8 Effective Tips To Create Real Estate Marketing Videos

8 Effective Tips To Create Real Estate Marketing Videos

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Making quality videos is no longer a privilege available only to elite organizations with sufficient resources. Both video production and distribution have gone through a drastic change. In other words, using videos for marketing products and services has become more affordable these days.

Video marketing has become one of the most powerful tools for generating leads in the real estate business. When prospective clients get to see a property or get any relevant information through visually appealing content, they are not just fascinated; they even have fewer queries and doubts.

Real estate marketing videos can help organizations gain more inquiries than organizations that do not use videos in their marketing campaigns. Video marketing will not only help you generate prospects but also get quality leads with higher chances of conversion.

A few effective tips on creating top-quality real estate marketing videos are as follows:

1. Set the Right Budget & Tool

Previously, it was expensive to make videos, but that's not the case anymore. Setting the right marketing budget will make your video-making task easier. Try to use a real estate video editor to make top-quality real estate videos. Do not have any second thoughts about this.

But even with the presence of these tools, it is not wise to jump straight into making videos, regardless of the output or the quality you have in mind.

Remember, selling property is all about aesthetics and quality. And to make quality videos, you must set aside the right and most effective budget. Quality videos always make a major difference. They help in creating the right impression among potential clients. 

To put it simply, just set aside a middle-ground, nice budget for creating professional-looking videos. There's no need for an excessive budget to make high-end visuals. 

2. Learn from the Experts

The best way of learning to create stunning real estate videos is by checking out videos made by experts. Make it a point to also check out videos of other realtors and your competitors.

Take note of things you like and elements you do not like in their videos as a viewer. Building upon the success of your competitors and learning from their gains and mistakes will help you make amazing real estate videos.

Just make sure you provide something exclusive in your video to catch your viewers' attention. This should be something attention-grabbing and preferably an element that you did not find in your competitor's videos.

3. Utilize a Good Amount of Time for Proper Planning

Starting your videos on the perfect frame is important for success in this realm. You cannot just rush with the process, or else you'll end up with nothing. As a real estate marketer, you must know that just creating a video is not enough. Your video should have great enticing qualities.

So, plan out your content properly. Find answers to questions like what kind of videos you want to focus on, what type of editing will work for your content, how your videos will bring in more leads, how and where you will be posting them, and how you will film parts of your video.

4. Feature People in Your Video

There is no better approach to real estate video marketing than including humans in real estate videos. This is important and useful because people relate best with other people.

Therefore, include a lot of human characters in your video. Emotions remain right at the forefront of buyers when buying and selling a property. Hence, when you plan your property marketing video, consider narrating a story and not just focusing on selling a house.

5. Make More 360-Degree Videos

Modern video technology is improving with every passing day. And there is no reason why you should not take the best benefits of the excellent tools available in the market. For instance, tools that help you create amazing 360-degree videos.

This is a highly innovative and brand-new video viewing experience that helps bring properties to life. Prospects get the chance to immerse themselves in the property completely.

These videos are doing huge rounds in the market because buying homes is a difficult and time-consuming process for people. Such videos help customers save their time by letting them experience homes virtually in multi-dimensional ways.

6. Get the Music Right

Just because you are making a real estate video, it does not mean that the music in your video is not important. As for any marketing video, the music is of prime importance. Will you find dead air appealing as an audience? No, right? So, how can you expect your audience to respond well to your music-devoid videos?

Choose music as per the larger story you are narrating in your video. Make sure the music you choose creates the emotions you are looking to evoke in the prospective buyers.

As for real estate videos, there is no ideal or set background music. So, keep your target homebuyers in mind and choose the music for your video accordingly.

7. Consider the Length of Your Video

The length of your real estate marketing video is important. Make sure to keep the video as short as possible. The shorter your video is, the more effective it will be. Try keeping your video sharp to get more attention and audiences.

The video length should not exceed 5 minutes if you want viewers to stay through the whole video. So, include engaging content in your video while chucking out everything useless and unwanted.

8. Include Testimonials

Testimonial videos play an important role in selling properties. In these videos, you are giving the customers something based on which they can build trust. And customers always buy from brands they trust most.

Collate messages from happy customers in the past and include them in your video. Or you can even have past customers featuring in your videos for a better effect. Have them speak about their positive experience with your brand.

Such endorsements help future clients in picturing your brand as a reliable business.


Regardless of the tools you use for creating real estate marketing videos, remember that the most professional-looking video will serve as an important tool for your business's success. With videos gaining huge popularity, this is the right time to jump into the real estate industry and increase your real estate sale.

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