Follow These 6 Steps To Improve Health & Vitality By 2022

Follow These 6 Steps To Improve Health & Vitality By 2022

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During this time of year, some people may be dealing with burnout, the dreaded "B word."
Or else, some people have been so preoccupied with operating their business that they have neglected everything else, and now they are beginning to suffer.
I considered it a good opportunity to remind everyone that success goes beyond your year-end GCI.
Your health is a major factor in the big picture since it affects everything else.
I'll give you six tips for better health and vitality so you may prevent burnout and enter 2022 with all the necessary vigor.
Please continue reading to Step 6, where I'll give you more information about a fun event I'd love for you to attend!


Vitality & Health Step 1: Reserve A Few Hours Of "Phone-Free" Time

Undoubtedly, some people are drawn to the "grit" and "hustle" aspects of this industry.
Some agents appear to enjoy it, bragging about their availability around the clock.
That's not healthy (or very desirable), in my opinion, and you can't go on like that forever.
Yes, work hard and completely commit to the task at hand. But remember to take breaks occasionally.
Turning off your phone is one of the hardest things for any real estate salesperson to accomplish, yet it's crucial to your long-term success.
The trick is to schedule some time off so you can inform your coworkers and assign any jobs that might need to be done while you're "off" and inform your boss.
If your outgoing VM message informs clients that you're taking a personal day and that you have a backup plan in place for them, reasonable clients will understand.
What about you? Could you put your phone away for the day? Tell me in the comments section below.


Health & Vitality Step 2: Get Outta Town

It can be really reviving to shift your surroundings.
Additionally, the trip need not be extensive.
If your place of employment is a metropolis, you might need to make a quick detour to the countryside, the sea, or a lake. Maybe spend a day hiking in the nearby mountains, if you have the chance.
Take a deep breath and allow nature's restorative power to rejuvenate you.


Vitality & Health Step 3: Arrange Mini Breaks For The Balance Of 2021

Working 365 days a year is not the prescription for good health, as I previously stated.
However, if you don't take precautions, this profession will push you into a frantic schedule where you always have to make decisions on the go.
The idea is to create boundaries for oneself because, as I recently discussed, work expands to fill the time we allow for its completion. On your schedule, block off a half-day for vacation, and then take it. Or perhaps it's only a few hours.
The secret is to schedule those "breaks" in advance because if you wait until you've finished everything and feel ready to relax, well, you know. It won't ever occur.
So mark your calendar now and schedule some "little breaks"!


Vitality & Health Step 4: Establish A More Disciplined Health Routine

Are you exercising? Do you consume a balanced diet? Are these issues really on your mind, or do they recede because you're "too busy" to address them?
Healthy living requires preparation, work, and discipline.
Obviously, you're busy.
Exercise and healthy meal preparation are difficult to incorporate into your hectic schedule, I know.
However, those are crucial for your long-term wellbeing.
Take the initiative.


Vitality & Health Step 5: Increase Your Sleep

I'm aware that you're probably giggling at the thought of getting more sleep because you're already running on empty and can stand to keep up.
However, you can only go so far with that strategy.
Without eight hours of sleep each night, your body will gradually start to deteriorate.
In that case, perhaps going to bed sooner isn't enough. Perhaps it's time to hire a helper and assign certain responsibilities, as your long-term health depends on it!
Or perhaps it's time to expand your business's use of systems and automation so that you don't manually create each and every aspect of a transaction when you don't have to.
In any event, make it a point to get the rest you require; else, prepare to pay a price.


Vitality & Health Step 6: Avoid The Energy-Sucking Vampires

It's unhealthy to expose oneself to a poisonous environment.
As you are aware.
But at times, it might be challenging.
We've all encountered things or people in our lives that seem to be perpetually depressing.
I think it's up to you to guard your energy and keep the energy-sucking vampires away from you.
Spend as little time as possible in these settings, and you'll not only be happier but also more productive.

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