Here Are 25 Unique Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips For 2022

Here Are 25 Unique Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips For 2022

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Every real estate agent's lead generation plan now includes using social media. It can be tough for agents to stay up with and adapt to changing technology as new social media platforms emerge all the time, especially if they don't have much prior experience.


25 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate


  1. Complete Your Profile To The Best Of Your Ability

Making ensuring your profile is entirely filled out is an important step in real estate social networking. Your profile photo, banner photo, bio, office address, contact information, and relevant connections to your real estate agent's website and other social media platforms are all included.


  1. Design A Logo For Your Business

Create an authentic brand logo before launching your social media account on any site. A logo is an important aspect of your personal brand and helps potential consumers trust you as a company. If you need assistance establishing a high-quality logo, consider hiring a professional graphic designer.


  1. Use Video To Your Advantage

Video is a vital component of nearly every social media site, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Take movies of open houses, property tours of your properties, or educational videos that answer your followers' questions or provide pertinent advice, for example. Video is also a terrific addition to your Facebook and Instagram stories.


  1. Produce Content For Your Local Audience

Every piece of material you share on social media should be targeted at your local audience. Maintaining a local emphasis can help you position yourself as a local authority and expert. Videos or blog posts that give an overview of your neighboring city, videos or posts that focus on a single neighborhood or zip code, and sharing information about forthcoming local events are all examples of local-focused social media posts.


  1. Participate In Groups

You can join real estate industry-related groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, to start delivering value to people and enhance your brand exposure. Make sure you're part of groups where your target audience hangs out. Then, by answering questions, starting debates, and providing advice, become an active member of that community.


  1. Make Use Of The Correct Hashtags

You're not correctly utilizing hashtags if you just throw them on your Instagram pictures at random. What hashtags you use in your postings should be carefully considered. On your posts, use a mix of branded and generic hashtags. Creating a branded hashtag will help you stand out from the crowd and encourage your fans to engage with your content. Use a hashtag tool to assist you figure out which hashtags to use in your postings. To learn more about using Instagram for real estate, check out my previous post.


  1. Plan Ahead Of Time

Many apps exist, such as Instagram Creator Studio or Tailwind, that allow you to schedule all of your posts ahead of time. This enables you to post on a regular basis with little effort.


  1. Post At The Most Appropriate Time Each Day

You'll get more or less engagement on your material depending on what time of day you post. Find out when the optimum times are to publish on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms by doing some research. After then, make sure you keep to your schedule. To understand more, see my other piece on real estate Facebook marketing.


  1. Post Frequently

When it comes to real estate social media success, consistency is crucial. Make a timetable that works for you and keep to it on a regular basis. At the very least, you should try to publish on more popular networks like Instagram and Facebook a few times every week. For other high-engagement content ideas, see my post on real estate Facebook postings.


  1. Engage With Your Followers On A Regular Basis

Make a point of liking, commenting on, and sharing your followers' posts. It's all about building relationships on social media, and one of the most important aspects of that is demonstrating that you're active and involved in their life by responding to their postings.


  1. Don't Forget To Include Testimonials

Collecting reviews and testimonials is one of the most significant aspects of real estate social media. Client reviews have their own section on your Facebook company profile. In addition, as part of your weekly content calendar, you can offer reviews and testimonials.


  1. Share Memes and Quotes

Real estate quotes and real estate memes are two more wonderful sources of material. Keep your audience engaged by interspersing this type of information with your blog posts or videos. Quotes and memes are also easily shared, making them more likely to generate higher engagement rates.


  1. Make Basic Graphics

On sites like Pixabay and Unsplash, you may get suitable stock photographs for free. Then, using simple graphics programs such as Canva, add text and other elements. This tool may be used to make infographics, Pinterest pins, Instagram posts, and other things.


  1. Understand Who Your Current Audience Is

Make sure your content and postings are tailored to your current audience's needs. If you frequently post listings to your real estate social network, but your followers aren't looking for a new home, for example, you're ignoring their demands. Include a variety of information to keep all of your fans interested.


  1. Share A Mix Of Professional And Personal Content

Use social media to share a mix of professional and personal content. Your leads will never come to know you as a person if you exclusively share real estate-related articles. As a Realtor, it's critical that you get personal with your clients and produce information that allows them to get to know you as a person rather than the salesperson they imagine you are.


  1. Pose A Question To Your Followers

While releasing a variety of material on a regular basis is beneficial, engaging with your leads directly through a specific call to action is much better. Ask your lead questions whenever you can to get them to remark on your content. Then, when you start responding, you'll establish a conversation that others will want to join.


  1. Hold Competitions

Holding competitions or giveaways on social media is another excellent call to action. When your followers take part in these types of activities, they will get more engaged with your brand and become more aware of it.

Awarding multiple sorts of interaction, such as likes, shares, comments, and follows, or hosting a property photo contest where you encourage your audience to post photos and then reward the most popular with a prize, are examples of contests.


  1. Make Use Of Paid Advertisements

Paid social media ads are a tried and true strategy of utilising social media for real estate. As part of your social media marketing and lead generation efforts, you should surely include real estate Facebook advertisements and Instagram ads for real estate agents. Because you can set up Facebook retargeting advertisements, Facebook is an excellent option for paid advertising. Furthermore, it is feasible to obtain Facebook real estate leads for very little money.


  1. Use Pinterest To Promote Your Listings

Pinterest can be a terrific location to share your listings in addition to sharing and promoting your own content. Joining a real estate-themed collective board is the most effective way to do this. These communal boards have a higher number of followers and are more active. Then simply share images of your listing with the source URL included in the pin.


  1. Make Use Of Analytics

Another important part of real estate social media marketing is to keep an eye on your analytics. This is crucial information for determining whether your strategy is working. To identify which pieces perform better than others, you may track impressions, engagement, click-through rates, demographics, and more. Experiment with many tactics until you find the one that works best for you. Because different variables change over time, you'll need to keep an eye on analytics on a regular basis.


  1. Tell Your Success Stories

Client success stories are another wonderful piece of material to share on social media. Share client testimonials on how you assisted them in finding their dream house. These serve as social proof for how good of an agent you are, and they make your audience more relatable.


  1. Collaborate With Local Companies

Developing relationships with local businesses or individuals of the community can be mutually advantageous in terms of boosting each other's social media profile. You can collaborate on content creation or giveaways, as well as share each other's content. You'll increase your engagement while also expanding your sphere of influence.


  1. Include keywords In The Title

Many social media sites rank material depending on the amount of engagement it receives as well as the keywords it uses. Content containing popular keywords will rank higher, resulting in increased engagement and click-through rates. To break out of this loop, you'll need to generate material with interesting titles that will draw visitors in and encourage them to click.


  1. Stay Current With New Platforms

Real estate agents must adapt to the latest technology in order to have a truly successful real estate social media plan. In fact, staying on top of current trends is critical to your business and will put you ahead of the pack. Check out my articles on how to utilize Clubhouse for real estate agents and TikTok for real estate agents to understand how to use these two new social media networks to grow your business.


  1. Be Yourself

Above all, when you are genuine, your fans will respect it. Don't be afraid to get personal with your followers and show them your everyday life as well as raw, behind-the-scenes glimpses into your real estate firm. This will make you more relatable to your audience and make it easier for them to develop a better bond with you.


Final Thoughts On Social Media In Real Estate

The importance of real estate social media marketing in the development of a successful real estate business cannot be overstated. As social media grows in popularity, it will become even more important for you to maintain an active presence across all channels.

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