. RCS-D, or Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce, is a professional designation that will help you improve your reputation among these leads. To uncover these leads, consider forming a partnership with local divorce lawyers.

  1. Distressed Homeowners As A Target

Owners of foreclosed properties are another demographic you can approach for new leads. A lender will order a broker price opinion (BPO) on a property if a homeowner defaults on a mortgage and the property needs to be foreclosed. If these homeowners find themselves in need of a rapid sale, you can be there to assist them and offer guidance.

  1. Attend Local Community Events To Network

Developing relationships in your neighborhood is one of the most effective strategies to generate leads in real estate. Participate in local events, such as workshops or places where your target client might congregate. Take a yoga or cooking class, for example, and meet people there. You'll almost certainly come into someone who requires a real estate-related service.

Make sure, though, that you don't come across as pushy. Instead, let the discussion flow naturally, and when it comes to discussing what you do for a job, you can address all the ways you can add value as a Realtor.

  1. Make A Pitch To The Local News Media About Your Listings

Getting your ad published in a newspaper, whether local or national, can rapidly generate a lot of interest. You'll benefit from the paper's wider audience, and it can also help establish your company's trustworthiness. Additionally, paying for adverts in local newspapers is an excellent way to obtain exposure.

  1. Pursue Expired Listings From The Past

Many real estate brokers concentrate on recently expired properties, but it might be beneficial to pursue older listings that have been on the market for a while. You can follow up with the lead to discover if they've been contacted and, if not, what their current plans are. Then offer them your assistance in achieving their objectives.

On the front lawn of a house, a for sale by owner sign. FSBOs are one of the best ways to generate real estate leads.

  1. Look For For Sale By Owners (FSBOs)

If you use the appropriate strategy and follow up consistently, focusing on the FSBO niche can provide you with a continuous stream of leads. Don't speak to FSBOs as if you know more than they do. Instead, pay attention to what they're saying, answer any worries they may have, and then explain how you can help them.

  1. Volunteer In The Community

Volunteering at a charity or non-profit is a more productive method to get involved in your community than attending events and workshops. Apart from assisting others and creating a positive impact in your community, this will also enhance your business because people will realize that you care about others.

25. Start A Contest On Social Media 

Offer your audience the chance to win a contest to keep them interested and generate more leads. This might be a photo contest, a video contest, or a hashtag contest, with the reward being anything from a gift card to a free house repair or decor.

  1. Utilize Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

You can easily run Google Ads if you already have a website or landing page set up. Keywords such as "house for sale in your city, zip code, or area" can help you attract high-quality, eager, willing, and potentially able purchasers.

  1. Respond To Quora Questions

Quora is a question and answer site where you might find a qualified lead. In addition, responding to people's concerns with helpful advice and resources will help you build brand awareness and establish yourself as an industry authority.

22. Paid Advertising On Facebook 

If you're seeking for excellent internet leads, paid Facebook advertising are a wonderful way to go. Facebook advertising allows you to target a specific audience in a certain location and narrow down your advertising. You can also use a pixel planted on your real estate website to produce retargeting advertisements on Facebook if you have one.

  1. Create Your Own YouTube Channel

YouTube should be a big part of any real estate video marketing plan because it's the second most popular search engine after Google. Having a presence on the platform can help your real estate firm gain organic traffic and raise brand awareness. Create movies that answer frequently asked questions, offer advise, and provide overviews of different communities in your area. For more information on how to get started with YouTube for real estate brokers, see my whole post.

  1. Become A Member Of Real Estate-Related Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups allows you to demonstrate your real estate expertise and position yourself as an industry authority. You can respond to people's inquiries, create surveys, and provide resources and useful information.

Increasing brand awareness and showing people that you want to service them by simply commenting and connecting with potential leads on Facebook and other social media platforms is a terrific method to do it.

  1. Use Facebook Messenger To Promote Your Business

When it comes to real estate lead generation, Facebook Messenger isn't usually the first place that comes to mind. This social media network, on the other hand, is a fantastic source of responsive leads. Facebook Messenger has a substantially greater open rate than email, and response times are usually much faster. Creating a Messenger ad is similar to creating a conventional Facebook ad.

  1. Decide On A Name For Your Sphere Of Influence

Often, the best leads are the ones you already know. Whether it's renovating, buying, or selling, people are always involved in real estate-related activities. Make an effort to communicate with your circle of influence on a frequent basis, not only to stay on their radar, but also in case they require your services or advise. Make at least one phone call per day to someone in your sphere of influence.

  1. Cold Calling The Old Fashioned Way

There's a reason why cold calling has been such a great lead generation tactic in the past. While calling strangers can be unpleasant, and you're certain to get rejected, you'll also get a lot of good leads. Furthermore, cold calling in real estate is an excellent approach to hone your sales abilities and establish a focused message. You're still not a fan of cold calling? Fortunately, success can be achieved without cold calling.

  1. Traditional Door Knocking

While door-knocking isn't the most original real estate lead generation strategy, it is a tried and effective means of generating leads. Not only that, but you'll become well-known in your neighborhood and among community members.

It's also a wonderful opportunity to practice your sales abilities and elevator pitch, similar to cold calling. Even if you are rejected, you will still learn something worthwhile.

  1. Host Events For Members Of Your Top Sphere Of Influence

To stay top of mind and obtain referrals, host your own events for the top members of your sphere of influence. Make it a habit to do this at least once a quarter. These can range from holiday-themed activities to simple neighborhood gatherings like movie evenings or potlucks.

  1. During The Holidays, Hand Out Business Cards

Handing out business cards is another conventional approach of generating leads. In this situation, you can do it during the holidays and use it as an excuse to give away free gifts. In the winter, for example, you may hand out business cards connected to candy canes. During the summer, you can give away complimentary water bottles.

13. Work During The Holidays

Working during the holidays is maybe one of the more unusual ways to generate real estate leads. People are always trying to purchase, sell, or rent, and just because it's the holidays doesn't mean they won't require a real estate agent's assistance. So, while your colleagues are on vacation, you can take advantage of the opportunity to generate fresh leads. However, just because you're working over the holidays doesn't mean you can't have a good time. This is an excellent time to host holiday-themed activities, such as holiday-themed open houses.

  1. Dispose Of Any Physical Handouts

To raise brand recognition for your real estate company, use door hangers, pamphlets, and inserts. Place them on the doors of homes in the neighborhoods you service to stay top-of-mind and find new clients. Make sure your logo, branding, color scheme, and contact information are all included in these marketing pieces.

  1. Write Content On Local Historic Listings

If you live in a region with historic homes or communities, create informative blog pieces or movies about them to attract leads. To acquire organic traffic, post this article to your real estate website and share it on social media. You can offer tourists unique expertise and insight into these places as a local.

10. Create A Buyer Persona For Your Ideal Customer

Create a buyer persona if you're having problems identifying your target demographic. Buyer personas are a useful tool for identifying your ideal client, their interests, and how they spend their time.

You may use this image to target your ideal client in both online and offline areas after you have a clear picture of them. If your ideal client is a first-time homeowner, for example, you might consider paid advertising or content marketing on platforms with younger demographics, such as Instagram or TikTok for real estate agents.

  1. Thank Referral Sources With Thank You Notes

In the real estate sector, referrals are extremely valuable. Always appreciate your referral source for their support of your company whenever you receive one. A handwritten message with a little gift or gift card are a thoughtful way to express your gratitude.

  1. Communicate With Your Sphere Of Influence On A Regular Basis

Form relationships with the people in your sphere of influence and keep in touch with them on a regular basis. You should rejoice and congratulate them on significant life events, just like you would any other buddy. Birthdays, weddings, engagements, and pregnancy are all good reasons to reach out.

  1. Always ick Up The Phone Immediately

When you're a real estate agent, you need to follow up quickly. But what if you're in the middle of something and don't have time to talk? Instead of ignoring the call, simply pick up the phone and immediately set a time to call them back when you have some free time. Instead of going straight to voicemail, the lead will appreciate you taking the time to answer the phone.

  1. Seek Referrals From Your Clients

Simply asking your clients for referrals is one approach to ensure you get them. Some customers appreciate your services but are hesitant to recommend you. Let them know how important this is to your company and how grateful you would be if they took the time to refer you to their friends and family.

  1. Concentrate On Obtaining Positive Feedback

Good reviews are the most effective strategy to improve your company's reputation and generate more leads. Make sure to request reviews on all major platforms, including your Google business page, Facebook business page, Zillow profile, and Yelp profile.

  1. Organize Open Houses

Open houses are sometimes disregarded as a source of lead generation, but they're an excellent way to get people in front of you and convert them more quickly. If you want to generate the most leads from your open houses, put up signs all around the neighborhood, making sure to put one on every cross street.

  1. When You Go Out, Wear Branded Clothing

Wear branded apparel to represent your brand or brokerage whenever you go out. This way, no matter where you go, people will notice what you're doing, and you can find your next possible lead in an unexpected place.

  1. Send Holiday Cards And Gifts To The CRM Database

Sending cards and gifts for holidays, birthdays, and their house anniversary purchase date is a terrific approach to keep top of mind with your sphere of influence and enhance your chances of a new client and recommendations. Send Out Cards can be used to send cards with gifts attached.

  1. Provide No-Cost Real Estate Advice

Demonstrate your expertise by giving individuals free guidance, whether online or in person. If you're working or meeting with clients at a cafe, for example, you can put up a tiny sign for free advertising your services or real estate advice.


Final Thoughts On Lead Generation For Real Estate

Concentrate on the real estate lead generating ideas that are most effective for you and your business plan. Ensure that you stick to the tactics that you truly appreciate. You'll be able to maintain your efforts without becoming overwhelmed or burned out this way.

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