Creating These 5 Types Of Content On Social Media Will Help You Dominate Your Local Market

Creating These 5 Types Of Content On Social Media Will Help You Dominate Your Local Market

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There is a wide range of "social media material."
The options for what to publish, how much to post, and when to post are essentially endless, and if it weren't your business on the line, it might not matter all that much.
However, that is untrue. Your company needs social media and not just any content, but the kind that will draw in new customers.
Making oneself a consideration for as many buyers and sellers in your market as you can be your aim when using social media, right?
So I'm keeping things easy today. To help you accomplish that, I'll list the five kinds of material you ought to be published on a regular basis.
Are all five of these boxes being checked?
Let's investigate!


Social Media Content Category No.1: Show The Real You

This is a truism that needs to be established right away. People want to conduct business with someone they perceive to be similar to them. Throughout today's presentation, you'll see how it holds true for a number of the content categories.
Be yourself, and don't be afraid to express it on social media, is the first piece of advice.
I'm referring to YOU being YOURSELF.
giving insight into your interests or passion projects, traveling, or spending time with your family.
even your pets, as well as your wacky, silly, and soft sides!
The simplest method to establish a relatable connection with people on social media is to just be yourself.
Do you practice this? IF SO, WHAT?


Social Media Content Category No.2: Be The Knowledge Broker

People prefer to engage with an expert when handling one of life's most valuable personal and financial possessions.
It should come as no surprise.
You have a fantastic opportunity to showcase your real estate knowledge on social media by posting succinct, informative information.
A more comprehensive approach would be to produce a video or blog on "Everything I've Learned About Real Estate in My [X] Years in the Business."
Alternately, you may focus on topics like "21 Mistakes Sellers Make When Listing Their Home in [Your Market]" or "10 Things Every Buyer Should Know Before Making a Move-in [Your Market]."
Almost everything you say to a prospect, a buyer, or a seller has the potential to be shared on social media. Don't wait until you're working with a client to demonstrate how well you understand this material.
Then, there is one issue that is essentially untouchable. Everyone should be publishing regular Market Updates that cover the latest listings, the number of pending and sold transactions, the price per square foot, and other pertinent information for your market.
Believe me when I say... Local homeowners demand that knowledge, therefore providing it on a consistent basis can help you succeed in this industry. Be the teacher you are capable of becoming.
Do you practice this? IF SO, WHAT?


Social Media Content Category No.3: Show Your Love For The Community 

In this area, I'm less concerned with discussing house values and days on the market than I am with showcasing your sense of community.
Make sure you are well-known for more than simply real estate in your community, in other words.
Interview locals for this purpose, such as proprietors of restaurants or those in charge of the neighborhood candy store, juice bar, boutique, or whatever else.
Make material for some of the parks, museums, activities, or architecture in your neighborhood.
Basically, if there is anything noteworthy, intriguing, distinctive, or standing out in any manner, let people know about it through your social media posts. By doing this, you will put yourself in the center of your neighborhood.
Do you practice this? IF SO, WHAT?


Social Media Content Category No.4: Social Proof

Your engaged clients adore this stuff. the Just Sold postings, home tours, testimonials, and more that demonstrate your efforts to complete the task!
People will start saying "Wow, I see you everywhere" when things really pick up and you start posting this content across all the platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.
And that's exactly what you're looking for.
Put more social proof content out there while keeping your foot on the gas.
Make it a routine aspect of your business to videotape each client responding to the following query: "How was the experience working with me? " Then keep referencing those endorsements!
Do you practice this? IF SO, WHAT?


Social Media Content Category No.5: Behind-The-Scenes 

If viewers didn't love getting a glimpse of a day in the life of a real estate salesperson, Bravo TV wouldn't be what it is today.
Do you offer folks that chance?
You need to give them a peek at what you do on a daily basis, whether it's during your early-morning gym session or a lunchtime team meeting.
Just got done with a productive client meeting? Pick up your phone, turn on the camera, press the record button, and share some of the facts with others.
Here, the goal is to exhibit your abilities in action and how you consistently find solutions for your clients' challenges.
Do you practice this? IF SO, WHAT?


Only If You Do This Will It Happen

What are you going to do now that you have these five content categories?
Here is a tip: It won't do any good to simply hope that you'll get around to making these videos and content pieces.
The secret is to plan your content ahead of time, deciding what to make and when to make it.
Always keep in mind that if something isn't on your calendar, it doesn't exist and won't happen.
It will become more automated the more consistency you can bring to the process of producing this content. Aim to organize a certain time for content development each week so that it becomes a regular part of your schedule.

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