Every Real Estate Agent Should Consider The Top Ten Listing Lead Sources

Every Real Estate Agent Should Consider The Top Ten Listing Lead Sources

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There are one or two agents in every market who appear to get every listing.

Wouldn't it be great if you could approach the local strong hitters and ask them how they do it?

"How are you receiving so much business?" should ask them directly.

Fortunately for me, I have access to a large number of strong hitters.

And since they don't mind if I ask, I did.

Now I'm going to share what I've discovered with you.

I asked our hundreds of coaching members, who have a GCI of 10X the industry average, one simple question earlier this year: "How are you creating listings?"

That's what they said to me. (They only know because they keep track of their figures.) Do you have any?)


Listing Lead Source No. 1: Database

People in their own database were the number one listing source for agents in our coaching programs, including:


  • Sphere who made the decision to sell
  • past clients who have decided to sell
  • Referrals from sphere or past clients
  • Older leads that have been developed throughout time

In our never-ending drive for more leads, this demonstrates that the brightest prospects are frequently already in your orbit... and right under your nose.

Are you keeping in touch with your database on a regular basis?

Are you nurturing or abandoning your old leads in your database?


Listing Lead Source No. 2: Geographic or Niche Farming

The second most effective listing lead source among our coaching members is targeting a certain audience – either regional or niche-based – and continually giving value to them over and over again.

Direct mail, email, geographic-based marketing, and other tactics will keep your brand in front of consumers and position you as the market's knowledge broker. More information on how to put it in place may be found here.

Would you be able to tell me about your target farm if I asked you? Or are you taking a haphazard approach in the hopes of landing the jackpot by tossing the dice?


Listing Lead Source No.3: Video 

Allow this to serve as a wake-up call if you're still underestimating the potential of video marketing...

The third most effective listing lead approach for our agents was sellers who called agents directly after watching their video(s).

The majority of today's consumers have a video-first mentality.

Are you one of them?


Listing Lead Source No. 4:Google Business Profile

When individuals need answers, where do they go?


It's no wonder, then, that your Google Business Profile can assist in the generation of new listing leads.

Many agents are behind the times and have not built up or optimized their GBP page.

The good news is that you can do it yourself, and we can assist you with six methods to help you stand out and increase your Google search rating.


Listing Lead Source No.5: Open Houses 

How do open houses produce listing leads? Open houses often attract buyers, so how do they generate listing leads?

Well, there are a couple of options...

To begin with, buyers frequently need to sell, right?

Second, Open Houses are a terrific opportunity to meet the neighbors that reside near your listing. You can invite them to the Open House, inquire about their present living circumstances, and make a good first impression by showing them how far you will go to help your sellers.

Do you want a script to help you make these talks more productive? To learn more, go here.


Listing Lead Source No 6: Expireds 

Even in today's market, where the majority of properties receive several offers and sell in a matter of days, there are still plenty of Expireds to keep agents occupied.

And now I can hear you... "Expireds are a nuisance to deal with. They aren't worth the effort."

Maybe they're worth another look if they're excellent enough to be the sixth most successful listing lead source for top agents.

Check out this useful blog for seven advice on how to make the most of this chance.


Listing Lead Source No. 7:Paid Digital Ads 

Among our coaching members, Facebook and Google Local Services advertising are the sixth most effective listing lead source.

Are you running any paid advertisements? Because that's how you get that recognizable "I see you everywhere" status.

If you're new to paid advertising, our resident marketing guru Jason Pantana has a great primer for you.



Listing Lead Source No. 8: Reviews

Today's consumer has nearly unrestricted access to information...

Included are reviews of both you and your competition.

So you can bet they'll read some reviews before making that critical decision on who to entrust with their most valuable asset.

That's why the eighth most effective listing lead source is direct calls from reading online reviews — largely on Google or Zillow.

And it raises the question of whether you're making it easy for consumers to write wonderful reviews of your services.


Listing Lead Source No. 9: Circle Dialing

Everyone wants to know what's going on with their home price in today's frantic real estate market. And, maybe more crucially, what their home's value signifies for their future.

In other words, if the price is good, they could be willing to cash out.

But you'll only know that and find out about that opportunity if you make the calls.

It may sound old-fashioned, but I strongly advise circle phoning all of the homes in the area of any home you are selling today.

Listen to Byron Lazine's suggestion at 36:28 in this video to see how simple it is to educate people and win more business using this strategy.


Listing Lead Source No. 10: "Yikes" Mailers That Have Just Been Sold

Yes, the iconic "Yikes!" letter is still going strong, ranking 10th in terms of generating listing leads among our coaching members.

"Yikes, there are no properties on the market!" is a letter or postcard headline that several realtors have successfully utilized with this technique.


Here's An Illustration:

"Dear Homeowners, Mr. and Mrs. I'm now representing a beautiful family (explain them in detail) who are yearning to raise their children in (particular community or type of property), but there are none available, as you may know. I'm writing because I'm curious... "Have you considered selling?" says the narrator.

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