Featuring Outstanding Women In The Real Estate Industry

Featuring Outstanding Women In The Real Estate Industry

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In contrast to their male colleagues, women in any field, including real estate, frequently feel undervalued and possibly treated unfairly. However, the effect they have on the real estate market is growing more pronounced and significant every day.
There are so many incredible women working in the real estate sector, and they merit some recognition for what they accomplish. While we would love to feature all the wonderful women in the industry, doing so could need several blog posts, so we will start by highlighting just ten of these remarkable women.


K. Crugnale

In the Greater Boston Real Estate Market, Kayla works as a real estate advisor. Her target market is ladies who want to increase their real estate holdings and achieve the satisfying goal of home ownership. She serves as a community concierge for her customers and prospective customers, providing them with all the inside information on the hottest new eateries, events, and shopping as well as all the real estate knowledge they require. Additionally, she enjoys showcasing businesswomen and corporate queens who are excelling in their fields, providing them a platform to tell their stories and be recognized for all they are doing to forge their own paths.
She assists home sellers and purchasers with all of their real estate requirements. She has spent the last six years working in the greater Boston real estate market.


Sheila Sauls Magee

She spent many years working as a teacher, but she had always wanted to be a realtor. A few years ago, she finally made the switch when she obtained her Texas real estate license. In Plano, Texas, she works for Coldwell Banker. She thrived immediately out of the start, ranking in the top 1-3 realtors in her area within the first year in a field that can occasionally be ageist and/or sexist.
More importantly, she is the kind of realtor—which is getting harder to find—who works only with a small number of clients at once to make sure she explores all of their possibilities and has time to devote to their house search or sale. She is invested in it with her buyers and sellers as if it were her own home or search because she understands how very personal the home-buying process is.
As a teacher, she sees it as her responsibility to be patient and inform her customers every step of the way, making them feel cared for and confident in one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

Her testimonials on Zillow pretty much sum it up:

She is a good planner, professional, communicator, and ally. When dealing with the seller, the funders, and all the problems brought on by the winter storm, she looked out for the interests of our family.
It can be intimidating for a first-time owner to know where or how to begin the process. Melanie assisted with all inquiries and obtained our goals (plus a couple of unexpected items). She is patient, kind, and really informed.


Jenn Reinhardt

In addition to having more than 17 years of experience, Jenn also has a remarkable life narrative. She is a single mother who used real estate investing to pay off debt and cover her daughter's medical expenses. She now offers a free monthly webinar series called "Women's Real Estate Investment Hour" where she shares her knowledge of buy-and-hold investment with women from all over the country. Participants are under no obligation to use Atlas.
At Atlas Real Estate, Jenn focuses on helping customers identify off-market bargains that fit their unique long-term financial goals in all areas (Boise, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, Colorado Springs, & Tucson). Not just for Atlas but for the entire business, Jenn is a Rockstar.


Heather Meyer Lucas

Two days ago, I sold a $28 million house in Palm Beach and a $10 million house in Old Palm (here in Jupiter) These sales are fairly unusual because elderly, Caucasian, good-ole-boy brokers predominate in Palm Beach. We were very authentic throughout the entire process, which was a novel approach to luxury real estate in our locale.)
I'm really proud of having established my company concurrently with my husband's 14-year baseball playing career. Having said that, most of my individual clients are wives of athletes, which adds to the overall identity of female empowerment we have here. Most people are unaware of how amazing, powerful, intelligent, and generous players' spouses can be.
I've always believed that being sexy doesn't sell, and that using the word "masculine" in place of the word "professional" also doesn't work. Being a female leader in real estate means to me being genuine, knowledgeable about the industry, and clever.
In the last year, the Meyer Lucas Team sold $150M worth of goods. My Florida real estate license dates back six years. After two months, I started my team after understanding how much I enjoyed coaching, mentoring, and assisting other women who were pursuing real estate professions.


Jasmine Shipwash

I am not the standard investment firm that advertises "we buy houses" that you see on every corner. I genuinely intended to change the real estate industry and my neighborhood when I founded my business. I wanted my love for helping people, which I have as a registered nurse, to flow into real estate investing since I also do that. Unfortunately, a lot of the "we buy houses" businesses in my region merely want to evict people from their homes for the lowest price possible and avoid dealing with them if they decide not to sell. Whether they sell me their house or not, I want to help people. That was how I could stand out and be unique. There was a loss of opportunity. I spend several hours assisting distressed homeowners, whether they are going through a divorce or financial hardship. But those same folks have also given me a ton of recommendations, which has helped my business expand.
Rarely do you find someone in this field who genuinely gives back? I desired to alter that. I don't conduct business on a national level as many businesses do. We continue to live in East Tennessee, where we currently reside. Additionally, I'm striving to expand my company so I can start making sizable gifts to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Being in the medical industry, it has always warmed my heart to watch what they do as a hospital, and if there is anything I can do to make a bigger financial contribution, I will do it!
I have two years of experience in real estate. My firm has expanded significantly during the past two years. I continue to be a licensed nurse. I will find it impossible to ever stop working with individuals in the medical industry, but if I can give my son the chance to inherit a prosperous company, I will do everything in my ability to make that happen!


Anthony Hodge

With Trompeter Real Estate, Antonique is a real estate agent in the Hudson County region. All types of real estate services, including buying, selling, renting, and commercial real estate, are offered by Antonique. The qualities that make Antonique a standout realtor are her honesty, ethics, and great understanding of the local real estate market. She has ten years of experience in the field and has worked all throughout New Jersey. The clients adore her local expertise, her prowess in handling challenging circumstances, and her endearing demeanor.
According to Antonique, "I make them feel at ease as they make the biggest purchase of their lives. I advise my clients to let me handle the worrying.
For the years 2018, 2019, and 2020, Antonique also received the "NJ Realtors Circle of Excellence Sales Award Silver." One of her customers remarked, "Antonique was fantastic! Her unique information enabled us to find a lovely apartment in a fantastic building! She informed us of everything that was happening and was prompt and responsive. She is the one to contact in Jersey City if you are looking.


Ingrid Lyon

When it comes to running our business, Anna is diligent, educated, and generally a jerk. We are the owners and operators of Cowtown Home Buyers, a real estate investment business that focuses on purchasing, remodeling, and then either renting out or selling homes all across Fort Worth, Texas. She finds properties, works with sellers and ensures that the homes we buy and restore are ideal for our ultimate inhabitants despite the fact that her formal titles are Owner/Operator and Chief Designer.


Jessica Gale

In Oxford County, Jennifer is one of the top real estate brokers. She is prepared to help you with your plans for buying, selling, or renting a property because she has more than 15 years of expertise. In addition, Jennifer runs a full-service property management business where you may buy an investment property and she will help you locate the ideal tenant. Jennifer is dedicated to assisting you at every stage because she is aware that the entire process can be stressful. Once you have discovered the ideal home or buyer, this includes advising and arranging for you to work with mortgage experts and attorneys! Numerous alternatives are available from Jennifer Gale and her staff to assist you in purchasing a home. Do you desire a brand-new home? Do you want to buy a home but are being prevented from doing so by bank financing? I'm confident that we have the ideal rental for you out of all the ones we have available. If you're looking for an investment property, we'll do the legwork and locate the ideal tenant for you.


Dayna Carlson

Dayna Campbell is the epitome of a "Valley Girl," having grown up in the San Fernando Valley. Throughout her youth, she participated in a number of sports and activities that exposed her to different valley cultures. She began her professional career in the entertainment industry after realizing she had a knack for organization and attention to detail. After only a few short years, she was organizing massive events for both corporate and social clients, traveling the world for everything from weddings to trade shows.
Dayna returned to her extensive local knowledge of Los Angeles after starting her own family, and in 2015 she obtained her California real estate license. She then started selling real estate. She attributes her ability to multitask to her event organizing skills, and her ability to interact with people of different personalities and work styles to her travel experiences. She is a tremendous asset to both a Buyer and a Seller in a real estate transaction thanks to these priceless skills.


Jillian Chan

Justine, a real estate agent with a license, started her own real estate education company as a result of her first property purchase in New York City.
Finding a space to call her own initially made her happy, but the complicated procedure soon overwhelmed and irritated her. Even worse, she found that, although making up 17% of all home purchasers and buying twice as often as single men, there were very few tools available for single female home buyers.
She founded Live with Plum to provide a much-needed educational and empowerment platform to help women reach their home ownership and personal finance objectives through real estate, armed with her newly acquired skills and drive to make a difference.
The New York Times, Next Advisor by Time, and Business Insider have all covered Live with Plum, which now receives tens of thousands of viewers each month. For the Plutus Awards for Best Real Estate Content in 2020, LWP was also a nominee.
Women all across the world have benefited from Justine's knowledge and empowerment during their own home-buying processes.


Jennifer Carro

The fact that Jessica is concerned about her clients' requirements is only one of the many qualities that make her a superb agent. Her clientele is aware that she consistently prioritizes their needs over all others. Jessica not only knows a lot and is a skilled negotiator, but she is also a highly gregarious person who gets along well with everyone.
I had a terrific experience with Jessica, one of her clients remarked. She is incredibly simple to work with, competent, and always fast to answer. She is someone I would heartily suggest to anyone searching for housing.
She is a Jersey City native who has been helping buyers and sellers for almost ten years with excellent expertise, assurance, and flair. She was raised by brokers and investors who taught her the ins and outs of buying and selling homes in Jersey City, so she has been familiar with the local real estate industry since she was a young child.


Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen is one of the women who demonstrates that they can be successful in the extremely competitive, male-dominated field of real estate investing. She is not only a superb lawyer with legal credentials in both Canada and the US; she also qualifies as a real estate investor in both jurisdictions. Lauren and her group aid companies in raising cash, help franchisees find new franchisees through overseas investors and work with foreign investors looking to enter the American market.
Lauren is pushing the envelope every day and demonstrating that women can multitask across various industries in addition to being fantastic real estate agents. She is a public speaker and a successful author. She is one of the most sought-after professionals for real estate investors because of her knowledge and richness of information, which are qualities to be praised.
Lauren is demonstrating that strong, committed women can lead the real estate industry as the founder of the websites e-Council Inc and Creative Real Estate Academy.


Ms. Sharlys Leszczuk

The commercial real estate and technology sectors do not have as many women as the residential real estate sector does. Sharlys Leszczuk, a young professional just starting her career, works at the intersection of two male-dominated professions, which can be scary, but it doesn't deter her from pushing forward.
Sharlys, a millennial, may provide a distinct viewpoint on gender equality in the workplace because every succeeding generation that joins the workforce was raised in a more equitable, well-rounded, and diversified environment. There aren't many women in the spotlight to "look up to," which can discourage young women when they first enter the job and induce a type of "cultural shock."
"I believe that what makes the millennial generation unique—and what makes me unique—is that we will not tolerate inequity in terms of job prospects, pay, or healthcare policies. We also don't hesitate to speak out against the prejudice that is committed on the basis of a person's gender, sexual orientation, appearance, accent, or race, according to Sharlys.
She presently works for Antenna Group as the Account Supervisor and Digital Liaison.


Supplee Deni

Deni Supplee, a registered realtor, property manager, and co-founder of SparkRental.com, is a woman who has seen it all in the business and paved the way for many new real estate professionals. With more than 35 years of expertise, Deni gives a holistic perspective to real estate, emphasizing how generating money from rental properties may improve your quality of life.
She has trained hundreds of people, including real estate agents, in the art of real estate investment, passive income generation, property management, and automated rental management during the course of her career. Many people have succeeded in real estate and succeeded in replacing their salaries with passive rental income as a result of her unselfish teaching.
Her ultimate objective for her audience and students is to assist them in replacing the money from their day jobs with rental revenue. Work becomes optional at that moment, and you are free to spend your time whatever you like. Many people define that as spending more time with their families; others define it as leaving a stressful job to pursue a more fulfilling career or even as volunteering full-time.
Regardless matter the objective, Deni is a true professional and one of the most motivational women in real estate.


John Saunders

Women in the real estate industry were greatly underrepresented in 1976. Women, like Michael Saunders, were responsible for altering that perception. She has created a culture where women in real estate are appreciated rather than disparaged via tenacity and struggle.
"The first real estate disruptor was Michael Saunders. She decided to go it alone in 1976 because she observed a dearth of sincere customer service in the sector. Long before it became popular, she emphasized the importance of building relationships in the real estate industry. She needed a male co-signer for a $5,000 loan to launch her first office on St. Armands Circle in Sarasota, and it took her 40 years to build a $2.79 billion brokerage with 24 offices throughout Florida's Gulf Coast and over 700 agents, says Samantha Emelock of MSC Marketing. The list of Michael's numerous great accomplishments is much longer than this.
Many young women have been motivated to start their own real estate journeys by Michael, one of the earliest well-known female real estate figures. Every time her name is brought up, people instantly recognize the contributions she has made to the community and the industry (both generally and for women). "The values she has set in all those years ago of integrity, excellence, communication, and mutual profitability have been a compass that has helped the company navigate through some trying times, and they continue to inspire anyone with the good fortune to have their name on a Michael Saunders & Company business card," gushes Samantha Emelock.


Jeremy Duran

In 2017, women made up 66% of sales agent licenses and 56% of licensed brokers, and these percentages are steadily rising. Jamie Duran is one of the women who keep inspiring other women in the field.
Jamie Duran has guided Coldwell Banker Realty Southern California to approximately $9 billion in sales volume and 11,300 closed units in 2019, which represents an increase of more than 50% compared to 2014. Jamie Duran has done this via dedication and a goal-oriented mentality.
She is a California State University, Northridge graduate who has worked with Coldwell Banker for a long time. She started as an affiliate agent and has advanced to other chances because of her strong work ethic. Before taking on her current position as president of all of Southern California, she oversaw training agents, served as branch manager of Coldwell Banker Realty's Ventura and Studio City offices, regional vice president of Northwest Greater Los Angeles (GLA), district manager of Northwest GLA, and president of the Orange County and San Diego Companies.
In Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego, she currently manages 75 offices, 4,400 independent sales associates, and 226 staff members.


Genevieve Foxworth

When everyone else in the real estate industry was struggling, certain women found success. Many businesses permanently shut their doors after the 2008 financial crisis, but one lady made the decision to move forward with her vision and launch a real estate firm. Eugenia Foxworth is who she is. She is the owner and broker of Foxworth Realty at the moment. She is also a member of the NAR, REBNY, HGAR, and a certified MWBE (NYC), New York Residential (NYRS) with REBNY.
She has won a plethora of prestigious prizes, including the following:
The New York Women's Chamber of Commerce has named her a "Woman of Excellence" for 2019
In April 2019 She was honored as a "Woman of Courage" by the Harlem Community News and Health First, and she also received a citation from NY State Assemblywoman Inez E. Dickens and a certificate of appreciation from Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer.
One of the "Leading Ladies in Real Estate" as named by "Real Estate Weekly" in June 2019.
She now uses her expertise to provide other young women who are hesitant to start their own agency because they still perceive real estate as a male-dominated field with her vital advice.


Stephanie Thompson

The disparity in aspirations between men and women in real estate in 2015 was significant. Compared to the modest 28% of women in the field, as many as 40% of male real estate agents desire to work in the C-Suite. Additionally, the majority of women (47 percent) said that the SVP/Partner level was the highest level they would aspire for, demonstrating that many women are discouraged from aiming for higher positions in the hierarchy.
However, some women have not only strived for the top but have defied the system and excelled there instead. One of them is Melissa Thompson. She works as a real estate agent with Crye-Leike Realtors in Memphis, Tennessee, where she serves as the team's manager and public face.
With over 33 years of experience, Melissa is one of the top real estate agents in Memphis. She holds numerous designations, including ABR, CRS, CSP, GRI, SRES, SFR, E-PRO, and CLHMS, and she is a Life Member of the Multi-Million Dollar Club. Melissa has also consistently been a "Top Producing" agent for Crye-Leike Realtors, the top real estate firm in the Mid-South.
Her recurring and referral business from previous clients accounts for more than 90% of her revenue. Despite the fact that parenting frequently hinders most women's employment, Melissa has done exceptionally well. She makes it her job to make the buying and selling process as simple as possible for each and every client since, as a mother of five, she is aware of how moving impacts the entire family.


Amy Bernstein

Alison Bernstein is another influential woman in the field. She is an innovator and businesswoman. She established Suburban Jungle, a cutting-edge real estate consultancy and technology platform that helps move families from the city to the suburbs.
The business has provided an eco-friendly, rural substitute for the urban jungle. As a result, even during a pandemic, the company increased 400% from the same period last year.
According to Alison and her colleagues, 98 percent of their work is in psychology, and 2 percent is in real estate. While other businesses might have been rushing to organize their remote workforce at this very moment, the SJ employee pool has long benefited from the flexible option of remote working, making the surge rather easy.
Suburban Jungle is now one of the leading real estate firms in the region thanks to this creative, forward-thinking approach. Alison Bernstein, the founder and CEO of Suburban Jungle, declares, "We are really busy." For urban families, the situation is disastrous and terrifying. People want to leave the city right away. They are finding comfort in being able to contact us, start their journey, and finally picture light at the end of the tunnel despite some of the more recent purchasing barriers that have been put in place.


Barbara Callan

For anyone in the real estate business, San Francisco is a competitive city, yet Barbara Callan has succeeded there. With nearly $3 billion in San Francisco real estate sales with her son Robert since she started as a Realtor in 1986, she is one of the most powerful women in the local business sector.
Barbara is living proof that women have experience serving powerful people, despite the common perception that men are more qualified to do so. Barbara has made a name for herself as the top agent for San Francisco's luxury real estate market at McGuire Real Estate thanks to clients like Warren Buffett, Gordon and Ann Getty, former Giants' Rich Aurilia, Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom, actress Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and the Pelosi Family.
Barbara takes great delight in giving her customers quality service. She has spent the last 34 years in the top 1% of realtors in San Francisco and has been named the #1 San Francisco Real Estate Agent by both the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends thanks to her extensive local expertise and round-the-clock commitment to helping her clients.
She has maintained her position at the top because she is willing to go above and beyond for each client in each transaction. She attributes her success to her client's satisfaction, as well as to her ability to develop lasting connections and networks throughout her career.


Richard Smith

Lindsay Smith, Chief Strategy Officer for Title Alliance, is last but surely not least in the spotlight of outstanding women in the real estate sector. She establishes internal title and escrow joint ventures with real estate professionals to provide them with a legal means of making money off of an investment in a title and escrow business.
Lindsay is aware of how challenging the real estate industry is. The market fluctuates, whether you're a team leader, a solo agent, or running a brokerage, so it's essential to have a variety of revenue streams to support your family and yourself.
She is passionate about changing the landscape for women in the real estate industry, which has allowed her to enter new areas and have an influence that was previously beyond her wildest dreams.
She can inspire her employees to consistently give their clients outstanding service by maintaining a happy outlook and giving positive motivation and encouragement. Success ultimately results from surrounding oneself with the ideal team members who share your purpose. The result and experience are nothing less than spectacular when outstanding individuals come together, driven by a single objective. Lindsay lives by this philosophy, which has led to her success in the real estate industry.


Let's give a round of applause to all these women for the incredible work they have accomplished and the professional heights they have attained.

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