8 Ways To Get Started With Pinterest For Real Estate Agents

8 Ways To Get Started With Pinterest For Real Estate Agents

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If you've been following This Week in Marketing (which you should! ), you'll recall that Jason Pantana mentioned Pinterest as one of the most neglected marketing channels for real estate brokers a few weeks ago.

Pinterest is a discovery engine, not social networking or a search engine, as Jason stated.

I understand if that sounds a little perplexing... That's why we're going to go through what Pinterest is, why you should use it, and then give you eight ideas on how to get the most out of it.

A word of caution: A pin is a Pinterest post, but "pin" can also be used as a verb, as in "I pinned my pin to a community board."


What Is Pinterest And How Does It Differ From Other Social Media Platforms?

Pinterest blends Instagram's freeform exploration with the type of specific, longform content you'd find on Google. Some pins are simply images or videos that may be viewed right on the site, but the majority are links to other sites. For you, who's sole aim is to send people to your website, this is a huge thing.


A Pinterest pin's lifespan differs significantly from that of any other social media platform.

  • After around 5 minutes, a tweet expires.
  • For up to six hours, a Facebook post can be relevant.
  • For up to 48 hours, an Instagram post
  • A pin, on the other hand, can accumulate views for nearly four months!
  • It's a different game that necessitates a different approach.


What Are the Benefits Of Pinterest?

There are 444 million people in the world. Doesn't it appear to be a lucky number?

When it comes to making major life decisions, 87 percent of millennial pinners utilize Pinterest. Consider that 45 percent of Americans with a household income of $100,000 or more utilize the site on a regular basis.

Take a look at the Pinterest site itself if that isn't enough to persuade you of the potential here. A LARGE PART OF THE CONTENT IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE HOME. Home décor is the third most pinned category, and the only one that has men and women in the top four.

On that topic, it's worth noting that women account for 77% of Pinterest users, with eight out of 10 moms using the platform.


To summarize everything... Users of Pinterest include:

  • Young
  • Affluent
  • Female
  • started a family or are you planning to start one
  • think about their homes,
  • Looking to make a significant decision


Perform you want me to do your arithmetic for you? Let's get started with the eight ways you can use this information right away...


Tip #1: Make A Long-Term Plan

Pinterest isn't going to provide you immediate results. It's more like a relationship in that the more time and effort you put in, the more affection you'll receive. You must consistently work on establishing your boards, providing high-quality material, and following the rest of these guidelines.

Your main goal should be to create evergreen content that will be useful for a long time. It's not the best location to keep a running list of available properties. You can and should post listings, but only on rare occasions.

The 70/30 Rule is a suitable ratio for this.

70% of your pins should be instructive, inspirational, or pins that have been shared from another source. Direct self-promotion can account for 30% of the total. This will not only increase your audience, but it will also help you gain favor with Pinterest's algorithm.


Tip #2: Open A Company Account

It's completely free and comes with a slew of advantages. You can do the following with a business account:

  • Connect your trusted website here.
  • Analyze your data
  • Trending keywords can be found by searching and browsing.
  • Make a header with your company's logo and branded pins.
  • Advertisements must be paid for, and pins must be promoted.


These are all excellent benefits, but the analytics are particularly noteworthy. You can see how much traffic each of your pins brings to your website, so you can figure out what's working and what needs to be improved.


Tip #3: Optimize Your Profile 

You'd be shocked at how many folks skip this step. Make sure your site is connected, that your boards are suitably named, and that you have a Rockstar profile description. You wouldn't just build a LinkedIn profile and start applying for jobs without first taking the time to polish it up. Nobody would want to work for you! Pinterest is the same way. Don't skip any steps if you want to establish a following and generate traffic.


Tip #4: Use Consistent Branding 

We talked about creating a brand bible two weeks ago, and if you haven't done it yet, it's worth at least writing down your style guide. Make a statement with a distinctive look. Choose your colors and fonts carefully, and ALWAYS. Nothing will wreak havoc on your Pinterest account more than a lack of creativity.

Consider creating individual thumbnails for each post, using your preferred typography and color scheme, if you truly want to stand out. It's also worth noting that long, vertical rectangles frequently outperform square images.


Tip #5: Keep Your Audience In Mind

Remember: 77 percent of the population is female, 8 out of 10 are mothers, and a sizable portion of the population earns more than $100,000. Use Pinterest to your advantage because you have a more targeted audience. Speak straight to them. Try these instead of New 3 Bedroom Listing: In the DC Area, There Are 10 Great Neighborhoods to Start a Family!

Your titles are significant, which leads us to...


Tip #6: It's All About SEO And Getting People To Visit Your Website

Pinterest is a tool for attracting visitors to your website. The most common way for this to happen is when someone has a question and types it into Google. After that, Google will provide them a link to a Pinterest pin that has all of those terms. They'll click on the pin and be taken to your site.

This implies that you must:

  • Make your website appealing.
  • Keep a blog that is linked to Pinterest.
  • Make sure your posts have relevant titles.


People aren't going to find your pins by searching on Google. Many will be sourced directly from Pinterest. You'll need to do some keyword research to improve search for Pinterest. Go to the search bar and start typing a keyword that is relevant to your article. A dropdown bar with suggested word combinations will appear.

The Trends tool is another approach to conduct research. This will allow you to look up keywords and check how they're doing. Try to include some of these keywords not just in the title of your pin, but also in the one- to two-sentence description. Obviously, you aren't cramming keywords into the description because it is intended to be read by humans, not robots, who require appealing, easy-to-read phrases.


Tip #7: Get Involved In The Community And Join Message Boards

We recently discussed the search engine side of Pinterest, but don't forget about the social media side. The more you interact with other pinners and leave comments, the more positive attention your boards will receive. This will also increase your chances of being approved for group boards.

Group boards attract a large following of like-minded individuals, thus joining them will greatly boost your exposure. You already have a built-in audience looking for your content when you select the perfect boards for it.

Niche boards and dump boards are the two types of group boards.

They're the high-quality message boards where you'll build a following and create leads. So, why would you ever participate in a dump board? Because they'll let you pin anything, and each new group board you pin to increases the number of repins for your stuff. So, rather of relying on others to repin your work, you may do it yourself.


Tip #8: Pay Attention To What Others Are Doing

I'm not the one to tell you what you should be posting or how your profile should look if you've read all of this and still don't know. You may check it out for yourself! Pinterest is a visual social media site. The greatest way to understand anything is to do it yourself, and the best way to get good at it is to learn from the best.

Begin following agents you're familiar with or those you've seen on the show. Examine the types of stuff they're putting out, how often they're doing it, and how it appears. You'll start getting ideas for your own style after you see some you like.


To Sum It Up, Don't Give Up

Returning to Tip #1, you should use Pinterest to play the long game. On certain days, it may appear that all you're doing is wasting time and energy, putting in long hours on content that yields no results. The results will appear. What you're doing is exposing your website to a huge new audience, which can take some time to gain momentum and establish yourself. You don't want to be the miner who comes to a halt 15 feet from a gold nugget.

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