Everyone Needs Someone To Lean On In A Crisis

Everyone Needs Someone To Lean On In A Crisis

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The recent events in south-east Queensland and New South Wales have brought the importance of real estate agencies in respective communities to the fore.

Some agencies have not only been affected, but they have also been working hard to support both their customers and their communities.

Our members are among those who have been directly impacted, and they are doing a fantastic job of cleaning up, handling extra workload, and still helping their communities.

Property managers, sales agents, and real estate leaders are among the trusted local professionals that a community turns to in a time of disaster, and they will continue to be needed in flood-affected areas in the coming months.

So, while communities assess the damage and plan for recovery, where do they go from here?

A Few Long Days Are In The Offing

The days ahead will be filled with hard work and proactive communication for property managers dealing with repairs, displaced tenants, and concerned landlords.

Sellers and purchasers will also have worries about what happens to damaged properties and what the market will look like in the future.

In the meanwhile, all real estate professionals, including business leaders, will help their communities in whatever way they can.

Solving Problems

Whether it's shifting tenants into alternative accommodation, rescheduling settlements, or gathering information for insurance claims, most of the next month will be spent correcting problems.

And, despite the long days, this is when agents' expertise as local experts shine.

People will recall the extent to which real estate professionals went and, more importantly, how they made them feel long after the event is finished.

Resurrection Of The Community

The period ahead will be about providing the community with facts, reason, and reassurance, just as it was in the early days of COVID-19 and lockdowns.

It's unknown how recent events will affect property prices and the market in afflicted areas at this time.

What we do know is that, with a low vacancy rate in many of the affected districts, tenants may have difficulty finding alternative housing.

In terms of sales, we'll have to wait and see if the strong demand for property we've witnessed in recent months is impacted in damaged areas.

That means now is the time to talk to vendors, buyers, landlords, and tenants to get a sense of the market, but more importantly, to listen to their problems and offer your expert advice on what they should do next and where they can get additional help.

Seeking Assistance

Clients will need assistance, but so will the property managers and sales teams who will be answering phones, looking for answers, and navigating a natural disaster.

This is the time for corporate leaders to be crystal clear about how they will help their people through proactive communication, streamlined tactics, and open-door policies that will allow them to discuss and troubleshoot their experiences.

It's also a period when business owners may find themselves in need of assistance. In a difficult environment, mentors' advice, others' experience, and visionary leaders' best-practice approach can be invaluable.

What Can We Do For You?

We take pride in allowing agents to maintain their independence while while providing support behind the scenes.

We're also here to give you the freedom to operate your business your way, allowing you to pursue the profession and lifestyle you like, thanks to specialised support employees who handle areas like accounting, bookkeeping, reception, and technology.

Simply said, we believe that real estate is an industry where we can all prosper as part of a collaborative network that helps you understand and achieve your objectives.

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