Agent Productivity Is Dying Because Of Selfish Behavior

Agent Productivity Is Dying Because Of Selfish Behavior

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Being a coach entails taking on a variety of responsibilities, including instructor, mentor, motivator, and accountability partner.

And, on occasion, psychologist-turned-truth-teller.

To put it another way, I occasionally have to cut through the BS and call people out on their own lies.

So, let's go over a typical conversation I have with agents who seek my advice because they are underperforming...



Does this describe you?


Me: Do you make your calls on a regular basis?

Agent: No.

Me: Why aren't you picking up the phone?

Agent: Because I'm too preoccupied.

Me: But you're busy with other things... So, why are you putting off making phone calls? Do you have so many customers that you don't have to look for new ones?

Agent: No.

Me: Why aren't you making your calls, then?

Agent: Because I dislike doing it.

Me: Why aren't you interested in doing it?


[They may not say it out loud, but this is the genuine reason]

Agent: Because it feels as though I'm setting myself up for rejection, which is painful.

Aha... the truth is revealed!

Is this anything you've heard before? Can you identify?


Why Are Self-Serving Agents Their Own Worst Enemies?

When I hear this, it makes me think of someone who is more concerned with protecting their own ego than with doing what is necessary to thrive in this profession.

That is why I believe that declining to return your calls is selfish behavior.

It's their own selfish, frail drive that prevents them from calling and...


...having fruitful discussions with individuals they've never met before

...building better bonds with the people in their database

...early identification of potential clients their knowledge

...assisting people in making the best decision of their lives

...and, in the end, making more money and living the life they want!


Reframe The Conversation To Activate Yourself

If this rings true for you, follow my suggestion.

Stop focused on your fear of rejection. Why dwell on the negative when anything may go wrong in practically any situation?

Ask yourself better questions instead. What is it about making phone calls that I enjoy? What is it about connecting with strangers that I enjoy? What do I enjoy about reuniting with former clients?

Then consider all the folks that require your assistance... If you don't reach out and connect, the homeowners will wind up listing with a subpar agent. The next-door neighbor who figured you wouldn't want to list her house. The first-time buyer who requires your advice to ensure they are making the best decisions possible. The list is endless.


It Has Nothing To Do With You!

When you're not in the mood to make calls, remind yourself that it's not about you. It's about the people who need your help with one of life's most important transactions.

Remember my suggestion from a few weeks ago: Make a poster that says, "People Deserve YOU!" and hang it on your wall. So make your decisions!

Then schedule your calls for 9-11 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. Monday through Friday to ensure you're never "too busy." The catch is that you only have to attend five of the ten scheduled sessions!

Take charge of the situation.

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