Budget Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne- Tips and tricks

Budget Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne- Tips and tricks

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A kitchen is an essential living space in the home especially for those who find cooking therapeutic or just love sharing their love of food with family and friends. Whether your house is for personal use or a real estate investment, every few years you may have to invest in sprucing up the kitchen. However, you may not have the funds to go for a complete overhaul because kitchen renovation in Australia can cost between $500 to $50,000 or more. But you can spruce it up on a budget as well.


Naturally, the amount you spend depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of the space, magnitude of the renovations, kind of materials and where they’re sourced from. Furthermore, you can add up to the cost if you intend to invest in a new set of matching home appliances, for instance, if you opt for the metallic exterior or a state-of-the-art model, they’re on the pricier side of the spectrum.


If you’re on the lookout for ideas for budget kitchen renovations in Melbourne, then read on. The first step towards executing low budget renovations is to look around the kitchen and see what you can manage yourself and what needs professional help. Then you can really start planning how to go about things


The lowest budget idea is to tidy up your kitchen and you can easily manage that yourself. If you have an old range cooker with stubborn grease stains, then the first thing you should do is invest in a good oven cleaner and rubber gloves and get scrubbing. Many people may hire professional cleaners for some extra help. Professional cleaners are great because they know better how to get rid of tough stains in terms of the required chemicals and technique.


Another low budget idea for kitchen renovations in Melbourne or anywhere else is repainting the cabinetry. When done right, a fresh coat of paint can jazz up even the most dilapidated looking cabinets. In addition, replace the hardware i.e., the knobs and handles, uniformity in knobs and handles makes any cabinetry look maintained. Also, if the cabinet catches are no longer catching you need to replace those as well because tightly closed cabinets look chic and neat.


Test out any lighting fixtures and replace the ones that don’t work anymore. Blown light bulbs are a major put off when you want to present your kitchen to a guest or prospective home buyer. Also replace the kitchen faucet if you feel it rusted and leaky. But we would advise against buying anything that requires new plumbing because it will add up to the cost in terms of materials and labour.


These are a few ideas for budget kitchen renovations in Melbourne. If you would like more clarity visually, then try visiting platforms like Pinterest or you can keep watching this space for interesting ideas.

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