Affordable Bathroom Makeovers

Affordable Bathroom Makeovers

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Are you looking for a bathroom makeover on a budget? It may not seem practical, but affordable bathroom makeovers are possible.

In this article, we have shared tips for an easy bathroom makeover that won't hurt your pockets.

Paint the interior yourself

Your bathroom walls only need minimal painting as they are covered with mirrors, cabinets and curtains. Hiring a professional for this job can be expensive. Pick neutral colours to give a fresh look to your bathroom walls and ceiling and DIY.

Replace old cabinet hardware with new

Buying new bathroom cabinets can be expensive. However, disassembling the old hardware and repairing the new one on your cabinets can save you a lot of money on cabinet renovations.

Install a ready-made shower

While a custom tile shower made from scratch can be beautiful and unique, install a pre-made shower instead. Pre-fabricated showers may not give you many design options, but they cost you a lot less than custom-made showers.

Install your bathroom vanity top

You can easily fix a pre-assembled bathroom vanity top and coordinating counters with the sink fused in them. It can save you money on sink installation by a professional.

Install your toilet

If you have the strength to carry a toilet, you can avoid calling a plumber for fixing it in your bathroom. Toilet installation requires few waterline hookups, and doing it yourself allows you a bathroom makeover on a budget.

Add a simple accessory for an easy bathroom makeover.

A quick way of renovating your bathroom is with accessories. A new soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, towel hanger or any other inexpensive accessory can give a fresh look to your bathroom.

Install a big and stylish mirror

Mirrors can add style to your bathroom and make it look big. You can install as big a mirror as your space can handle. There are many shapes and sizes available. Choose the one that fits your bathroom style. Make sure to clean the mirror regularly.

Use tile stickers

Tile stickers can change the look of your walls instantly. You can use the stickers anywhere in your bathroom. Pick a water-resistant sticker and put it on the tile under your shower for an easy bathroom makeover.

Clean your tiles

Cleaning your tiles can make a lot of difference to your bathroom. The water stains and dirt can take away the shine from your bathroom tiles. Scrub the tile with a toothbrush and a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.  And see the magic!

Go green

Another easy way to decorate your bathroom is to place house plants. By simply hanging a few pots or putting miniature plants on bathroom shelves, you can change the look of your bathroom on a budget.


Bathroom makeover can be expensive. However, with little planning and DIY techniques, you can quickly renovate your bathroom without inflating your budget.

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