For Realtors, How To Get Started On Facebook (Step-By-Step)

For Realtors, How To Get Started On Facebook (Step-By-Step)

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In this post, I'll teach you WHY and HOW to create a Facebook business page for real estate agents, which is one of the most valuable assets (in my opinion) for any real estate business today.

The modern world is based on the concepts of community and social proof. Facebook is currently the King of the community, with over 2 billion daily active users.

Facebook is not just a terrific way to connect with people, but it also includes some really cool tools. Facebook provides these tools to business owners to assist them learn more about their own company as well as their colleagues' and competitors'.

These tools and insights, when applied correctly, can make all the difference. Do you want to create a business that is scalable and predictable and will be around tomorrow? Do you want to be continually chasing business, unsure of how you'll discover the next closing?


My Real Estate Business Page On Facebook

But, just to show you how effective this method is, I've included a link to my Facebook company page. This is what we've been doing for the past year with regular posting. We started with 1601 Page likes in April of 2017 and have now grown to over 3417. That has resulted in a significant increase in activity (private messages, comments, post likes, and so on, all of which translate to more LEADS)! Every day, we get roughly 5-10 new page likes since we started updating consistently.



Why Make A Facebook Page For Your Real Estate Business?


A Long-Term Business

Most real estate brokers have varying degrees of success, but they struggle with stability and growth. It's simple to obtain a real estate license, but it's more difficult to find out how to continuously and constantly attract clients. Particularly after you've informed all of your friends and relatives.

And since you've come to my blog, I'm guessing you want to build a long-term business. Rather than "grinding it out" year after year, one that evolves and becomes easier over time.

Today, I'm going to show you four reasons why real estate brokers need a Facebook company page. Then I'll show you how to make your own Facebook business page in five easy steps.


Insights From Facebook

Insights into Facebook Business Pages, with graphs displaying various parameters

With Facebook Insights, you can track how your Facebook business page performs month after month in categories like "Reach" (how many people view your posts) and "Engagements" (how many people interact with your posts). Likes, comments, links clicked, videos watched, and so on).


Advertisements On Facebook

The opportunity to run adverts is one of the best benefits of a Facebook business page for real estate agencies. You can start reaching out to your targeted Sphere of Influence list for as little as $1 per day (my first ad recommendation for new and seasoned agents looking to start running real estate Facebook ads). Stay tuned for more information on this topic.


Observations (Social Proof)

Our tasks became a lot easier once we started focusing on increasing our 5-star reviews. The majority of people will look you up online, and having a lot of favorable reviews establishes confidence without you having to pitch anything to the client.


Investigate Your Competitors

Another fantastic advantage of a Facebook real estate business page is the ability to spy on your competitors and generate new content ideas. Look at what your competitors are doing well and replicate it for your company.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen after clicking "Insights" until you find "Pages to Watch." Select "Add Pages" and enter the name of the page you want to keep an eye on.

Choose a handful to add so you can see how many total likes they have, how many posts they've made this week, how engaged they are, and what percentage growth (or reduction) they had in the previous week.

When you click their name, Facebook will provide a box with the top posts for the week and the amount of engagement they received. This will show you which types of postings are the most effective and allow you to post similar content in the future.


Separate Your Professional And Personal Lives

Each page should have a consistent theme. Personal information should be kept on your personal profile, and commercial information should be kept on your business page. It's fine to share postings between the two every now and then (1 out of 10), but don't go overboard!


How To Make A Real Estate Business Page On Facebook

Let's get started on getting your Facebook business page up and operating. You'll be ready to start publishing today if you follow these five simple steps.


Step 1: Choose A Classification

If you're a real estate agent, I recommend making a Facebook business profile for yourself (Ex. Kyle Handy). Even if/when you grow a team/brokerage/etc....), personal branding will always be crucial.

Consider your Facebook activity: do you usually follow more people or more businesses? The majority of individuals are drawn to PEOPLE'S pages. According to research, individuals prefer a Facebook page with a person's name to one with a corporate name by a 4-to-1 ratio. Because real estate is a service industry, this is especially true for us.

I propose branding yourself first while creating your first brand. To do so, select "Public Figure." Choose "Local Business" if you want to brand a company/brokerage/team/etc.

You can develop a second page for your team or firm once you've mastered a Facebook business page for real estate agents.


Step 2: Fill Out The required Information

To complete the key components of your Facebook business page, Facebook will automatically lead you through the following four basic areas.


Complete The "About" Section

The "About" section will act as your major 2-3 sentence summary of yourself or your company. Make it descriptive while being concise. Add something that sets you apart from the competitors. Include a link to your website so that they can learn more about you or your company.

Upload A Profile Photo

This will be the main visual emblem for a real estate agent's Facebook company profile. It will show up in search results as well as when you leave a remark. I utilize a headshot for personal branding. 180 x 180 pixels is the suggested size.

To "Add Shortcuts" 

On the left side of every Facebook user's News Feed is a vertical navigation bar. For quick access, click "edit" and add your new Facebook business page here. It's the same as bookmarking a website.

Increase Your Audience

Facebook will ask you if you want to start creating advertising to reach more people. I would postpone all advertisements for now and focus on inviting people you already know. Ads would be ineffective if you didn't have any interesting content on your page at this stage.


Step 3: Learn How To Use The Admin Panel


Section On The Left Hand Column About

Put your city and state in the address field. Unless you have a regular office address where you meet clients, no full address is required.


Make a username that includes your name and/or brand.

Website Address

Add the URL to your real estate-related website.

Make Your Own "Story"

Allows you to include a photo and background information about yourself. Include your accomplishments, philosophy, and why you entered the industry.


Top Right: "Settings"



Examine each option to ensure that it corresponds to your preferences. CHECK THAT YOUR PAGE IS ACTIVE.

Attribution After

Set your name to Post if you'll be handling your own social media. People enjoy conducting business with one another. Keep "Post as Your Page" if you have someone administering your social media.


I first turned on all notifications. As my Facebook company page evolved, I began to receive only important alerts, such as comments, reviews, and mentions.

Page Functions

Add anyone who will help you post and administer your new page as an administrator or editor here.


Step 4: Content Creation And Curation

This is the final step before making your new Facebook business page public. Here's some basic stuff to get your page up and running!


Cover Image

This is the large horizontal image that spans your Facebook Page's top. This image has a resolution of 851 x 315 pixels. is where I make my Facebook cover photos. They already have the necessary dimensions and templates for free.

Posts I'll rate your posts according on their value to your page and how Facebook displays them to your audience.

Event Plain Text Status Location Check-In Photo With Caption Link With Caption

A welcome video is the best first post you can make. Thank your visitors for coming to your page and urge them to like it. Most importantly, let them know what kind of content they can expect and why they should enjoy it.

There will be further instruction on maintaining material, but keep in mind that this is not a "set it and forget it" technique. You must post useful (educational and entertaining) content on a regular basis. Weekly is the minimum, but daily (or close to everyday) is preferable.


Step 5: Develop An Audience

We may begin proactively inviting users to your page now that we have content and your information is complete. I propose sending invitations in this order:

The Friends You Already Have On Your Facebook Page

Select "Invite Friends" from the three dots next to "Share" on your Facebook business page. Check the list of people you want to invite. I also choose to send the invitation via Messenger. Make careful to change the top message. You can send out 50 invites at once, each with a private message. If you give them any more than that, it will only send them a notification to like your page.


Click "Share" on your Facebook business page, then "Share in a Group." Share your new page with groups you frequent and who may already be familiar with you.


Click "Share in a Private Message" on your Facebook business page and type the name of one of your customers or anyone you aren't already friends with on Facebook. You may identify that individual on Facebook and write them a private message explaining why they should like your page.

You may track important metrics like "Page Likes," "Post Reach," and "Overall Engagement" if your page starts to expand.

To check your "Page Summary," click "Insights" at the top of your page, which will display you the main stats at a glance for the last 7 days (or last 28 if you change the dropdown up top).

You may also select any sub-category on the left side of the page to get a more detailed examination of any of your important statistics.


Steps to Follow

I hope you can understand why having a Facebook company page is so vital in today's world. Yes, it takes effort to establish and maintain. The rewards of being CONSISTENT with publishing and engaging will, however, pay off many times over. Not only that, but using Facebook business page insights will allow you to reach and communicate with a larger portion of your target audience.

Experience The Difference

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