Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Office

Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Office

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We spend almost half of our day in the office. That also means that we spend nearly half of our life in the office. For that reason alone, you should do everything in your power to make that office look its best. And, that does not have to be your personal office—it can also be your shared desk, your cubicle, or some common area you share with the rest of your colleagues. Doing this will completely transform the look of your working area. That is why we prepared a list of some low-maintenance plants for your office.

Some of those plants are small enough to fit on your desk, some are big enough to fill the empty space in your corner office, and some are just great, bold statements and conversation starters. But, all of them are low-maintenance—they do not require a lot of care, so you can be stress-free when you are on vacation or on a business trip.

ZZ Plant

If you are a first-time plant owner, you will love this plant. Why? Well, because it is impossible to kill! It does not require a lot of water, and it can survive without light. And, even if you forget about it for a couple of weeks or a month, it will wait for you completely intact. On top of all this—the ZZ plant looks rather beautiful. It has green, wavy leaves—leaves in which you can stare for hours. But, do not do that while working! Stare at them while on a break and listening to real estate podcasts or doing something else that relaxes you.

Snake Plant

Welcome the toughest plant on the earth—the snake plant. Another plant that is almost impossible to kill. Like the ZZ plant mentioned above, the snake plant can also thrive without light and minimal water. You need to water it once a month! This is one of the best low-maintenance plants for your office, not only because it is impossible to kill it but also because it comes in many different sizes. If you have a small desk, it can be the size of a succulent. And, if you have a big office, you can replant it in a bigger pot and let it grow tall.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant is not as resilient as the last two plants we mentioned. Even though this plan can survive on little water, it does require natural light. So, if your desk is somewhere near a window, Aloe Vera can be your best friend. It can last for a couple of years, and besides beautifying your working space, it can also treat your wounds if necessary. If you ever get burned or cut, you can use the Aloe Vera gel (that you can get when cutting the leaves) and use it as a very efficient medicine. Or you can use it as a face mask or a hair conditioner if you want.

Modern Bamboo

Many people believe that bamboo is a symbol of good fortune. So, why not put it into your office—who knows, it might get you a raise! But that is not the reason why this modern bamboo is one of the best low-maintenance plants for your office, no. It is the best because it looks delicate and strong at the same time. Its leaves are gentle, but its stalks are strong enough for you to braid and twist them. But, be careful if you ever have to transport these bamboo plants. Caring for plants while moving office is very important. You need to prepare them for the trip by watering them ahead of time (the soil should not be too moist during transportation as it will cause the plant to mold) and by ensuring they arrive at their new address quickly. Bamboos (as well as all other plants) do not like to be moved. Keep that in mind when relocating plants!

Peace Lilly

Imagine this - you chose the right location for your real estate office, but you do not know how to decorate it. You need something that purifies the air, increases the level of focus, and makes your entire office look sophisticated. Choose a Peace Lilly. This plant will look fantastic in any office, big or small, as it has luscious green leaves interwoven with white flowers on the top. It is also a low-maintenance plant—you just have to keep it in a well-lit area and spray its leaves once a week. So, if you are not sure what to get for your office, Peace Lilly is always a safe bet.

Spider Plant

If you plan on selling your home, you probably do not know what to do with all of your outdoor and indoor plants. If some of those plants are spider plants, bring them to your office. All households had these plants in the past—they were cheap to buy, they looked amazing, they could live both inside and outside, and they were low-maintenance. They can be all this in your office space as well. And, the best part about them is that you can trim them, if necessary, and make them fit pretty much anywhere. Our advice is to put them on a shelf and let them hang from it - they will make your office come to life.


If you are lucky enough to have a big office and if you do not know how to decorate that big office, consider putting a Monstera plant in some empty corner. This plant really knows how to make a statement! It also goes by the name of Swiss Cheese Plant because it has leaves that look very similar to the slices of Swiss cheese! And, do not worry, just because this beauty is big and bulky, it is still one of those low-maintenance plants for your office. All it requires is indirect natural light and watering once in two weeks.


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