Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Most Welcoming Home Yet

Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Most Welcoming Home Yet

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Let's take a wild guess and assume you're doing your best to sell your house. Still, you've noticed there's some space for improvement. You're probably right because there always is. In the text below, we'll show you some tips and tricks on how to make your home stand out. Do you think there's a slight chance that after you've added specific details, a potential buyer would shake their head and move on? Quite the contrary, there's a good chance they'll find your house most attractive. So, what can you do to make this happen? Stay tuned, and we'll show you some curb appeal ideas for your most welcoming home yet. There are lots of ways you can make your home more beautiful.

Green rests the eyes

If you need some cool design tips, feel free to imitate the best designer there is - Nature. Even the birds in the tress know that green rests the eyes. Well, of course, they do - trees are their best mates. Anyway, a lovely little garden in front of your home will certainly attract some attention. A couple of potted plants (the more - the better), neatly cut bushes on the front lawn, and a tree providing the much-needed shade and shelter from the infamous Australian sun will do the trick. Think about it this way: if you were the potential buyer, what kind of home would you go for. With that thought in your head, you're one step closer to make your home seem pretty irresistible. That is a big word, but still... You can make it happen!

A front door speaks for the house

Restore and repaint your front door in an interesting color. That way, you will send a clear message to potential buyers. A front door will wordlessly greet them, but just as some pictures speak a thousand words (or even more), the entrance to your home will tell a specific story about the house your buyers are about to enter. Never underestimate the effect a simple thing like painting your door bright red (for example, an example) can cause.

Please do renovate

It might seem strange to renovate the place before you leave it for good. You might think it will cost you a lot more than it actually would. It will probably be costly, yes, but the money will come back. A home that needs some repairs isn't something most folks find attractive. Also, they're more likely to buy a more expensive fully-renovated home than go for the one that's cheaper but needs some renovations. Don't know what to do with your household inventory during the renovation process? In that situation, renting storage can be really useful. A storage facility is your number one choice when you need a place to store your belongings, so they don't get damaged while you renovate your home.

What about outdoor furniture?

Although outdoor furniture can be a plus, it needs to be in top condition. If you have a bench in the front garden, make sure it doesn't look like it's going to break in half once you sit on it. If it's beyond repair, throw it away. You're better off without it. If it's repairable, put on your worn-out working-around-the-house outfit and get started. Make sure that the color of the bench matches other colors potential buyers can see from the street.

Window boxes, anyone?

Probably one of the easiest curb appeal ideas is to install window boxes. It's a simple touch, but it can give your home a refreshed look. Also, it kind of fits the ideal house image we carry around in our unconscious memory. Imagine your home with and without them. Which one would you choose if you were the potential buyer?

Outdoor lighting is a must

By installing some quality outdoor lighting, you'll give your house a fairytale-ish appeal. You can find some cool old-style lamps to make the place look more romantic. Soulless minimalism is outdated, don't you think? Lamps that take us back to the 19th century are a hit these days. When folks come for a visit, you (or your agent) can easily say: Well, you can imagine what this looks like at night. They'll be quick enough to say: It must look marvelous! In our defense, we never said we were near Shakespeare at creating dialogue. Anyway, you get the point!

Your mailbox might need a fresh new look

As you could easily tell by other things we've mentioned here, it's the little things that count the most. They don't cost too much, and still, they get the job done. If your mailbox looks neglected (for want of a better word), it will be noticed. On the other hand, if your mailbox looks fine, it might not get the attention it deserves. It's still better to avoid the first scenario. Small details tell a lot!

Outdoor art?

Positioning some sculptures in your front/back yard can create quite an impression. A lovely little fountain goes a long way, but don't go into full kitsch mode. That's what you want to avoid! Be modest when filling your yard with some artwork. Trying too much to make the place look appealing will not necessarily make it look more beautiful. Quite the contrary, it will look as if you didn't know what you were doing!

That's about it

So, there you have it. These have been some curb appeal ideas that will make your house stand out from the rest. Hopefully, by doing some of the things we've mentioned above, you won't have a problem selling your home. To sum it up real quick: pay close attention to details. A neglected (still in search of a better word) mailbox may seem pretty innocent, but it will not go unnoticed. There's no need to be that fatalistic, but if you want to impress your potential buyers - now you know how to do it!


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