Avoid These 19 Team-Building Pitfalls

Avoid These 19 Team-Building Pitfalls

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Building a team offers several advantages.
It also has its share of difficulties.
When you suddenly find yourself managing others and are no longer working as a solo agent, there are a variety of possible hazards.
When I had the privilege of meeting with hundreds of agents in Nashville for my first BluePrint event of the year earlier this week, I spoke about it. (Join me at my upcoming event in May.)
I'm also presenting 19 team-building traps to avoid in this blog post. Let's get going!


Pitfall No.1 For Team-Building: Hiring Without Role Clarity

When it comes to selecting team members, many team leaders have found themselves stating, "We'll figure it out," but doing so without having a clear understanding of what each position requires is a mistake. Clarify your needs, write the job description, and then hire only for that position.


Pitfall No. 2 For Team-Building: Not Facing Issues Early

Neglected issues develop into harmful behaviors. And bad habits have a way of destroying the culture of your entire team. Don't let issues slide, then. They will become larger the longer you put off dealing with them.


Pitfall No. 3 For Team-Building: Not Including The Right People In Your Team

Keep the important people outside your team in the loop as you form your team. I'm not referring to a member of your immediate team; rather, I'm referring to your broker, manager, coach, and anyone else who might be involved in your firm.


Pitfall No. 4 For Team-Building: Committing To Non-Repeatable Lead Sources

You'll quickly learn that strategies that were effective for you as a lone agent may not scale or adapt to your team. A single agent might be able to rely on unpredictable lead sources, but your team won't be able to use that strategy. When putting together your lead pillars, always keep in mind the words "repeatable and scalable."


Pitfall No. 5 For Team-Building: Allowing Agents And/or Staff To Slack Off On Tracking And Measuring

You have heard me say it a lot. Measure and track everything, please! When you create a team, this becomes much more crucial. Therefore, it must be a requirement for EVERYONE on your team—staff, agents, you—to meet. If other team members observe you allowing some individuals to "slip" on this obligation, you already know what will follow. Stop letting it. Make measuring the most crucial KPIs for your organization a normal practice and keep your entire staff constantly responsible for it.


Pitfall No. 6 For Team-Building: Leading Without Discipline

Here's a crucial trap to avoid: while leaders must set the example for their teams, if you show a lack of discipline yourself, your team will take note. Maintain the same or greater expectations for yourself as those of your team.


Pitfall No. 7 For Team-Building: Including Unstructured Or Disciplined Team Members

Every agent contributes a unique set of skills to your squad. However, each of those people must abide by the standards you set for your team and the values you represent, or they will be held accountable. The perception of preferential treatment for some team members will cause division faster than anything else.


Pitfall No. 8 For Team-Building: Hiring Too Quickly And Firing Too Slowly

Never forget the saying, "Slow to employ, swift to fire." When choosing the appropriate fit for your team, be picky. Conversely, don't "hope for the best" or "see if they change" when one of your team members has made it apparent that they are not a good fit. You owe it to the other members of your team to let that person go.


Pitfall No. 9 For Team-Building: Being Preoccupied And Unable To Concentrate

You're not above what's going on below the surface just because you're now the CEO of your team. You need to be aware of what's going on daily and how your team members are feeling. To cut a long story short, don't let yourself put off dealing with issues simply because you're "too busy."


Pitfall No. 10 For Team-Building: Poor Money Management

You may have been able to slack up a little bit in terms of handling your money as a lone agent. Making that decision as a team is a recipe for disaster. Make sure your books are always current when managing a team. Not only for mental clarity but also for shrewd business decisions. Long-term success depends on your level of knowledge about what's working and what isn't, how much things cost, and whether you're profitable.


Pitfall No. 11 For Team-Building: Getting Involved In Office Drama

It goes without saying that workplace conflict is bad for business. Even worse is when the team leader openly promotes it or participates in it. Avoid doing this.


Pitfall No. 12 For Team-Building: Arbitrary Bonus Structure

The profitability of the team has a direct impact on the highest financial bonuses. Make it easy for yourself and fair for everyone; when the team performs X, you receive Y.


Pitfall No. 13 For Team-Building: Assuming Everyone Can Do What You Do

Recall how I said earlier that each team member brings a unique set of skills to the table. That goes beyond their discipline and work ethic. It also has to do with the knowledge and skills that each of them possesses. Too many team leaders assume that everyone on the team can perform the same duties as you do. Respect their uniqueness. Teach them how to do something crucial to the team if they don't already know how. However, don't automatically assume that everyone should be able to achieve what you can.


Pitfall No. 14 For Team-Building: Going It Alone

Consider all the errors you made when you first started out as a solo agent. You can now multiply that by 100 to get an idea of what it's like to build a team. One of the biggest pitfalls is not having someone lead you through the team-building process. Members of our Team coaching programs can exchange ideas and work through problems not only with their coaches but also with the rest of the community. Before beginning this adventure, seek the direction you require.


Pitfall No. 15 For Team-Building: Making Time For Lead Generation And Prospecting

You don't want to restrict someone's freedom when trying to recruit them to your team. However, there are circumstances in which team standards take precedence over personal liberties. Establishing required lead generation or prospecting time helps set the tone and demonstrate to your team members "how we do it around here." When everyone is working together to complete a task, a strong sense of community, camaraderie, and rivalry is fostered. Additionally, making it essential instead of discretionary sends a strong message to your team about the value of lead generation and prospecting.


Pitfall No. 16 For Team-Building: Not Enough Training

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about the idea of "how we do it around here." (Watch for a blog post on it in the future.) One strategy to promote the culture of "this is how it's done on Team Banana" is to offer regular, recurring training sessions to your team. So be sure to find out what subjects your staff would like more training on before figuring out how to make it happen.


Pitfall No. 17 For Team-Building: Failing To LEAD

You must impart this leadership mindset and charisma to your team members if you are the team leader. If you're not the kind to do that, perhaps you need a sales manager or someone who can exude the enthusiasm and attitude that your team needs.


Pitfall No. 18 For Team-Building: Not Being Coachable

Team members don't want their leader to be stubborn, believe they know the right solutions, or just be unable to adapt. It's up to you to set an example by constantly being coachable and receptive to fresh perspectives. which leads us to..


Pitfall No. 19 For Team-Building: Ignoring Criticism

What do you do if you have an open mind and you hear a wonderful idea? Do you put it into practice? In either case, your team is counting on you to act in the same manner as their leader. So avoid making empty promises or merely being amused when someone offers advice or a better method to do something. Instead, do something! Put fresh concepts to use! Your team members will appreciate it, and those fresh concepts can even help your company grow.

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